Things NOT to do in LA

Things You Should Not do in LA

Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities in the USA and a top destination among people from all over the world. Traveling to such a touristy place can be very difficult not only because it is always filled with other travelers and very expensive, but also because these places are usually filled with tourist traps, scammers and all kinds of things that can make your vacation less memorable.

Just like you should think about the things you must do when traveling to LA, in order to have the time of your life, you must also get information about what you should not do in Los Angeles, as well as in all the other places you plan to go to. Here is a list that will help you avoid the main inconvenience that might appear while visiting the beautiful City of Angels.


Don’t Spend the Whole Vacation Around the Touristy Spots

When traveling to LA, as well as to any other destination, seeing the main touristic attraction is mandatory, not only because locals of Los Angeles say that, but because they are important, otherwise they wouldn’t attract such an impressive number of visitors every day. However, spending your whole vacation wandering around the most crowded places and bumping into people from all over the world might not help you see and understand the real LA or its people. This is why, when you plan your trip, make sure you spend time visiting the main landmarks but don’t forget to add the less famous spots which are recommended by the locals to your list.


Don’t Even Think About Jaywalking

No matter where you come from and how you do things back at home when in LA, avoid jaywalking. The city is very friendly with people who love wandering around and exploring its beauty by foot, but jaywalking is something not accepted in LA unless you want to spend your vacation money paying tickets. The police don’t forgive anyone in LA, not even the celebrities. In addition, many people drive around so much that they forget others really enjoy walking so, be very careful when crossing the street.


Don’t Forget to Leave Tips

Leaving tips is something mandatory everywhere in the United States so, no matter where you come from you have to get used to this. Maybe in your country, people who have hospitality service jobs are paid enough, but in the United States, they need their tips in order to survive and pay rent. There is a standard percentage for every service but, in addition to that, you should really think about the quality of the service, the time spent, how it made you feel, as well as the friendliness of the person attending you and then, leave a proper tip.


Don’t Run from One Place to Anther Expecting to See Celebrities

There are so many people who visit Los Angeles dreaming about meeting their favorite celebrity or even somebody who is a little bit famous, but the truth is that movie stars are not wandering around the city hoping to be harassed by fans from all over the world. If you move to LA you might have the chance to see one or two famous people in ten years, but travelers will probably go back home without meeting their favorite actor unless seeing a street entertainer impersonating somebody counts. So, relax forget about Hollywood and just enjoy the beautiful City of Angeles.


Just Don’t Buy a Star Map

There are some people who don’t just dream and hope about meeting somebody famous but do something about it and they start with buying a star map. Unless you plan to drive to their homes and ring the doorbell and probably go to jail, spending money on something like this is a really bad idea. If you want to stalk stars while in LA go to the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills and stay at the bar until you see somebody. However, you might end up spending all your money there without meeting any Hollywood star so why not just enjoy your vacation without paying more than you are supposed to?


Don’t Shop on Rodeo Drive or The Grove

Both Rodeo Drive and The Grove aren’t the best spots for people who plan to enjoy a shopping session while in LA, not only because they are extremely expensive, but they are also so crowded that it makes the whole experience very annoying. If you really want to buy something, go in Santa Monica, on Montana Avenue and have some fun exploring the 150 specialty shops and restaurants.


Don’t Miss Seeing the Museums

Los Angeles is filled with glamorous things to do and see, but also with many tourist traps that don’t let the real travelers see and understand the city. Yes, everybody should see Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame but if you want to catch a glimpse at the past and the present of LA, don’t miss seeing its museums. Whether you love art, history, and science, the city will give you something you will definitely remember, as long as you check out its museums, of course.


Avoid Tourist Traps on Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is one of LA’s must-see tourist attractions but since there are many travelers, there is also an impressive number of tourist traps waiting for you. There are two wax museums, a Guinness World Records Museum, and a Ripley’s Believe it or Not which are not worth visiting but they are always packed with people. If you really want to see a wax museum, go to Madame Tussaud’s and then continue with visiting the authentic landmarks of the city before you spend all your money on kitschy touristic scams.


Don’t Waste Your Time Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

Not only is the hiking trail difficult and filled with misleading directional indicators but, if you believe you will get to climb the sign or even touch it you are mistaken. You will only get within twenty feet of the sign because there is a barbed wire that keeps people away from it. If you think this is worth the hike, do it. Otherwise, just admire the Hollywood sign from a distance by driving the famous Mulholland Drive, or along Beachwood Canyon Drive


Don’t Miss Exploring Los Angeles By Night

You don’t have to be a party animal to really enjoy LA under the moonlight. The city is filled with amazing nightclubs, but there are also other interesting things you can do after the sun has left the sky and Star-gazing at Griffith Observatory is one of them. In addition, you can explore Hollywood Boulevard in the evening and really enjoy it or go to one of the amazing Shows in LA. You can choose from a variety of types, from world-class theatre to concerts and comedy.


Don’t Walk the Venice Beach Boardwalk During the Weekend

Walking the Venice Beach Boardwalk is a must but if you choose to do it on a Saturday or a Sunday you will be very disappointed. This area is so busy during the weekend that it can definitely destroy your experience. If you want to go to the beach on a Saturday, chose to explore a more offbeat, less crowded beach like Playa del Rey, which is extremely close to Venice.


Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen and Sunglasses

If you want to avoid feeling uncomfortable or even getting burned, make sure you pack your sunglasses and sunscreen. LA is a sunny place and even if there are some cloudy days, most of the time you are in danger of getting burned. Better be safe than sorry!


Try Not to Smoke in Public

The cities located in the south of California have many restrictions when it comes to smoking in public. You are not allowed to smoke inside, just like in many other countries, but smoking is also banned in parks, on the beaches, and close to the entrances to public buildings and in many other areas where there are other people. If you don’t want to get dirty looks from the locals try to smoke where you don’t bother others. Also, make sure you book a hotel room for smokers if you want to avoid getting in trouble.


Don’t Stress About Seeing the Whole City

Los Angeles is a big beautiful city and it is very difficult to see everything in one trip, especially if you dream about exploring its charming surrounding as well. You can try, and run from one place to another until you feel exhausted, but you risk having a really bad vacation, where you only got to take pictures of the main spots, without even enjoying any of it.

This is why, instead of running around desperately, you should think carefully about what is important for you, book a hotel in the proximity, see the main attractions and then wander around letting yourself discover the city while enjoying your holiday.


These are the things you should take into consideration when planning your trip to LA. While you might find the list of things to do more important, knowing what you should stay away from seeing or doing can really help you enhance your experience.  

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