Cheapest Way to Get from Athens to Mykonos

The cheapest way to get from Athens to Mykonos is by a slow or fast ferry or using a low-cost airline flight. Let us explain:

There are two kinds of ferries that can get you from Athens to Mykonos, the slow and the fast ones. The interesting thing here is that the fast ferry might be cheaper than the fast one sometimes! Have a look at the table below:

You will see that the fast ferry that leaves at 07:15 in the morning from the Rafina Port (not the Piraeus Port) to Mykonos, takes only 2hours and 15 minutes and costs 22 Euros per person. While you will see that there are other ferries that take 4 hours and 30 minutes and cost 29 Euros per person.

So, the absolute cheapest way to get from Athens to Mykonos is to get a ferry from the Rafina Port, which leaves early in the morning and pay just 22 euros per person to be in Mykonos in a couple of hours.

Regarding flights, the prices were quite expensive until a couple of years ago, when the low-cost airlines started to operate flights from Athens to Mykonos. If you are pro-active and you book your flight a couple of months before your trip, you will find prices ranging from 25 to 40 euros per person. As an example, have a look to the table below, which shows that you can fly with Sky Express from Athens to Mykonos, with only 38 Euros per person, if you book it a couple of months before your travel date. 

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