How to get to Puerto Montt Airport from Puerto Varas

The easiest way is to get a taxi from the hotel in Puerto Varas to the airport of Puerto Montt (PMC). It will cost 20.000 pesos and it will take 25 minutes to max 30 minutes.

The cheapest way is to book through Andres tour, which costs 4000 pesos per person.

The airport is small, clean, modern and beautiful; with the exception of toilets which need some renovation. The departures are on the upper floor.

The control is pretty fast and they don’t even ask you to take out from your bag your ipad or laptop. Also you dont have to take out your shoes during the pass through the control gate. The officers speak only Spanish usually but they will make an effort to help you if you don’t understand.

After the check you will find some duty free shops which have memorabilia.

The airport offers free wifi and you will have to register with your email.

The name of the free airport wifi is “SoyPuertoMontt Wifi El Tepual.” The internet is not very stable though.

If you are travelling with Latam, you cannot add your boarding pass to your apple wallet on your iphone. Make sure you have already saved your boarding pass as PDF and dont rely on the airport wifi to access it.

While you are waiting you can download offline the googlemaps of Santiago.

If you are traveling with Latam (LAN) to Santiago, To onboard the airplane there are four waiting lines. One for the prefered (preferente) clients who onboard first. And then passengers split in three waiting lines. One for passengers sitting at A or L seat, another one for passengers at seats B and K and the last one for passengers at seats C and J.

If you have a carry on and the flight is full, you may be asked to give your baggage before you enter the airplane.

If you want extra legroom book the front exit seats at row 11 of the airplane and not the ones on row 12, which are actually like normal seats without extra legroom.

Review of the flight Puerto Montt to Santiago with LATAM

The airplane of Latam has three seats on the left part of the corridor and another three seats on the right side of the coridor.

The seats are leather and they are pretty comfortable. The can be inclined but if you are tall, you will not be able to place your head comfortably on them and take your power nap. There are 25 points space between the seats.

You will only get served water for free during the flight. You can pay for other items. Coffee costs 1500 pesos, a muffin costs 1500 pesos, tea is also 1500 pesos, a sandwich with a coke costs 4000 pesos, a sandwitch with a beer and chips costs 7500 pesos. Below you can find the LATAM inflight menu with everything you can order during the flight. It is only in Spanish.

There is no inflight entertainment system. There is only one travel magazine to read but it is in Spanish.

And there are no usb ports to charge your mobile in the seat, so make sure you keep a power charger with you.

The noise inside the cabin is at normal levels but still you should bring your noise cancellation headphones.

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