How to Get to Seoul

How to Get to Seoul from Gimpo or Incheon Airport

Traveling by plane is the most convenient and quickest way to reach South Korea. There are many direct and transferring flights from various countries all over the world. Most famous airlines are Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Korean Air, KLM, Emirates, Aeroflot, Lufthansa, and Finnair. However, you can choose any other airlines depending on your budget and the country you are flying from.

Seoul has two international airports – Gimpo and Incheon that are out of Seoul Metropolitan City but belong to Seoul Capital Area. Below you will find details about both airports and ways to travel to Seoul.

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Getting to Seoul from Gimpo Airport

Gimpo Airport is technically still in Seoul, however, you can find it quite farm from the main districts of Seoul. Gimpo Airport is the oldest airport in South Korea as it was established in 1939 as an airfield for Japanese Army and in 1958 Gimpo became an international airport. It is a small airport that has two small terminals for domestic and international flights. Most of the flights from and to Gimpo is domestic flights. However, there are a few airlines that other great deals flying to Gimpo airport. Take a look below to get more information about transportation from Gimpo to Seoul.

1.) Getting to Seoul by subway

The most convenient way is to take a subway line to get to your accommodation. There are many signs leading to the subway and ticket vending machines. The best way to save money on the subway is to buy a T-money card that costs around 2500 won (around $2.5 ). You have to top up with the wanted amount of money. More about T-money card you can find here:

a.) Seoul Subway Line 5 – starting subway price with T-money card will be 1250 won ($1.2) for the first 10 km and will increase by 100 won ($0.1) for every additional 5 km. This line goes across Seoul with a few main stops at the Seoul downtown and major tourists’ attractions. Map of the line:

b.) Seoul Subway Line 9 – starting price will be 1250 won ($1.2) and will increase by 100 won ($0.1) for every additional 5 km. This line goes across southern part of Han River and has an express subway that skips minor stops. Perfect for those who are staying at southern part or for transferring to different lines. Map of the line:

c.) AREX – it is a special subway that is called Airport Railroad Express: express train and all stop train. Gimpo Airport only operates ‘all stop train’ as ‘express train’ only departs from Incheon Airport. ‘All stop train’ usually costs around 1450 won ($1.45) to go to the last stop at Seoul station (around 15 min or less). However, if you are transferring, as your accommodation is on a different line, the price can drop or increase. Map of the line:


2.) Getting to Seoul by bus

Using a bus can be more complicated and more expensive than subway depending on where you are going and what kind of bus you have decided to use.

Map of Gimpo Airport bus station. International flights side


a.) City bus – this bus goes around Seoul and you can use a T-money card on it. Prices vary from 1250 won ($1.25) to 2500 won ($2.5) if you are paying by T-money card. If you are paying by cash, add an extra 100 won ($0.1) to the card price. Remember!: you have to press the bell if you want to get off. More information:

b.) Limousine bus – this bus is more like a comfortable coach that has plenty of space for luggage. Limousine bus takes you to major stops in Seoul so you can comfortably reach your accommodation. Prices vary from 4000 won ($4) to 7500 won ($7.5). You can find more information here:


3.) Getting to Seoul by taxi

Getting a taxi is cheap in Seoul and it’s the best way to travel if you don’t wish to use public transportation. There are different types of the taxi and the starting price is also different for them. In order to identify the type of taxi, you can refer to the map above.

a.) Standard taxi – starting price for the first 2 km is 3000 won ($3). You will get charged a 100 won ($0.1) for every additional 142 m. Every orange and silver taxi is a standard taxi.

b.) Deluxe taxi – starting price is 5000 won ($5) for the first 3 km. You will get charged a 200 won ($0.2) for every additional 164 m. Deluxe taxis are usually black and are more luxury than a standard taxi.

c.) International taxi – drivers of international taxi are fluent in a foreign language such as English, Japanese or Chinese. They have standard and deluxe taxis, and prices are slightly higher than regular taxis.

You can find more information at Gimpo Airport website:

Very useful general guide of Seoul taxis:


Getting to Seoul from Incheon Airport

Incheon airport is the largest airport in Seoul and South Korea. Several times it was rated as one of the best airports in the world. Recently a second terminal was added to the airport. Incheon Airport is located on the island of Incheon Metropolitan City that belongs to Seoul Capital Area, so it’s completely outside Seoul and has various ways to reach Seoul.

  1. Traveling to Seoul from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

Please, refer to the maps below for the guidance of finding a way to transportation.

Map of Incheon Airport Terminal 1 public transportation

Map of Incheon Airport Terminal 2 public transportation

 a.) By bus

You can purchase tickets at the ticket box (shown in the map) or use T-money card – transportation card that can be purchased at the vending machine/convenience store in the airport for around 2500 won ($2.5). You will need to top up before using.

b.) By AREX

AREX is an Airport Railroad Express that has two kinds of subway trains: ‘all stop train’ and ‘express train’. It can be the cheapest way to travel from Incheon Airport to any part of Seoul. Don’t forget to get a T-money card as you can save some money by using it.

Useful more detailed information about AREX can be found here:

c.) By taxi

Seoul taxi is quite cheap compared to another big city. There are a few different types of taxis and their prices are slightly different and you will get charged additionally to every 100 meters.

  • Standard taxi: base fare is 3000 won ($3), additional charge for every 142 meters is 100 won ($0.1). Standard taxi colors are orange and silver.
  • Deluxe taxi: base fare is 5000 won ($5), additional charge for every 164 meters is 200 won ($0.2). Deluxe taxi is more luxury, larger and comes in black color.
  • International taxi: drivers can speak any foreign language written on their car. The base fare is usually the same as a standard taxi, however, an additional charge can be more expensive. Usually, international taxi charge more than they should do, so be careful to pay a little bit more than expected.

Take a look at Incheon Airport website for additional information about taxi:

Seoul Useful travel information:

Visit Korea website:

Travel Hotline: 1330 (Korea), +82 2 1330 (from overseas)

Incheon Airport help desk: 1577-2600, +82 2 1577 2600 (from overseas)

Renting a SIM card:

Banks: Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM. KEB bank offers off-hours services and 365-day banking. ATM services open around 8.30AM and close around 10 PM. Some of the ATMs will be open until midnight. The best option to take out money is during a daytime.

Credit Cards: Every store accepts credit card, however, check with your bank about additional charges.



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