Moscow is an expensive city and getting a taxi e.g. from the airport of Moscow to a central hotel located close to the Kremlin, might cost you up to 100 euros. So, here is the cheapest and most reliable service to get a taxi service in Moscow according to our research:

How to Find a Taxi in Moscow

There are 2 Internationals airports in Moscow so you’d better double-check it in your itinerary, so that you are sure where you are landing.

  • SVO – Sheremetyevo Airport(several terminals – E, D, F). It is around 30 km from the center of Moscow, meaning the Kremlin and it takes around 45 min to get there – ofcourse it depends on the traffic
  • DME – Domodedovo Airport (only one terminal) 46 km from the center of Moscow, around ~60 min depending on the traffic


OPTION 1: Get a Taxi provided by your hotel

Given that your hotel is in a central location in Moscow (e.g. around Kremlin), the price you should expect to pay with your hotel’s taxi service is around 90 Euros for SVO airport and 100 euros for the DME airport. To book this hotel taxi service you should contact your hotel’s reception. You can pay by including the fee into your hotel’s invoice, should you be travelling for business to Moscow. The car types you are usually getting are Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 series. So, you pay a lot but you travel with a luxury car.


OPTION 2: Get the IBF-Motors taxi company. 

You should expect to pay around 25 euros for the same destinations. That’s a big saving from the 90 – 100 euros you are expected to pay when you are booking via your hotel. You can also pay with your credit card (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX). The car types that you get are not that luxurious of course. In this case you are getting Toyota Camry or Nissan Teana. To book this taxi service, you should call to +74952760911. Just press #6 for the English language. Their site is They speak great English and the company is well organized. E.g., they are giving you a Booking Reference code, so that in case your flights are delayed, like it happened in our case, you could easily call them and just by giving your booking reference code, change the time of your taxi’s arrival to your hotel. We do not have any affiliation with this company but we strongly recommend them, as they helped us save 75 euros on our way back to DME from our hotel, compared to what we paid when we arrived to Moscow.

Drink a Vodka to our health! You just saved 75 bucks 🙂

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