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 Top 10 Travel Bloggers that will Inspire you 


Whether you’re looking for some light-reading about places you’re interested in visiting, or you’re a globe-trotter on the lookout for the next place to see for an up-coming holiday, take a look at these ten travel blogs that will give you amazing ideas, inspiration, useful tips and information on places to add to your travel bucket list.


Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

‘If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to travel cheaper, turn your dream trip into a reality, save money, or travel the world, you’re in the right place’, reads Nomadic Matt’s ‘About’ page. Nomadic Matt takes all things ‘travel’ to the next level, with an endless amount of information about planning your dream trip, how to save money before you go, what gear and insurance you will need, cheap airfares and accommodation, and more, readily available at your fingertips. There are more than 1 400 articles on Nomadic Matt’s website, which may seem daunting when it comes to finding the right information that you are looking for, but it only means that there is so much more to read and learn about, as well as that much more travel inspiration. For me, the most important lesson on Nomadic Matt’s website would be that you don’t need to be rich to travel, and if you budget right then you can make your travel dreams come true.


Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet
Our Awesome Planet is a lifestyle and travel blog that documents the travel and food adventures of Anton Diaz and his family who are located in the Philippines. He explains that his blog is an ongoing way to document his kids’ childhood and ensure that their adventures and significant milestones are immortalized. This inspiring blog shows that it is possible for parents to travel to beautiful places with their kids, that the experiences that they embark on are just as important for their kids as they are for them, and showcases the best of the Philippines’ destinations and food to give those thinking about travelling to the Philippines so many more reasons to make their plans that much sooner.


Y Travel Blog

y Travel Blog – Travel more. Create better memories

Craig and Caz Makepeace are a married couple from the Central Coast of Australia who like to call the world their home. They have lived in five countries and travelled through a whopping 52, accumulating memories with their two daughters that will last forever. Y Travel Blog is a place for those who want to ‘fuel their desire for travel and learn how to do it’, showing their readers ‘that you can travel anywhere in the world on little dime, you can rock up in a country where you know no one and have life-changing experiences, you can travel with the one you love and have a thriving relationship, and you can create a strong life-long bond with your children through the shared memories of travel’, reads Y Travel Blog’s ‘About Us’. If you’re looking for a reason to go on an impromptu holiday, travel inspiration, advice and clear information, Y Travel Blog is the best place to start.


Nomad Revelations – Adventure Travel Blog


Nomad Revelations – Adventure Travel Blog

Created to help and inspire readers to travel around the world, João is a travel expert, photography enthusiast, blogger and world explorer’ who aims to make other people inspired and motivated to travel, discover new thing and live great experiences’. Nomad Revelations is full of travel advice, exciting stories and lots of inspiration that will have you rearing to go on your next holiday. Currently living in Morocco, some of João’s favourite countries that he has visited are Afghanistan, Brazil, Mali, Oman, and Uzbekistan – all of which you can find blog posts about on his website.


The Savvy Backpacker 

The Savvy Backpacker: Guide To Budget Travel and …

Want to travel through Europe but have a tight budget? Then you need to check out the travel blog The Savvy Backpacker. Started by James and Susan, their main aim is to help those who want to travel through Europe without spending a fortune come true. They also cover every aspect of backpackingincluding the nitty-gritty details of planning and preparing for a trip, for those who are not afraid of ‘roughing’ it during their holiday. You will also find an array of interesting, funny and helpful articles written (mainly) by James about their trips the will sometimes include pictures of their adorable Maltipoo dog, Henry. The blog contains well-written and well-researched content that will give you all the information you are after – including much-desired inspiration.


The Expert Vegabond

Expert Vagabond • Adventure Travel & Photography Blog

The Expert Vegabond blog is a great place to read entertaining stories, see beautiful images, and find useful travel tips from around the world that you can use wherever you are going. It’s also the best place to discover new places to go if you’re not sure where to begin. Matt, the founder of this adventure travel blog, has been travelling for four years straight, and has put together all sorts of articles covering everything from the ’25 Best Travel Movies Ever’ to the ’30 Best Travel Tips After 4 Years Travelling The World’, that will give you insights into parts of the world you might never thought about visiting.


Pinoy Adventurista

Pinoy Adventurista

Started as a way to record an adventure junkie’s backpacking and adventure trips, mountaineering and food adventures and to give readers a reliable travel guide with climbing tips for those who love the adventurous sport. Pinoy Adventurista will give you the inspiration you need to set off on a new and exciting travel experience.


Migrationology – Food Travel Blog

Migrationology is a place for all those foodies out there who love to travel in order to experience new, exciting and unique dishes that not only satisfy their soul, but their stomach too. Migrationology’s website reads, ‘if you would travel halfway across the world, just to eat something delicious, you’re in the right place’. Author of the blog, Mark Wiens, is an eater and traveller, as well as a food video maker – meaning you will be seeing a lot of delicious foodie videos on the blog that will give you enough food envy to travel in order to satisfy your cravings. He says, ‘Migrationology is all about food, travelling, and learning about a country and culture through its food’.


Out of Town Blog 

Out of Town Blog – Travel, Food and Lifestyle Blog

What started out as a travel, food and lifestyle online magazine where the publisher – Melo Villareal – shares his personal travel experiences, images and travel tips, has turned into a showcase of exciting travel tales, food reviews, helpful hotel reviews, travel destination guides and more from contributors worldwide. You can expect to scrub up your photography skill with helpful tips, find the best hotels to stay in the region you want to visit and find the perfect destination to visit, all in one place!


Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate | The Solo Female Travel Blog

After quitting her job to travel the world alone at 26 years old, Kate turned six months of travelling around Southeast Asia and her travel blog into a full-time business. If that doesn’t inspire you to pack your bag and travel the world, I don’t know what will! Kate travels to ‘anywhere that sounds wacky or beautiful or interesting’, documenting her time spent in these beautiful places on her blog with a goal to show her readers how they can travel the world on their own safely, with ease and adventurously.


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