Where to eat in Athens

Where to Eat in Athens Greece

If you are a food lover visiting Athens you are in the right place and the question “Where to Eat in Athens Greece” must be the top one for you. No worries, we will let you know all the inside foodie’s secrets of the best places to eat in Athens. This is part of our Kindle Guide, “Athens in 3 Days Travel Guide”, that you can get here.

Best Greek Restaurants in Athens for Meat

Tzitzikas and Mermigas in Syntagma Square [Mitropoleos 12, Athina 105 63, Greece, tzitzikasmermigas.gr, tel +30 21 0324 7607]

Review: This restaurant is right in the center of Athens, very close to Syntagma square. It serves traditional Greek food with a twist and is frequented by tourists, who usually love it. The quality is pretty good and the prices are a little bit expensive compared to getting the same food in other Greek tavernas, but it’s a safe choice. Expect to pay around 20 to 25 euros per person with a beer or glass of wine.

Menu URL: http://www.tzitzikasmermigas.gr/en/our-menu/syntagma-kifisia-halandri/salads/

Tzitzikas and Mermigas, in Kifisia [Geor. Drosini 12, Kifisia 145 62, Greece, tzitzikasmermigas.gr, tel +30 21 0623 0080]

Review: This restaurant is located on a small pedestrian road in Kifisia and it has indoor and outdoor seating. You come here for the many small dishes and usually for meat, although it serves some fish dishes. Expect to pay around 25 euros per person.

Menu URL: http://www.tzitzikasmermigas.gr/en/our-menu/syntagma-kifisia-halandri/salads/

Thanasis Kebab, in Monastiraki [Mitropoleos 69, Athina 105 55, Greece, othanasis.com, tel +30 21 0324 4705]

Review: A very old restaurant, in Monastiraki square, which is famous for the “Kebab” it makes. This is lamb mince, grilled, and served with pitas, onions, fried potatoes and grilled tomatoes. Many Greeks and tourists visit this place, as the price is really low and the quality of the meat is excellent. Expect to pay around 15 euros per person.

Menu URL: http://othanasis.com/en/%CF%84%CE%BF-%CE%BC%CE%B5%CE%BD%CE%BF%CF%8D/ 

To Steki tou Hlia, in Thiseio [Eptachalkou 5, Athina 118 51, Greece, m.facebook.com, +30 21 0345 8052]

This is also a traditional Greek taverna in Thiseio area, which has indoor and outdoor seating in a nice backyard. Greeks come here for the “Paidakia” which are the “lamb chops” in Greek. It serves nice and low-priced Greek food and meat. Expect to pay around 17 to 20 euros per person. Best dishes here are the lamb chops, the Greek-style beef, and the pork steak. Don’t expect to get great beef-steaks here (like t-bone/new york style etc). There are very few places in Greece that can grill the beef-steaks as they do in the US or in UK and France.

Kozis at Melissia [P. Tsaldari 34, Melissia 151 27, Greece, +30 21 0810 1584, http://www.kozis.com/]

This is actually a south-African restaurant which has become very trendy and hip in the past years. It looks like a fast-food place but it is always full and for a very good reason. It serves the best steaks in Athens, prepared with a non-Greek way but with a South-African one. You can get T-Bones well grilled at medium or rare, Tomahawks and even the chicken is prepared with a twist (try the dish called “Cocobongo”. A highly recommended place for hardcore meat lovers. 

Menu URL: http://www.kozis.com/kozis-menu

Where to Eat in Athens Greece: Best Greek Restaurants in Athens for Fish

Armolia Restaurant, in Halandri [Central Square of Halandri, +30 21 0685 6279]

Armolia restaurant has great indoor design and its outdoor seating is right on the central square of Halandri, so you can easily visit it when the weather is cold or hot. It serves great fish dishes (calamari, octopus, fresh fish, etc). Expect to pay around 25 euros per person with a Greek Tsipouro, Raki or a beer. Bear in mind that parking around here is difficult and there is a parking place close to the restaurant, which costs 5 euros for unlimited time. Some dishes to try here are the grilled octopus, the fish with herbs, fried calamari, fava, greek salad, small fishes (called gavros or sardines) and ask them if they have any fresh big fish. Drink Ouzo (Plomari is a nice brand), or Raki which is called “Tsipouro” in Greek and the best brands are Babatzim and Apostolakis. You can have Tsipouro with anise and without anise. Most Greeks drink their Tsipouro without anise.


Argoura Restaurant, in Kallithea [Agisilaou 49, Kallithea 176 75, Greece, +30 21 7717 3200, ]

Argoura has been opened by a famous Greek chef who used to work for very expensive restaurants. So, he found a cheap area in Kallithea and opened his own restaurant. Don’t get fooled by the appearance of it. The first time you will reach it you will wonder yourself if you are making the right move to enter this, as it looks like a very poor place with almost a “kitsch” decoration. The food though is excellent. Probably the best fish you can get in the town, with a lot of twists and special flavors. E.g., the fish is combined with orange gel. You should make a reservation as it is very popular. Expect to pay around 30 euros per person.

