10 Reasons to Visit Bosnia

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. The culture: Bosnia and Herzegovina have always been the crossroad of many cultures. Middle East, Central Europe and Mediterranean in one place. And their influences can be spotted in each segment of the Bosnian culture. The art, the religion, the way of life… Bosnian culture is one of a kind.


  1. The history: The history of Bosnia and Herzegovina is painful, turbulent and moving. It is worth getting to know more about the past of this beautiful country because you will learn to appreciate life more. The history of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a true blend of culture, religion, and an effortless beauty of untouched nature and magnificent architecture.
  1. The people: Despite the horrors of the war still being fresh in their memories, Bosnians are one of the most generous and friendly people you will ever meet. Their sense of humor is fantastic and their hearts are welcoming to everyone. You will easy make friends while you are in Bosnia.
  1. The food: There is nothing like Bosnian cuisine. Ingredients are fresh, it contains a lot of spices, and it is influenced by various countries through history.


  1. The nature: High rocky mountains, turquoise, clear blue rivers with fascinating waterfalls, green valleys, enchanting forests…You will fall in love with Bosnian scenery.


  1. Sarajevo: A phoenix that rises from the ashes. Sarajevo is the city that is full of life, a capital that was destroyed to the ground, and now it is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. Everyone who visits Sarajevo once, has only one wish: to return one day.


  1. The diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country where the East meets the West. A country with numerous contrasts that can be seen each step of the way: in the population, religion, culture, architecture, food… In Bosnia, you may hear mosques calling out to prayer across the streets, followed by the sound of church bells.
  2. The adventure: Whether it`s hiking or skiing in one of the many mountains, river rafting on Una and Neretva river, exploring pyramids in Visoko, tasting wine in Herzegovina, swimming in Kravica waterfalls, discovering castles and fortresses in Jajce and Travnik… Bosnia and Herzegovina is the country that invites you to join the adventure.



  1. The music: While you are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, listen to sevdalinke: a unique kind of emotional, melancholic folk song that often describes sad subjects such as love and loss, the death of a dear person or heartbreak. Sevdalinke were traditionally performed with a saz, a Turkish string instrument, which was later replaced by the accordion. Sevdalinka song will wake up the feelings you did not know you have.


  1. The feeling: While you are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will feel like you are home. The hospitality of the people, all of the beautiful traditions, the way of life… all those things that you want to carry away with you, everywhere you may go. There is a legend that says: “If you drink water from the fountain right next to Bey’s Mosque, you will definitely come back to Sarajevo!”. And make sure you do.


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