Things to do in LA with Kids

Things to Do in LA with Kids

Los Angeles might be extremely famous for its glamorous Hollywood Boulevard, rich people, shopping areas and great parties where celebrities lose their control.

If you plan to travel with kids and you are afraid there is nothing more waiting for you in Los Angeles than Disneyland, you should stop worrying. Since it is the second-largest urban region in the United State the city welcomes families with children with an amazing number of activities that will keep you all happy and excited.

All you need to do is know what your children enjoy doing and start searching for the best activities. Here is a list of the most popular things to do for children in Los Angeles.


Visiting the Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland

No matter how old they are, kids are always excited to go to Disneyland. The truth is that adults are also interested in entering Walt Disney’s amazing world. This is why spending a whole day at Disneyland can make your whole family extremely happy. Whether you want to wander around and meet the famous cartoon characters or you and your kids are eager to experience the big rides, your adventure in the happiest place on earth will be something you will talk about for many years. Just make sure you are all dressed properly and ready for having fun!


Kidspace Children’s Museum

Even if there are many travelers who never heard about this place, Kidspace Children’s Museum is actually one of the top destinations for LA children. It offers about 3.5 acres of interactive exhibits that will make your kids happy and thankful for being there. There are many activities here and kids of many ages can enjoy them. Expect to see an ant colony climbing structure, to have an interactive greenhouse and many other interesting workshops. The little ones will have lots of fun while learning amazing things about the world around them.


Don’t Skip Going to the Famous Universal Studios

Both kids and adults can have a great time at the Universal Studios, exploring the working movie studio and having fun in the theme park that is attached to it. While you see where some of your favorite movies and TV shows were made, your kids can enjoy some thrilling rides, so everybody leaves this place with a big smile on their face. In addition, you also have the chance to check out the Universal CityWalk which is filled with restaurants stores and an IMAX theatre. There are so many things to do and see here, that you definitely need a whole day in order to have a memorable experience.


Following Nemo at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

If you plan to get to Los Angeles with your kids, you must take into consideration going to the interesting Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, where the little ones can enjoy marine life exhibits and free art activities. They might not find Nemo and play with him but they will definitely learn many interesting things while having a great time. Traveling with kids might be difficult because they can easily get bored but with places like this bringing your kids on vacation is more than pleasurable.


Spend a Relaxing Day at the Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the best places in Los Angeles for people who travel with their kids. There are so many great activities here that it might be hard to choose what to begin with. You can go to the Los Angeles Zoo and explore the plants at the Botanica Gardens. Then, you can have some fun riding the historic merry-go-round and take your kids to the Griffith Park Pony Rides. In addition, the Griffith Observatory is always welcoming kids and adults passionate about the sky. Furthermore, the Griffith Park has three different exciting train rides that will make your children extremely happy.

And when you get hungry you can indulge in the delicious snacks available at The Trails Café.


Learn About the World at the Natural History Museum

If your kids get bored of wandering around the Hollywood Boulevard and exploring the Walk of Fame, you should take them to the amazing Natural History Museum where they can explore the cool rocks, dinosaurs, African mammals and all the other exciting things available. They will be amazed by the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons and the Insect Zoo especially since there are some insects they can even touch. The Natural History Museum in LA will definitely make the little ones happy and take away their boredom.


An Amazing Outdoor Experience: Sand Dune Park

Kids have a lot of energy and they are always ready to run around, exploring the surroundings. Unfortunately, the streets of LA are not the best playground for them but you can always spend a day in the Sand Dune Park. This is one of the best destinations for people who love spending time in the middle of nature. You can hike together and admire the panoramic views of Manhattan Beach, or you can pack a picnic and relax while your little ones are enjoying the playgrounds available here. After a day spent at the Sand Dune Park your children will fall asleep instantly and with a large smile on their face.


Knights and Pirates- An Amazing Dinner Adventure

If you want to have dinner with kids without letting them get bored, take them to the Medieval Times in Buena Park is an amazing dinner show that promises to keep the little ones happy and entertained. Another great choice is The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure an interactive pirate-themed show that is as good as the first one. But these are just two of the interesting dinner shows that could make your children happy. The City of Angels is filled with great venues and weekend events that make a great choice for an interactive meal.


La Brea Tar Pits & Museum

If your kids want to see the worlds most famous ice age fossil you should take them to the La Brea Tar Pits & Museum. Located in the Miracle Mile district, this is a great place for children of all ages, but also for adults who are interested in science and anthropology. Not only can you see the fossils, but the museum has a very interesting fossil lab where you and your little ones can see what happens after fossils are extracted from the tar. And if you want to spend the whole day around this area, how about a picnic in Hancock Park? Your children will love staying more in the middle of all the tar pit action and if you see them happy, so will you.


Explore the Life Family Entertainment in Los Angeles

As mentioned above, LA is welcoming people of all ages, being a very family-friendly city. Therefore, the fact that there are many live shows for both adults and kids should not come as a big surprise. Whether you want to take your children to a comedy show, a play or a puppet show, you can do everything in LA. Just find out what’s available during your vacation, make a reservation and have some fun together!


Spend a Day at the Beach- Santa Monica Pier

Everybody loves spending time on the beach and your kids will be happy if you take them to the family-friendly Santa Monica Pier. Not only will you have the chance to relax while listening to the calming waves but there are also many interesting things to do that will keep the little ones occupied and happy. The charming street performers will put a smile on their face and the amusement park rides will give all of you the thrills you are looking for. The interesting Heal the Bay Aquarium will give you the chance to enjoy sightseeing and the 1922 merry-go-round is always welcoming both kids and adults who want to take a nice, relaxing ride.


Try to Spend Time Outdoors

Even if not many people know what a great destination LA is for family, the truth is that the city hides many other interesting kid-friendly outdoor activities. Besides the ones already mentioned, you have the chance to enjoy relaxing horseback rides in the local mountains, take a whale-watching tour, learn how to surf or piffle board as well as have some fun kayaking on the ocean or on the inland waters. 


As you can see, traveling with kids is far from being difficult even in such a glamorous city as LA. Now all you have to do is pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with the whole family.


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