Varoulko Restaurant, in Piraeus

Varoulko belongs to Chef Lazarou (in the photo) who is a local celebrity in Greece, as he has his own TV show. The food here is amazing and creative. Together with Argoura, they are the two best fish places in Athens, although the Varoulko is the “expensive” brother of Argoura. It is right on the seaside of Piraeus and it is a great and romantic place to have lunch or dinner. Expect to pay 60 euros per person. Do a reservation before going.


Psariston Restaurant, in Neo Iraklio[Kalavriton 16, Iraklio 141 21, Greece, psariston.gr, +30 21 0285 0746]

This is a great fish tavern in Neo Iraklio. The design of the restaurant is very traditional and it doesn’t look expensive or fancy, yet the food is amazing and it is frequented by many Greeks. You need to do a reservation before going. Expect to pay 30 euros per person.

Psarokokkalo Restaurant, in Melissia  [El. Venizelou Avenue 19, Melissia 151 27, Greece, psarokokkalo.com.gr, +30 21 0807 7535]

This is the best value for money fish restaurant in Athens and it is very popular with Greeks living in the north suburbs of Athens. If you are visiting it during the weekend you need a reservation. Expect to pay 20 euros per person. The food is great without any specific twists. Simple tastes, well cooked.

Best Cretan Restaurants in Athens

Arismari Cretan Restaurant, in Halandri [Aristotelous 43, Chalandri 152 32, Greece, +30 21 0680 0808]

Amazing Cretan food, served by a friendly staff. The value for money is also excellent. You should expect to pay around 20 to 25 euros per person but you will be treated with more Raki than you can handle. They always bring you 100ml of free Raki in the beginning as a treat, and another 100 ml of Raki with honey at the end, so you will leave this place dizzy and happy. It’s indoors only and it has a very small backyard with 10 tables. Do a reservation before you go.

Krissa Gi Restaurant, in Marousi [Agiou Konstantinou 23, Athens 151 24, Greece, krissagi.com, +30 21 0805 6666]

This is a Cretan restaurant in the Northern Suburbs of Athens, namely in Marousi, which has a very nice interior seating and some seating outside in the backyard. It is often frequented by business travelers. The service is very good and the food is also excellent. It is more expensive than Arismari. You can try many traditional dishes from the Crete island, such as rabbit with yogurt, Cretan “Dakos” salad, “Apaki” and “Sygklino” which are two forms of meat and drink Cretan Raki or wines. Expect to pay 25 to 30 euros per person.

Image result for krissa gi

Aster Restaurant, at Petralona [Troon 48, Athina 118 52, Greece, facebook.com, +30 21 0341 6668]

Petralona area in Athens is just opposite of the Gazi area. It was an impoverished area, which has started to become a hip area in the past five years. Many bars, restaurants and alternative places to hang out have started to appear like mushrooms, in this are which still holds a little bit of the old Athens neighborhood charm. Aster serves many interesting dishes from the Cretan cuisine at prices that will not break the bank for you. You should expect to pay around 20-25 euros per person. It offers only indoor seating, as it has just two small tables outside. As it is quite small, you should do a reservation if you plan to go there.

Aster Restaurant Athens

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Athens

You can get all the info on the 6 most romantic restaurants in Athens at our related blog post. Here they are for your convenience.

Island Restaurant in Varkiza: Amazing restaurant on the Athens Riviera, overlooking the sea. It’s far away though from the Athens Center and you need to have a car to reach it.

Orizontes Lykavitou Restaurant: Amazing views, as this restaurant is on top of one of the highest hills of Athens and it offers a Panoramic view of Acropolis, which extends even to the sea. You need to get a cable car to reach the top of the hill, which makes it even more fun.

Matsuhisa Restaurant in Asteras: Excellent restaurant in Astir beach, overlooking the bay of Vouliagmeni.

Dionysos Zonars Restaurant in Acropolis: Excellent view to Acropolis

Acropolis Museum Restaurant: A budget-friendly solution to eating something for lunch while looking at the Acropolis monument.

Varoulko Seaside: Right on the seaside of Piraeus, with excellent fish food.

Best Sushi Restaurants in Athens

Koi Sushi Bar [Apollonos 1, Athina 105 57, Greece, koisushi.gr, +30 21 0321 1099]

It is a good value for money sushi place with many fans. Critics say that this is more like a fast-food sushi place; I guess you have to try for yourself to find out. Expect to pay around 20-25 euros per person. There is a Koi Sushi bar in the center of Athens and one in Kifisia, which is in the Northern Suburbs of Athens.

