Albufeira Tips

Useful Albufeira Tips for First-Time Visitors

Here is a list of the best tips you should know as a first-time visitor in Albufeira, to help you plan your trip to this beautiful area in Portugal, in the best possible way.

– Where to Stay in Albufeira to Party?

Definitely, either a hotel downtown, in the Old Town, where there are many bars, but in the more family oriented area; or near The Strip, in the chaotic New Town, with frenetic bars and nightclubs, that will not close late until dawn.

Old Town – Hotel Sol e Mar – available from 75€

The Strip – Hotel da Aldeia – available from 51€

– Where to Stay in Albufeira on Honeymoon?

The best place for a honeymoon would probably be one of these romantic and luxurious resorts:

View to the Falésia Beach and with a fantastic restaurant called AlquimiaEpic Sana Hotels Algarve – available from 192€

View to the Santa Eulália Beach and with the Japanese fusion restaurant YakuzaPine Cliffs Resort Algarve – available from 234€

The price is higher, but hey, it’s your honeymoon!

– Should I use Airbnb to stay in Albufeira?

Prices are very high in Airbnb options during summertime. But, if you’re planning on visiting Albufeira any other time of the year, Airbnb might be the best choice. Here is the link to the website: Airbnb Albufeira.

– Can I find a fantastic hotel with 50€ per night in Albufeira?

No, you cannot. If you go to Albufeira in June, July, August or September, you should plan for a budget of 70€ to 120€ per night for a decent double room.

Where are Albufeira’s best views?

There are many spots to watch the breathtaking views or to relax and have a look at the setting sun on the horizon. Check out this link that shows the main spots in Albufeira: Best Views


– What about Car Parking for my rent-a-car?

You should always take care if there is a parking area for your rented car at the hotel, restaurant or area you are staying. Albufeira is busy in summer, and you might lose a lot of time to park, so always pay attention to that.

– When Should I book my hotel in Albufeira?

If you plan to visit Albufeira in the peak months, i.e., high season, you should pre-book your hotel two months before, to make sure that you get an excellent price for a nice hotel. Albufeira has many hotels, and it will not be hard for you to find a place to stay even in the busiest time. However, you may end up paying a lot of money if you book it at the last minute, or settling up for something of lower quality.

– When are the Busiest Months for Albufeira?

June, July, August, and September are the busiest, absolutely craziest months. However, Albufeira has visitors starting from May until late October. During the Winter, the city’s life almost hibernates. Most restaurants close and the nightlife isn’t as nearly as dynamic as in the summer.

– When do Portuguese visit Albufeira?

The locals go to Albufeira usually in June, July, August, and September. That’s when locals leave!

– When is it the best time to swim in Albufeira?

Starting from May up until late September, the water is really warm and appropriate to swim and to aquatic activities. During those other months, it is colder, even though it is entirely possible to swim and not freeze.


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