Makrigialos to Koufonisi island – Tips about the Boat Trip

Koufonisi island in crete is a small deserted island close to makrigialos. There is a daily excursion with a boat from makrigialos.

Here is what you need to know:

⁃ the boat leaves on 10:45 from the small port of Makrigialos. It returns on 17:15.

⁃ The boat is called “evdokia” and it looks like a pirate boat. It even has a cannon in front and the crew is dressed like pirates. There is an animateur who plays with the children during the trip and when you are on the island. If you have a family, this will give you some minutes of peace.

⁃ Cost per person is 22 euros. Children around two and three dont pay.

⁃ You can book it in an office that sells tickets to koufonisi, on the beach of makrigialos. It is open until 22:30 and you can even buy the morning before onboarding.

⁃ On the boat there is food, water, ice creams and drinks you can buy. You can also rent an umbrella for 4 euros.

⁃ The trip from makrigialos to koufonisi is 90 minutes. There is a stop at some caves before koufonisi, to swim in the blue waters by jumping from the boat, or descending the stairs from the boat to the sea.


-if you are with a small child and you prefer shadow, go to the boat at 10:00 and sit in the tables right in the middle row.

⁃ Try to choose a day with low wind. Otherwise you may get dizzy from the travel.

⁃ The food is ok on the boat but a little bit pricey. Get your own food, it is allowed. You can also bring your own water and your own umbrella to save some money.

⁃ Get your own mask and equipment for snorkeling. Don’t expect anything spectacular underwater, but snorkeling in clear blue waters is always fun.

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