Image result for koi sushi bar athens

Square Sushi in Kifisia [Deligianni 56, Kifisia 146 71, Greece, squaresushi.gr, +30 21 0808 1881]

This is one of the first sushi places that started the “trend” of Sushi in Athens and it is located in the posh area of Kifisia, in Kefalari square. Expect to pay more than 30 euros per person.

square sushi athens

Most Expensive Restaurants in Athens

Hytra Restaurant [Leof. Andrea Siggrou 107, Athina 117 45, Greece, hytra.gr, +30 21 0331 6767]

Image result for hytra athens

Varoulko in the Center [Deligiorgi 14, Athina 104 37, Greece, +30 21 0411 2043]

Funky Gourmet in Kerameikos [Paramythias 13 and Salaminos, Kerameikos, 104 35, Greece,funkygourmet.com, +30 21 0524 2727]

Funky Gourmet is a Michelin star restaurant that serves “molecular cuisine”. The food here is also a show. Strange and unexpected things will start happening once you order and we don’t want to give you more information as not to spoil the surprise. The food here is extremely creative and you come here for the experience. If you want to fill your stomach with value-for-money Greek food, this is not the place to come. As an example, you will be served an ice-cube which has the flavor of a Greek Salad. Some adore this place and some are heavy critics. You just have to try on your own to decide on which side you are. You have to make a reservation and the prices for the set menus are starting at 80 euros per person, up to 150 euros per person. It’s a hip and trendy place so don’t overdress.

Spondi [+30 21 0752 0658, http://www.spondi.gr]: Upscale restaurant with a Mediterranean cuisine. It has two Michelin stars. The discovery menu is priced at 140 euros per person. It has an amazing list of wines. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

Image result for spondi athens

Best Italian Restaurants in Athens

La Pasteria, in various places

La Pasteria is a chain with Italian food, started by Botrini. Now, who is Botrini? He is a chef who is famous in Greece as he has his own TV show going and “changing” restaurants from mediocre to great ones. He also owns a Michelin-star restaurant in Corfu. La Pasteria is the value-for-money version that Botrini has created and it has many offers. You can expect to pay around 20 to 25 euros per person. There are many La Pasteria restaurants in different areas of Athens, including the Golden Hall in Athens, the premium shopping center of the city.

Image result for la pasteria athens

Il Postino in Kolonaki [Skoufa 64, Kolonaki, Athens, +30 21 0364 1414]

Il Postino is one of the first Italian restaurants and it is located in the Posh area of Kolonaki in the center of Athens. The place is decorated as a traditional Italian restaurant and it is not something special, however, the food is really excellent. You can try the excellent penne with gorgonzola and prosciutto or the bacalao (codfish) in the oven with small tomatoes and olives and potatoes. Expect to pay around 25 euros per person. It also has a wide selection of Italian wines, including the prosecco ones. It’s a great option if you love Italian food and you would like to combine it with a drink in one of Kolonaki’s many bar places.  It’s a relaxed and calm place with a friendly service.

Image result for il postino athens

Botrini’s in Halandri (Michelin Star) [Vasileos Georgiou Defterou 24, Halandri Athens 152 33, Greece, botrinis.com, +30 21 0685 7323]

The chef we told you about earlier, Botrini, has opened this flagship restaurant of his “empire” in Halandri. It is a magnificent old house in Athens, turned into a restaurant, with a very beautiful backyard. The food is creative and most people like the experiments that Botrini makes with the tastes. Expect to pay 60 euros per person. He offers some set menus called My Origins and Travelling, which offer you a predefined “travel” with food, through different tastes. The best plate is the swordfish and you will be offered Grappa in the end of your meal. The appearance of the plates is amazing and you will most probably like most of the tastes, but not all of them. The service is great but as said above, it is an expensive place and some critics say that it is a low value for the money it asks for.

Image result for botrini's restaurant athens

Michelin Star (5 stars) Restaurants in Athens

Varoulko (see above for description)

Funky Gourmet (see above for description)

Botrini’s (see above for description)

Hytra (see above for description)

Spondi (see above for description): 2 Michelin Stars

Tip 1: You can book most of these restaurants online, by visiting the website https://www.e-table.gr/

Tip 2: Should You Leave a Tip? And how much? You are not obliged to leave a tip in the Greek restaurants, however, it is usually expected to leave a tip which is 5% to 10% of the total amount that you pay. For example, if you pay 50 to 60 euros for a dinner of two persons, a tip of 5 to 10 euros is a great one.

Tip 3: Ordered more food than what you could handle? In many Greek tavernas, if there is food left, you can ask them to package it for you and you can take it with you. This is not usual in the expensive restaurants but in almost all the rest, you will see it happen.

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