6 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Machame root


The 7 days Machame Route is suitable for an adventuresome hiker who seeks a scenic
splendour that is incomparable to the other routes. The route is like a simulated climatic world tour from the tropics to the arctic. We will begin by hiking up the steep paths amidst the glorious rainforests until we reach the ridge leading through to the moorland zones, a barren land shadowed by ominous desert plants. The bleached Southern ice fields glisten, mirroring the astounding assemblage of a cluster of stars. The faint wind brushes against the remaining vegetation as the ripples ruffle the stillness of the mountain and the astounding reflection of the glaciers. Traveling to the obscure sight of the striking Shira Needles is a must. The 7 days Machame Route is considered to be a challenging trek but it has excellent conditions for a smooth acclimatization.
Day Zero : Briefing
Our driver will transport you from the airport to the hotel, where orientation for the hike will take place. Your guides will provide you with details on your trek and they will check your trekking gear.

Day 1 : Moshi to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Machame Camp
We will drive to the Machame Park Gate (5,950ft) and register with the park authority. After you have an opportunity to familiarise yourself with your crew, we will embark on the journey to the summit. The elongated trail starts in the rainforest. The sky vanishes almost completely, emerald ceilings permit only a few fragments of light like scattered pieces of glass. The air is rich with the fragrance of leaves and loam and the rich soil feels soft beneath one’s feet.The melodies from the exotic birds permeate the air whilst the Black and White Colobus Monkeys and Skyes Monkeys swing from the branches. We will proceed onto some heath land until we reach the Machame Camp (9,850ft / 6-7 hours of walking).The camp is located above the forest and provides stunning views of the emerald tree tops, an appetising dinner will be served.

Day 2 : Machame Camp to Shira Camp
Today we will venture across the beautiful heath land and the dunes of the moorland. Sights of the gleaming peak of Kilimanjaro are best observed at this point. The steep trail through the tall savannah is serene and the immense trees of the Heather and Erica plains are unworldly. We will have to scramble across enormous boulders encrusted with Lobelia and Senecio plants to enter the arid plains of the moorland. The volcanic rocks are draped with lichen creepers that guard the striking wild alpine flowers that grow at their bases. Delectable meals will be served upon reaching the Shira Camp where we will spend the night (12,600ft / 5-6 hours of walking).

Day 3 : Shira Camp to Barranco Camp
We draw closer to the peak as we approach the Lava Tower – a three hundred foot tall volcanic plug that provides a passage at 15,000 feet. Trek becomes slightly demanding at this stage as the trail begins to steepen gently. In the afternoon we will begin to descend on the steep track that leads to the enchanting region of the Great Barranco Valley. Barranco Camp lies on a col (a flat area) that is encompassed by three steep valley walls and the stunning Kibo massif.Glaciers dangle, reflecting the beauty of the surroundings with the assistance of the sunlight.Plants like the exclusively GiantLobelia and the enormous groundsels (Senecio Kilimanjari) dominate the eerily tranquil landscape. We will take a gentle hike to the Barranco Camp(12,950ft / 5-6 hours of walking). Delicious meals will be served at the camp. This day and the following day will be your acclimatisation days.

Day 4 : Barranco Camp to Karanga Valley Camp
We will travel into the allusive Gorge before we climb its lofty eastern wall. Picturesque views of the blankets of frost that cover Kilimanjaro’s ice fields, an equatorial anomaly, are best observed at this angle. The day springs directly into the strenuous part of the hike, a ninety minute climb up the magnificent Barranco Wall, some areas require you to support your body weight as you ascent.We will continue trekking on a clam trail until we reach the Karanga Valley (13,900ft / 4-5 hours of walking).The porters will set up the campsite so all you have to do is enjoy your meal and relax.

Day 5 : Karanga Valley Camp to Barafu Camp
The trail will gradually begin to ascend as we trek through the stunning scenery of the Karanga Valley. To get to Barafu Camp, we will venture across the granite floors of the lava ridge. As we progress, the temperature will begin to drop and the vegetation will diminish slothfully. The campsite is situated on a minimal, exposed zone of a smooth ridge. An energy-dense meal will be served and resting for your midnight ascent to the summit is advised.

Day 6 : Barafu Camp to Summit to Mweka Camp
The most taxing journey on the route begins shortly after midnight (12-17 hours of trekking. We will hike amid the luminous sapphire Rebmann and Tarzel glaciers to the boarder located at Stella Point. You can expect to experience temperatures that range between sub-zero conditions to ten degrees when your expedition to the summit commences. (Sub-zero temperatures: -12 deg. C to -23 deg. C). The smoothed, frosty peaks loom in the distance as dawn nears. Reaching Uhuru will conjure up feelings of triumph and fatigue but the treasure the strenuous hike brings is invaluable. (6-7 hours of hiking). Standing on the rooftop of Africa will reveal a gleaming ocean of brilliance. The mysterious clouds wisp below, revealing swishes of blue. The bleached glaciers blur the line of the horizon and contrast with the ashen, pebble coated floors. You will have an opportunity to take photos and marvel at the radiance before we descend to Barafu Camp, where we will take a short break. We will venture to the Mweka Camp (9,840 feet / 3-4 hours of walking on the descent) where you will receive an appetising meal upon arrival.The last night on the mountain can be spent admiring the stars or simply resting in your cosy sleeping bag.

Day 7 : Mweka Camp to Park Gate
After enjoying a delectable breakfast, we will begin our descent to the park gate. (3-4 hours of walking). You can admire the scenic views and enjoy the tranquillity on your final trek. After exchanging farewells with your guide and porters, we will drive to Moshi. Transportation to the airport can be arranged on request.

Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear
Packing your suitcase for Mount Kilimanjaro can be a challenging task. However, the good news
is that most of the equipment can be rented in Moshi. We advise that you check your wardrobe /
trekking gear to ensure you have the necessary gear. If you do not, we advise you purchase the
necessary equipment so that you can travel in optimum comfort to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

On the first day, you will need to wear light clothes, but on the day you summit Mount
Kilimanjaro you will need to wear winter clothes.

Packing Checklist for Mount Kilimanjaro
• Good quality hiking boots
• Thick socks – Woven polyester, so as to control body temperature sufficiently
• Polar fleece or similar knitted top
• Waterproof pants and a waterproof jacket
• An extra down or synthetic jacket
• Sleeping bag
• Gloves, glove liners, hats and thermal underwear
• A balaclava
• A broad rimmed hat
• A good pair of glacier glasses or sunglasses
• A kit bag and a rucksack – rucksack will be carried by climbers and kit bag will be carried on
the heads of porters and advice the kit bag not exceeding 15 kilograms.
• Toiletries, toilet paper, flash light, batteries.
• A first aid kit, water containers and water purification tablets, a camera, SPF lotion
• Pair of binoculars, spare shoelaces
• Waterless washing liquid and hand sanitiser

What’s Included?
• Transport from/to park gate & airport transfer
• One night pre-climb accommodation (B&B) in Moshi
• Park and camping fees
• Mountain tent and mattress
• Professional guide(s), porters & cook
• 7 breakfasts; 7 lunches; 6 dinners
• Water; tea and coffee with meals.

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