How to Travel to Bosnia

How to Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Traveling by airplane: The main Bosnian airport is Sarajevo Airport ( , located in the suburb of Sarajevo and relatively close to the city center. There is no direct public transportation, and taxi fares to/from the airport are often more expensive than intended for the short distance. One option to save cash is to take a taxi to the tram terminus at Ilidža and board the tram for the last part of your journey, cost 1,80KM). Alternatively, call another taxi company than Sarajevo Taxi (which has a monopoly on the taxi ranks at the airport and 99% of the time will rip you off from the airport) to pick you up at the airport parking lot. Just wait by the entrance to the parking lot near the terminal and flag your taxi driver down when he approaches. The most popular taxi company that always uses the meter is Crveni (Red) Taxi : phone number: 033/760 600.

Traveling by bus: It is very easy to come to Bosnia by bus from any of its neighboring countries, and all the cities in Bosnia are connected with regular bus lines that you can check out here:

Traveling by train: Train services across the country are slowly improving, though speeds and frequencies are still low. Much of the rail infrastructure was damaged during the recent war, and lines have been opened on a priority basis, though not to the high level of service pre-war. The train services are operated by the two separate entities (based on the political division of the country), which results in the locomotives being changed rather often. You can check out the railway timetable here:

Traveling by car: Bosnia and Herzegovina has around 80 kilometers of excellent highways and construction of new highways is in a full swing. When finished, this highway will connect the northern part of Croatia with the coast as well as the new highway from Zagreb to Split, which eventually will extend to Dubrovnik. Also, main roads in the country (named “magistrale” in local languages) are in great conditions. If you leave main roads you might find problematic roads, but driving even there should not be a big problem. The only problem for foreigners can be aggressive drivers who do not show any respect for speed limits and other rules. Drive carefully and you will not face any problems.

Traveling by boat: Ferries are available from Neum to other cities on the Adriatic connecting to Croatia and other countries. There are no international ferries across the Adriatic to Italy, but these do operate from Dubrovnik and Split.

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