Top Things to See in Cetinje

Here is a list of the top things to see in the beautiful Cetinje:

Cetinje Monastery:  This is a center of historical and cultural importance, founded between 1701 and 1704 by Prince-Bishop Danilo I on the site of the former court of Ivan Crnojević.

Biljarda: This building obtained its name from the first billiard table brought to Montenegro by Petar II Petrović Njegoš. Biljarda used to be his residence for a while, and there are many objects such as books, weapons, and furniture to prove it.

Museum of King Nicola: King Nikola’s Palace is located in Cetinje, Montenegro, and for more than 50 years served as the seat of the Montenegrin Royal family. In 1926 it became a museum, from 1980 it was one of the departments of National Museum of Montenegro.

History Museum: Located in the former parliament building, this beautiful museum follows a timeline from the Stone Age to 1955.

National Museum of Montenegro: A paramount cultural institution that consists of four museums.

Mausoleum of Petar II Petrović Njegoš: This is the highest mausoleum on the world and the tomb of Petar II Petrović Njegoš, famous Montenegrin poet, bishop, and ruler.

Njegoševa Street: The main street in Cetinje and the most beautiful one. It is a partly pedestrianized zone with numerous impressive buildings, cafes, and shops.

Lipa Cave: Lipa Cave is one of the country’s largest caves – and the only one open for organized visits – with 2.5km of passages and halls filled with stalactites, stalagmites, and freaky natural pillars. Choose between many different tours available and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

Lovćen National Park: Amazing natural habitat placed in Lovćen, 6220 acres large, with more than 2000 different plants and opportunities for numerous activities like hiking, skiing, etc. Lovcen is one of the most famous national parks of Montenegro. It lies between Kotor, Cetinje, and Budva and is an easy day trip from anywhere on the coast. Bring your family and friends and spend a beautiful day in nature. You can also visit the Adventure Park with series of ropes trails set up in the trees in Lovcen National Park.

Njeguši: This is a small village on the way to the national park Lovćen. Njegusi is famous for being the birthplace of Njegos, but it’s also famous for its prosciutto ham, smoked cheeses, and fantastic rakija – the local brandy.

6 Useful Tips for Cetinje 

 #1 If you get a chance, get to know people from Cetinje, because they are widely famous for their sense of humor.

#2 Cetinje is a city with a significant rainfall, so be prepared to bring an umbrella with you.

#3 Visit the Adventure Park on Lovćen: numerous amazing activities in the forest will give you the adrenaline rush.

#4 Learn more about Montenegrin history while you are in Cetinje. There is no better place in Montenegro to do it.

#5 Try the prosciutto ham and smoked cheeses from Njeguši.

#6 There is no need to call a taxi while you are in Cetinje. This city is tiny, and everything you need to see is a few steps away.


Our favorite dining places in Cetinje

Our prefered restaurants in Cetinje are the following:  

Restaurant “Belveder,” Cetinje, Montenegro: Trip Advisor Link

Restaurant “Kole,” Cetinje, Montenegro: Website

Restaurant “Konak,” Cetinje, Montenegro: Website

Restaurant “Monte Rosa,” Ivanova Korita, Cetinje, Montenegro: Website  

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