Write and Sell Your Own Travel Guides with Guidora.

How about making money from your Travel Knowledge, so that you can travel even more?

At Guidora.com, we are passionate about traveling the world and we are on a mission to help fanatic travelers, make money from their travel expertise so that they can visit every single country on earth!

How could we help you?

If you are a travel blogger, or you are passionate about traveling, you can write and sell your own Travel Itinerary to your favorite places, through Guidora. It’s easy. We will provide you with an easy to follow Travel Guide Template and once you write your own travel itinerary to your favorite destination(s) we take care of the rest. This means that we will upload and sell your travel guide/itinerary on our platform. You will keep 70% of all sales and affiliate commissions.

Here is how this works:

Let’s say that you write a 3-day travel itinerary to Paris, with recommended hotels, restaurants, things to do and see and an hourly-plan for the three days. Once we compile the document that you send us (don’t worry, it will be in a word format, so it’s easy for you to work on), we will apply our affiliate codes for hotels, as we are partners with boo


If you want to start today with your first travel guide to your favorite destination, send an email to George at admin@guidora.com

Sounds good? Register Below as a vendor and we will share more information or send a message to George at admin@guidora.com if you need more information.