Free Things to Do in Granada

Traveling is one of the most amazing things you can do in order to enlarge your knowledge, get to know people and cultures, and even get closer to yourself. The only problem is that affording to travel often might be very difficult for many people. This is why, when planning a trip, you should begin with calculating your budget. Then, in order to make sure your vacation gives you the chance to have a real, meaningful experience, you must make a list of the free things available at your destination.

The great news is that there are free amazing things to do everywhere and most of them give travelers a real idea of the place they visit.  So, traveling is expensive but it can always be cheaper than expected no matter where you go. If you choose Granada and you have a strict budget, check out this list of free attractions in the beautiful Andalusian city.


Wandering Around and Getting Closer to the City


The mild Spanish weather gives travelers who visit the south of the country the chance to explore the beautiful cities by foot all year round. And Granada is one of those cities that really deserve to be discovered and, most importantly admired.

Granada is not a small city so, in order to feel good while walking around, make sure you have very comfortable shoes. Once this is solved, begin exploring the central area and the old neighborhoods. You can use a map or you can just adventure yourself into discovering the hidden gems without any route or plan. This can be very fulfilling especially when you discover something that amazes your eyes. Many people choose to use the GPS on their mobile devices but real travelers avoid spending their days staring at their Smartphones because this definitely implies missing a lot of amazing spots.  


Street Entertainment Brings Joy to Every Traveler

Granada Street Artist

Busy cities filled with travelers are also the places where street entertainers choose to go for both the audience and the money. The great part for travelers on a budget is that they get to have a great experience without having to pay for it. However, if you can afford to give them something, you should since encouraging talented people to perform on the street is great for them, as well as it is for you. This way you don’t have to pay an expensive ticket for a great show. Expect to see bad entertainers but also amazing ones. Keep in mind that many of the world’s best artists were discovered while performing on the streets of big, touristy cities.

Fortunately for travelers who choose Granada as their next destination, the city’s street entertainment is incredibly rich and varied. You have the chance to see a gypsy flamenco group from Albaici in Plaza Nueva, a local funk band in any square of the city, street dancers, and even poetry reading. The best spots for free street entertainment in Granada are Plaza Nueva, Calle Elvira and Plaza San Nicolas in Albaicin.


Relax and Admire the Best View in Town

Mirador de San Nicolas

In every place you travel, you can find breathtaking views and Granada is one of the cities that can definitely amaze your traveling eyes. There are many spots you can go and see something beautiful without paying a dime but the best spot is undoubtedly the famous Mirador de San Nicolas.

Wander around the city, check out the street performers in Plaza Nueva and then walk up through the Albaicin and find your perfect spot on the wall. The best time to go to the Mirador de San Nicolas is just before sunset. Not only will you have the chance to see the beautiful view of the city, the Alhambra Palace, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains but also the Andalusian sunset. And this is something nobody ever forgets.


Have a Drink and Enjoy the Free Tapas


Granada is a great destination for people traveling on a budget, not only because it has an impressive number of free things to do, but also because it gives people the chance to eat without paying for the food. Don’t expect people coming to you and offering free food, although this might happen. The deal is simple: you order a drink and you get free tapas. This doesn’t usually happen in Spain, or at least not like it does in Granada.

Whether you order soft drinks, wine or beer you receive something free to eat while enjoying your beverage. Sometimes you get to choose the tapas while there are places where they surprise you every time you ask for a new drink. Expect to receive slow-cooked pork, perfectly made fries, cured hams, cheeses, mini-burgers and much other delicious tapas.

Therefore, you stop for a cold beer and you get to leave the bar completely satisfied without paying more than a couple of euros. This is amazing especially since everywhere else you have to pay a lot in order to eat the local delicacies.


Don’t Miss the Free Museum Entrance Days

With a rich, interesting and also intriguing history, Granada is a top destination for people interested in getting in touch with the past. In addition, the city is always welcoming people who are traveling on a budget since there are many exhibitions, galleries and museums tourists can explore without paying a cent. There are times when you can find more than 20 museums that can be visited free of charge. The information about the free places is written in the local newspapers but can be found online, as well. Alhambra museum, as well as Museum Casa de Los Tiros, are two of the best free spots in Granada. In addition, travelers can also see the famous Arab bathhouse known as EL Bañuelo, without spending anything.

These are just a few examples, but as mentioned above, the city of Granada is filled with great surprises for history lovers who travel on a strict budget.


Wander Around the Beautiful City and Admire the Street Art

Art enthusiasts from all over the world who plan to visit Granada without spending their life savings will be pleasantly surprised by the vibrant street art scene of this charming city. Wander around the central area and admire the beautifully decorated buildings while enjoying the mild weather of the city. The most famous street artist in Granada is Raul Ruiz – better known as “El Nino” (“The Kid”). You will notice his interesting work in the old Jewish neighborhood of Realejo, but there is street art available throughout the whole city. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and the desire to discover the free art of Granada.


Explore the Historical Landmarks: Granada’s Famous Churches

The Church of San Anton

The churches in Granada are not only free of charge but they are also great historical landmarks, as well as amazing attractions for architects and architecture aficionados. Many of them used to be mosques back in the days but after the year 1492, the Catholic Kings redesigned them. However, this didn’t erase the past and you can still feel it once you enter one of these churches. One of the best religious landmarks is The Church of San Anton which was recently carefully restored.


Adventure Yourself in a Free Swimming Session

If you visit Granada during the summer months and you have more than a couple of days in this beautiful city, a day trip might be just what you need. The bus ticket is far from being expensive and the beaches of Costa Tropical are just 3o minutes far from the city. So, why not spend a day on the relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach and swim in the refreshing waters of the sea? Just grab your swimming suit, a good book and unwind while preparing yourself for another visiting day in Granada.


As you can see the city of Granada is filled with amazing surprises. While there are many things to do that are worth high amounts of money, there is also a great number of activities and places to see free of charge. And since this is where you can also eat for free, Granada is definitely one of the best destinations for people who choose or have to travel on a strict budget. Just keep in mind this list represents an introduction to the many free things to do in Granada. Depending on your preferences you can definitely find more free, or at least very cheap activities while visiting the Andalusian pearl.



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