Useful Bosnian Phrases

Useful Bosnian Phrases for Travelers to Bosnia and Herzegovina

After its secession from Yugoslavia, the Bosnian government declared the official language to be called Bosnian“. However, “Croatian,” “Serbian,” “Bosnian,” and Montenegrin are considered by linguists and travelers alike to be the same language, with minor idiomatic differences.


Although most of the people in Bosnia speak English,  here are some of the most common phrases in Bosnian that you might find useful:


Hello/Good Day. 

Dobar dan (DOH-bahr dahn)

Hello. (informal

Zdravo. (ZDRAH-voh) or Merhaba (MEHR-hah bah)

How are you? 

Kako ste? (formal), (KAH-koh steh) Kako si? (informal) (KAH-koh see)

Fine, thank you. 

Dobro sam, hvala. (DOH-broh sahm, HVAH-lah)

What is your name? 

Kako se zovete? (formal) (KAH-koh seh zoh-VEH-teh)

What is your name? 

Kako se zoveš? (informal) (KAH-koh seh ZOH-vehsh)

My name is ______ . 

Zovem se ______ . (ZOH-vehm seh____.)

I am _____. : Ja sam ______. (yah sahm)

Nice to meet you. 

Drago mi je. (DRAH-goh mee yeh)


Molim. (MOH-leem)

Thank you. 

Hvala. (HVAH-lah)

Thank you very much

Hvala lijepo (HVAH-lah LYEH-poh)

You’re welcome. 

Nema na čemu. (NEH-mah nah CHEH-moo)

Yes. (“formal”) 

Da (dah)



Excuse me. (getting attention

Oprostite. (oh-prohs-TEE-teh)

Excuse me. (begging pardon

Izvinite. (eez-vee-NEE-teh)

I’m sorry. 

Izvini. (iz-VEE-nee)

I’m sorry. (“expressing condolence”): Žao mi je. (zhao mee yeh)

Goodbye (informal

Doviđenja (doh-vee-JEH-nyah) or Ćao (chaoo)

I can’t speak Bosnian/Serbo-Croatian [well]. 

Ne govorim dobro bosanski/srpskohrvatski. (neh goh-VOH-reem DOH-broh boh-SAHNS-kee/ sehrps-koh-hehr-VAHTS-kee)

Do you speak English? 

Govorite li engleski? (goh-VOH-ree-teh lee ehn-GLEHS-kee)

Is there someone here who speaks English? 

Da li iko ovdje govori engleski? (dah lee EE-koh OHV-dyeh goo-VOH-ree ehn-GLEHS-kee)


Upomoć! (oo-POH-mohtch)

Look out! 

Pazi! (PAH-zee)

Good morning. 

Dobro jutro. (DOH-broh YOO-troh)

Good evening. 

Dobro večer. (DOH-broh VEH-chehr)

Good night. 

Laku noć. (LAHH-koo nohtch)

Good night (to sleep

Laku noć. (LAHH-koo nohtch)

I don’t understand. 

Ne razumijem. (neh rah-ZOO-myehm)

Where is the toilet? 

Gdje je WC? (gdyeh yeh VEH TSEH?)

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