Where to Stay in Los Angeles

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Where to Stay in Los Angeles Los Angeles is a vast area, with around 4 million people living in it. It’s more like different cities, interconnected to each other with gigantic highways. The hotels in Los Angeles are expensive, and the Airbnb options are expensive too. Three areas are the…

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Legal Drinking Age Italy

Legal Drinking Age in Italy

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What is the Legal Drinking Age in Italy? The legal drinking age in Italy is the age of 18 years old. There is a fine of 250 to 1000 euros for anyone who sells alcohol to teenagers under 18 years old. And if someone sells alcoholic beverages to teenagers under 16…

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Greece Drinking Age

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Greece Drinking Age Information The minimum drinking age in Greece is 18 years old, according to a law that passed in 2008. Having said that, you will find out that most of the bars and the clubs serve alcohol to customers who are below 18 years old. And it is…

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