How to Get Around Stockholm

How to get around Stockholm

The best way to get around Stockholm is by using the extensive public transport system, including buses, trains, metro, trams, and ferries. While this may sound complicated it is actually relatively easy to navigate your way around as most of the public transport is run by one company, SL. This makes it incredibly simple when buying tickets or using the journey planner (which is also available in English).

Unless you’re sure you really want to walk around the city for your entire trip you are best to buy an SL travel card. Tickets for individual journeys can be purchased, but they are relatively expensive (SEK 44, valid for 70 minutes) and it soon adds up to be cheaper with a travel card. A 72-hour travel card costs SEK 250 for an adult.

Travel cards can be bought at metro stations or in shops that display the SL logo such as 7-eleven and Pressbyrån (these shops can also be found at Arlanda airport). The SL travel card is valid on most transport in Stockholm with the exception of some boats operated by Waxholmsbolaget. You must pay for your ticket before attempting to use public transport.

 Artwork in the metro station (photo by Johannes Hurtig on Unsplash)

It is also possible to buy a Stockholm Pass, which includes the cost of the SL travel card as well as free entry to many of the city’s largest tourist attractions and a guide book. A three-day Stockholm Pass plus SL travel card costs SEK 1295 for one adult, although there are often discounts available on their website.

The pass can be bought online and delivered to you (at a cost of up to SEK 80) before you leave for Stockholm, or alternatively, you can pick it up when you arrive, but this involves heading to one of the redemption desks situated in town. It is also possible to download the pass to your mobile phone, which is probably the most convenient method to use. If you want to wait until you’re in Stockholm, there are also several places where you can buy the Stockholm Pass directly.

If you intend to do all the activities in this guide, and only these activities, and to travel via public transport throughout the three days, then it is around SEK 10 more expensive to use the Stockholm Pass than to buy each ticket separately. The best way to decide whether or not to buy a Stockholm Pass is to plan what you want to see and work out the individual costs.

If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing then it can offer really great value, however, if you are more interested in relaxing and enjoying the restaurants then it might not be worth it.

Useful contact and travel information – Stockholm

Stockholm’s airports: +46 10 109 10 00 Flygbussarna (airport coaches):

Arlanda Express:

Taxi Stockholm: +46 8 15 00 00,

Taxi Kurir: +46 8 30 00 00,

Sverige Taxi: +46 8 85 04 00,

Stockholm visitors centre: +46 8 508 285 08,

SL journey planner:




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