Best Parks in Madrid

Best Parks in Madrid

Spain is one of the most interesting destinations in Europe, and its beautiful capital, Madrid should be on every traveler’s must-see list. Known for its rich history, impressive culture, and fascinating architecture, the charming Spanish city is always bustling with travelers from all over the world.

Even if most people don’t even think about the green areas when traveling to Madrid, the city is filled amazing parks and other natural beauties. Whether you are traveling alone, with kids or with friends exploring the parks of Madrid is definitely a must, especially if you are planning to visit the city during spring or summer.


Admire the Charming Colors of Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid

With almost 6,000 different plant species, the fascinating Royal Botanical Gardens of Madrid were created by the famous architect Sabatini and they are always welcoming tourist from all over the world. There is no doubt that spring is the best time to wander around the dreamy gardens, but you will be amazed even if you are planning to visit Madrid in the off-season. You might not be able to admire the colorful lilies, roses, and tulips but the bonsai tree gardens are waiting for natural beauty lovers during the whole year. In addition, the Botanical Gardens are offering their visitors the chance to learn all about their carnivorous tropical plants in the greenhouse, as well as spend a few interesting hours inside their plant library. The truth is that the Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid is heaven for everybody who is passionate about nature and both adults and kids are always fascinated by this touristic attraction.

Address: Real Jardín Botánico, Plaza de Murillo, 2, Madrid, Spain


Enjoy a Romantic Day in the Famous Retiro Park

Known just as El Retiro, the well-known El Parque del Buen Retiro is one of the top touristic attractions in Madrid. However, together with the fascinated travelers, people who live in Madrid love spending their sunny days in this charming green area.

El Retiro used to be the place where people, especially royalties went to enjoy concerts and garden play. At this moment, the park is romantic people’s favorite spot not only because of its magical beauty but also thanks to the rowboats that you can rent in order to explore the man-made pond located in the center of the park.

Whether you are interested in paddling around the lake or you just want to enjoy a romantic picnic on the grass this is the perfect location. In addition, you can also indulge in a tasty ice cream or a cold beer bought from one of the many snack bars available in the park. And if you want more than a relaxing walk in the park, you can always add a cultural moment to your experience and explore the modern art exhibitions available at Palacio de Cristal, an interesting palace made of glass.

Address: Parque del Buen Retiro, Plaza de la Independencia, 7, Madrid, Spain


Let the Classic French Style of Jardines de Sabatini Amaze Your Eyes

As you probably imagine, Jardines de Sabatini was named in the honor of the already mentioned famous architect who created the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens. These lovely gardens are part of the Royal Palace and they were created in an area that used to host the royal stables. They have his name, not only because he was a fantastic architect in Madrid, but also because he was the one who designed these royal stables.

Besides their obvious beauty, what fascinates people, especially connoisseurs, is their classic French style. All travelers end up being amazed by the optical illusion given by the symmetrically trimmed hedges formed into geometric shapes. The truth is that all parks in Madrid have something extremely special, but most visitors agree that Jardines de Sabatini has a distinctive beauty. Therefore, if they only have time to visit one park, many choose to spend it in Sabatini’s Gardens.

Address: Jardines de Sabatini, Calle de Bailén, 2, Madrid, Spain


Visit Madrid’s Largest Green Area: Casa del Campo

Travelers who love outdoor activities will enjoy spending a big part of their trip to Madrid, in Casa del Campo, an eight-square-miles park that also hosts Madrid’s Zoo-Aquarium. This is why this park is not only loved by adults, but also by many kids who are always eager to explore the zoo and the aquarium.

Casa de Campo offers both locals and visitors the chance to enjoy long walks and bike rides. In addition, this area used to be a hunting estate but it is now a great spot for adventurous people who love light hiking.

People who are not afraid of heights can also enjoy Madrid’s teleferico (cable car) and admire an amazing view while being carried from Casa del Campo to the Pintor de Rosales area.

Address: Casa de Campo, Paseo Puerta del Angel, 1, Madrid, Spain


Enjoy a Walk in a Private Park: Parque de El Capricho 

Parque de El Capricho is a private park, but it is open to the public during the weekends and holidays. All travelers who have the chance should enjoy a relaxing walk around its charming green fields. Parque de El Capricho deserves visitors’ attention because of its intriguing design. It has three different sections, giving people the chance to admire an English garden, a French area designed after Versailles, as well as an Italian garden. These three areas created in one park are fascinating especially for travelers who are passionate about different cultures.

Address: Paseo Alameda de Osuna, 25


Escape the Crowdy City and Explore Parque de las Siete Tetas

The name of this park makes people smile, while its beauty amazes their eyes. Also known as Cerro del Tío Pío among locals, in English, this charming green area is called “park of the seven breasts” because of the seven small grass hills that made it famous. Besides giving locals and travelers the chance to relax in a quiet, green area, this lovely park is also one of the best spots for people who want to indulge in a beautiful view of Madrid, as well as a romantic sunset. The best way to enjoy Parque de las Siete Tetas is by grabbing a tasty bottle of Rioja, a few delicious tapas, a blanket and relax while admiring the colorful sky and the sun setting.

Address: El Cerro del Tío Pío, Calle de Benjamín Palencia, 2, Madrid, Spain


As mentioned before, Madrid is not famous for its open spaces as other cities. However, there are plenty of amazing green spaces for nature lovers, as well as for people passionate about urban beauty. Just make sure you have a map and comfortable shoes so you can get to see everything this charming city has to offer.




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