Firiplaka Beach in Milos

Firiplaka Beach in Milos, Greece

Firiplaka Beach in Milos island, Greece, is one of the best beaches of the island, together with Tsigrado beach, Papagrafas beach, Provatas beach and Sarakiniko. Here is everything you need to know about Firiplaka.

Firiplaka Bay in Milos Greece

Firiplaka Bay in Milos Greece

What does Firiplaka mean? In Greek, it means “the red stone”. Obviously, it got its name by the big red rocks behind the beach.

How to get to Firiplaka:

Firiplaka is a twenty minutes drive from Adamantas, the harbor village of Milos. The road has asphalt, except for the last km which is sandy. Don’t worry, you don’t need an SUV to reach the beach. Just a small rented car will be ok, but you have to be careful, especially at the last part of the road. There is a small, free parking on top of the beach, which can host 10 cars. Otherwise, you will have to park on the sandy road on the hill and walk down.

Now, walking to the beach is a little bit tricky. You will have to pass through the sea, as there is no direct entrance to the beach. Basically, the road stops just in front of the sea, and there are a couple of rocks you pass through.

Firiplaka Beach - The water is not deep

Firiplaka Beach – The water is not deep

Tips on Firiplaka Beach

  • The beach has bamboo sunbeds and umbrellas. The set of two sunbeds and an umbrella costs 10 euros. There are also “private” sunbeds, which is a big bed with some shadow coverage, that could accommodate a family or a couple, which cost 25 euros per day. The cheapest option is to just rent a sunbed without shadow, which costs 6 euros per day.
  • There is a small beach bar on the beach. The coffee here costs 2.5 euros and it also serves beer, water, and drinks. There is only a small chemical bathroom on the parking on top of the beach, so this is an issue if you have a small child and you want to change its diapers.
  • The sea is not deep. You can walk inside the water for thirty meters and the water is below your knee. The sea is sandy and the sand on the beach has a beautiful white color.
  • Finally, you should bear in mind that there is no tavern on the beach to eat. In August, if you arrive at the beach after ten o’clock you may not find an empty sunbed and the parking will be difficult.

Should I go to Firiplaka or Tsigrado beach?

Well, if you have the time, try to go to both beaches. They are just 1km away from each other. Tsigrado beach is far more difficult to reach, as you need to walk down a sandy hill and then use a rope (!) to climb down a few meters. So, Tsigrado beach, is not that great for families. However, the sand is pure white in Tsigrado and the water is amazing, plus you get the extra bonus of diving from the high stones on the left side of the beach. Tsigrado is also much smaller than Firiplaka beach. 

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