Best Day Trips from New York

Day Trips from New York City

New York is one of the best destinations in the United States, especially for people who love big, busy cities. A vacation in the Big Apple can be exciting and fun with many things to see and an impressive number of exciting activities. However, it can also be overwhelming for many travelers, and some feel the need to take a break from its busy streets, from the constant honks of taxi cabs and the over packed subways.

When you feel the need to take a breath of fresh air during your vacation in New York, you can always run away from the busy city and spend a few hours or even a day exploring its surroundings. There are many day trips from NYC that you can enjoy with your traveling partners. You only have to choose the one that suits you and prepare yourself for a new adventure. Here are some of the places you can go to when NYC overwhelms you.

  • Washington D.C. Day Trip from New York City (around 140 USD per person)

Washington D.C is the political capital of the United States, and probably of the world and you can get to know it on a day trip from NYC. A couple of things you could find the time to see in your day there are the White House, the Mall, the Arlington National Cemetery and you will also see the gravesite of John F. Kennedy.You can book this day trip to Washington DC from NYC here.

NYC to Washington

NYC to Washington

The buses for the day trips to Washington, leave on 07:00 AM from NYC, so you should get prepared for an early start in your day. The distance from NYC to Washington DC is 226 miles, so it is around four hours with the bus. If you don’t want to get an organized day tour, you can get the train, which takes 2hours and 53 minutes from NYC to Washington.

  • Explore the Rich Historical Heritage of Philadelphia

Not many foreigners know that Philadelphia is one of the most visited cities in the United States. However, history enthusiasts recognize the importance of the town and why they should explore it when they have the opportunity. Philadelphia used to be the country’s capital before Washington, D.C.  became the most important city in the US. Also, both the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signed in Philly, in Independence Hall

However, there is much more about this city than its history. Besides offering visitors amazing museums, Philly is filled with great restaurants bars, and it has an explosive nightlife.

You can quickly get to Philadelphia by train in just an hour so if you have enough time don’t hesitate and visit this fantastic city.


  • Enjoy a Day in the Middle of Nature at Bear Mountain State Park

NYC is lovely, but many people feel the need to get in touch with nature after a few days in the big city. Sure, you have Central Park, but for some, this is not enough. If you are one of them, grab your hiking boots and go to the Bear Mountain State Park, where you can explore Bear Mountain, West Mountain, and Dunderberg Mountain. Also, you have the chance to enjoy a relaxing bird watching session at the Iona Island Bird Sanctuary in the Hudson River. And if you visit NYC during winter when hiking, swimming and boating are impossible, you can always adventure yourself into sledding or skating.

Also, the park has great activities that can make families who travel with kids extremely happy. While you enjoy a breath of fresh air, your kids can have some fun at the  Trailside Museums and Zoo as well as experience the favorite Merry-Go-Round available in the park.

The Bear Mountain State Park is located only an hour and a half far from New York City, and you can quickly get there by car.


  • Have Some Fun at the Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey   

If you love theme parks or you travel with your children going to Six Flags in New Jersey can definitely make a great day trip from NYC. The park is a great way to get away from the busy city and spend a day filled with laughter and…screaming, especially if you are planning to adventure yourselves into riding Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest and second fastest roller coaster. If you are not that adventurous, don’t worry because there are many other amazing things to do in the park. It is definitely a fantastic option for thrill seekers who want to take a break from the charming, but sometimes overwhelming New York City,

The park is located only 90 minutes far from the Big Apple, and you can quickly get there by bus or, if you feel more comfortable, you can rent a car. However, if you travel on a strict budget, the first option is definitely better.


  • Unwind on a Charming Beach: Fire Island

If you plan to visit NYC during the summer months and you feel the need to get away from the hectic city for a couple of hours, opt for a day trip to Fire Island. Located away from the Atlantic coast of Long Island, this is definitely the piece of heaven you need to go to when New York becomes too much for your peaceful soul.

Grab your flip-flops and prepare yourself to relax while exploring the vast beaches and the beautiful sandy dunes of Fire Island.  After this charming experience, you are ready to continue visiting the amazing landmarks of the City that Never Sleeps.

Fire Island is located only 40 minutes far from NYC, and you can get there on a ferry, or you can drive to Robert Moses State Park, and walk or ride a bicycle until you get to your destination.


These are just some of the best day trips from NYC that can be enjoyed during your vacation in the big city, but there are more other exciting spots you can go to whenever the hectic city becomes too much.





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