We love fish and seafood. And Athens is a small paradise for seafood lovers. Here are the best fish taverns and restaurants in Athens, which locals love to visit. Try them amd you can thank us later.

And a tip: you can use http://e-table.gr to make a reservation to some of these fish restaurants.

1. Psarokokkalo fish tavern at Mellisi, http://psarokokkalo.restaurant

The most famous fish tavern in the northern suburbs of Athens. Psarokokkalo is in Melissia area, around 10kms north from the center of Athens. It is not in a touristic area and there is no easy way (eg metro or train) to reach it, so you will need a car or a taxi. It is a value for money fish tavern. Big portions, fresh fish and seafood and reasonable prices. It is usually full everyday so make sure you call for a reservation before going. What food we love here: the Perka fish kritharoto, the Gavros Marinatos, the Bakaliarakia. Psarokokkalo doesnt offer any particular view and it is not romantic. You come here for the food. Expect to pay around 22 to 25 euros per person.

2. Psariston Fish Tavern at Nea Ionia, http://www.psariston.gr/index.php?lang=en

Psariston fish tavern is at a parallel road to Leoforos Kymis, in Nea Ionia, around 7 kms north from the center of Athens. When you first stop with the taxi outside of this place you will think “i am not going inside…are we sure we want to eat here?”. The reason is that this restaurant is hosted in a very old wooden construction, offering view to a highroad which is also 10 meters higher than the restaurant. And the decoration is almost kitsch. The food will change everything. Fresh fish, calamari, prawns and many gourmet ways to try the most popular greek seafood. It is frequented by business travelers who are brought here by their greek colleagues and by locals. It is not as cheap as psarokokkalo but still not excessively expensive. Try the fish soup (bougiabessa) and ask the chef about recommendations. Expect to pay around thirty euros per person.

3. Argoura at Kallithea, Agisilaou 49, Kallithea

It is opened by a famous chef who is often on tv. This chef used to work for the most famous and expensive fish restaurant in Athens, Varoulko. He opened his own fosh tavern, which has excellent gourmet fish and seafood with better prices than Varoulko. Argoura offers no particular view, as it is just on a simple road in Kallithea area in Athens. You come here just for the food. Try the fish carpaccio plate in the beginning. Expect to pay around thirty euros per person.

4. Varoulko at Piraeus, http://varoulko.gr/

Varoulko is the most famous and expensive fish restaurant in Athens. It is owned by the local tv star chef Lazarou. Gourmet fish food, right next to the sea of Piraeus and expensive prices. Expect to pay at least sixty to seventy euros per person.

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