Bukhansan National Park

Discover the Bukhansan National Park in Seoul, best temples to visit and its 98 Hiking Trails

Seoul is one of the most modern cities in the world that is filled with traditional buildings and surrounded by more than 36 mountains. A visit to Seoul without experiencing hiking the most beautiful mountains is not complete. Here we are going to introduce you breathtaking Seoul hikes and what you need to know about them.

Bukhansan National Park

Location of Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park is located in the north of Seoul and Gyeonggi region covering an area of 79.92 square kilometers. The park was established in 1983 and its name means ‘north Han (river) mountain’. Bukhansan National Park is the only one South Korea’s national park that is located within the city and easily accessible by public transport. Every year more than 5 mln hikers visit a national park.

Most famous mountains of the national park are Bukhansan Baegundae Peak and Dobongsan Jaunbong. However, if you aren’t interested in hiking the highest peaks, you can always choose any other trail of 98 trails.

 Location of Bukhansan National Park compared to other mountains in Seoul


Which Temples to Visit

Bukhansan National Park has more than 100 temples and monk cells so we have made a simple list of worth visiting temples for your first hike.

  • Guknyeongsa Temple

This is a Buddhist temple and is famous for its giant golden Buddha statue. It takes only 45 minutes from the mountain entrance and is on the way if you are hiking Baegundae Peak at Bukhansan Mountain.

  • Dobogsa Temple

This temple is a perfect stopover if you are hiking Jaunbong Peak at Dobongsan Mountain. You won’t need to hike much as Dobongsa temple is located on a foot of the mountain. Dobongsa temple is quite modern, medium-sized and has souvenir and snack shop. Perfect if you want to buy a souvenir from a temple. Also, if you visit Dobongsa temple during summer and early autumn, you will be impressed by gorgeous blooming flowers around the temple.

  • Cheonchuksa Temple

Another great temple on a way to Jaunbong Peak at Dobongsan Mountain. You will need to leave your hiking path and hike another way in order to reach the temple. Little side hike is worth as you will see the majestic view of numerous rows of Budha stone statues. Also, you can visit temple buildings and have a fresh water.


Map of Temples

Get the full Google map here http://bit.ly/2rMMm8h



Reasons to Visit Bukhansan National Park

The majority of Koreans love hiking and spending their time in nature as Seoul is always noisy and busy city that tires everyone. If you are still skeptical about getting tired of Seoul, take a look at your top reasons why you need to visit Bukhansan National Park.

  1. Escape from loud and busy city life in order to feel like you have your own personal space.
  2. Enjoy best views of Seoul from above.
  3. Make some friends. Korean people are more open and friendly during the hike, so you will easily find several people to talk to.
  4. Get stunning photos. If you like taking photos, you will fall in love with mountains and temples that can be a perfect background for your ‘photoshoot’.
  5. Experience Korean culture. Mountains hold a very important meaning to Korean history as there are an old fortress wall and tons of secret gates.

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