Mykonos Travel Guide

Mykonos in 3 Days: Travel Guide and Itinerary

Do you plan to visit Mykonos? Together with Santorini, it is the most famous Greek island. A place known for its positive energy, its amazing beaches, its dazzling nightlife and the luxurious services it can offer.

We have been to Mykonos at least 10 times. On a budget. This is a really expensive island and if you don’t know the tips and tricks, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars every day, from accommodation to staying on the beach, restaurants etc. So, we put together an insider’s guide that will help you live the best 3 days of your life in this island.

This guide will help you save at least 150 euros and a lot of time, as it will give you exact information on:

– Where to stay to get a good value for money, while being close to the Mykonos town.

– Where to eat without paying a fortune.

– How to move around the island, without paying taxis.

– How to save money from expensive sunbeds – umbrella sets in the famous beaches of Mykoos (they can cost even up to 60 euros per day!)

– Where to go out in the evening

– What to visit in the island

– Where to party in the noon, the afternoon and during the night

– Where you will find the most beautiful people on the island handing around

– An exact hour-by-hour itinerary, with all prices, maps, information included.

This is exactly like having your best friend in Mykonos, showing you around and letting you know all the secrets of the island. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this guide now! You have to make the most of your Mykonos’ visit and this is exactly what we will help you with!

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