Only have three days in Sydney and want to see what the very best the city down under offers? Read on to find out what top 10 things you should add to your travel itinerary so that you don’t miss out on anything that Sydney has to offer:

1. Sydney Tower Eye

Enjoy the best views of the city at the Sydney Tower Eye, which is a great place to experience the city if you’re a first-time visitor. It’s located in the heart of the city and provides you with a panoramic view of everything the city has to offer!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Photo: Anish Palekar, flickr cc

2. Taronga Zoo

A zoo by the water is the best, especially one that houses 2,900 exotic and native animals that you’ll love to see in person. And if you can, book the Roar & Snore package to camp overnight!

Courting Step #2 - Get in close

Photo: Flickr

3. Sydney Opera House

This iconic landmark is beautiful and you can take a backstage tour to see why it’s such a marvelous place. You’ll learn about the inner workings of the Opera House and will learn more about what makes it so special.

Sydney Opera House By Night

Photo: Flickr

4. Sydney Harbour

While you’re at the Opera House, take a stroll on one of the world’s most beautiful harbours imaginable. You’ll also be able to visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge that is the most famous bridge in Australia that’s located right across from the Opera House.

Early Morning Sydney Harbour

Photo: Flickr

5. The Rocks

As one of the most visited parts of the city, it’s right at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is the oldest area in the city that has actually been transformed with lots of modern amenities.

Sydney Harbour, Australia

Photo: Flickr cc

6. Sydney Aquarium

This aquarium is unlike any other and is one of the world’s largest when it comes to Australian aquatic life.

Sydney Aquarium Mad Hatters Tea Party

Photo: Flickr cc

7. Bondi Beach

Catch some rays and surf at Bondi Beach that features white sands and breaking surf. It’s all fun in the sun when taking a dip in the ocean.

Bondi Beach

Photo: Flickr cc

8. Kings Cross

This is the city’s red light district so if you wander over here, you’re in for quite a show, with an array of adult shops, tacky night cubs and more.

Old Sydney R1 type tram No.1954 turns thru Kings Cross from Bayswater Road. Taken on Kodachrome on 21 Mar 1960.

Photo: Flickr

9. The Gap

No this isn’t the store, but rather a dip in the sandstone cliffs located at South Head. You can see amazing ocean views and even a great shot of Sydney Harbour.

The Gap

Photo: Flickr

10. Hyde Park

Think of Hyde Park like a mini Central Park and is named after the original one in London. You can just chill here and take in the sights and enjoy the beauty and people watching.

Australia Day Festival 2013 at Hyde Park

Photo: Flickr cc

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