Where to Stay in Santorini, Greece in 2017: The Ultimate Guide to the 5 Best Areas and 20 Value Hotels

Where to stay in Santorini

Where to Stay in Santorini in Summer 2016

Santorini is a unique place on earth. A volcano island that offers astonishing views and infinite possibilities to enjoy a broad range of vacation from partying hard to romantic getaways. We often get the question “Where Should I Stay in Santorini?” and we decided to create a small guide for you to help you get the best possible place and hotel to stay according to how you want to enjoy the island.

The Best Villages to Stay in Santorini:

There are four (4) main places where visitors stay in Santorini: Fira Village (the capital), Imerovigli Village (close to Fira), Oia (fantastic sunset) and Perissa (black beach, cheaper place to stay). Here are the pros and cons of each location:

Stay in Fira Village:

This is the biggest village of Santorini Island; it has a lot of people ranging from youngsters who want to party in the clubs of the village, to couples who enjoy the scenic views of the caldera and the fabulous restaurants and hotels. It doesn’t have a beach, and you will have to drive 10kms to get to a decent beach to swim. Fira village is built on the hill, and it offers a marvelous experience. It is quite expensive and if you want to stay close to Fira village with a lower price you will have to go to “Karterados” Village, which is 3-4 km away from it. Of course, you will have to drive to Fira every night (or get the bus), and you have to know that you will have to leave your car at the parking in the entrance of Fira and walk on foot (about 500m). Fira offers five 5-star hotels and 15 4-star hotels.

Stay at Imerovigli Village:

Close to Fira, Imerovigli is also built on the caldera hill and offers fantastic views. It is less crowded than Fira, and usually, couples go there. It doesn’t offer a beach and it’s not for young people who want to party. It is romantic, with white houses and fabulous hotels. Imerovigli offers six 5-star hotels and ten 4-star hotels.

Stay at Oia Village:

Oia is well known all over the world for its fantastic sunset. It is also a beautiful village with small white houses and famous restaurants. Oia is quite expensive to stay, though. It doesn’t offer any great beach to swim, and you will have to drive through a tiny and crowded road to get to Fira in the evening. Oia has thirteen 5-star hotels and seven 4-star hotels. Obviously, it is the most luxurious village in Santorini.

Stay at Perissa Village:

Perissa is the cheapest place to stay in Santorini island. It offers the vast black beach (at least 5kms of black sanded beach) and many great beach bars where you can relax and enjoy yourself. It doesn’t offer any scenic views, and the village is nothing special regarding architecture and beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions about Where to Stay in Santorini:

– Where to Stay in Santorini to Party?

You should stay in Fira Village. It is the most crowded place, with many bars and night clubs. All the young people stay here, or close to Fira. If you don’t have the budget to stay inside Fira, try to stay in Karterados village, which is 4kms away.

-Where to Stay in Santorini on Honeymoon?

You should stay either in Oia village or Imerovigli. You can visit Fira just for the views, but you will have a much more relaxed honeymoon if you stay at Oia or Imerovigli. The first choice would be Oia village in that case.

– What is the Most Expensive Area to Stay in Santorini?

Oia Village and Fira Village are the most expensive areas to stay in Santorini.

– What are the cheapest areas to Stay in Santorini?

Kamari Village and Perissa village are the cheapest areas to stay in Santorini.

– Should I use Airbnb to stay in Santorini?

You could try Airbnb for your stay in Santorini, but you will not find any great opportunities.Prices are high in Airbnb as well..Especially in July, August and September that are the peak months for Santorini.

– Can I find a fantastic hotel with 50E per night in Santorini?

No. You cannot. If you go to Santorini in August and September, you should plan for a budget of 120E to 150E per night for a double room, as the minimum to get a beautiful scenic view to the caldera. With 50E per night, you can stay in small, plain rooms outside of Fira, usually at Perissa or Kamari.

-Where to Stay in Santorini on a Budget?

If you are on a budget, the cheapest double room you can find in July/August is usually 40 to 50 euros for a very basic accommodation. No views, no breakfast and hopefully a clean room. You should avoid searching the villages of Oia, Imerovigli and the center of Fira for this type of budget accommodation and look at villages such as Vlychada, Perissa or Vorthos (a couple of km away from the airport of Santorini). Unfortunately, we cannot recommend you any decent room at this price. We have stayed at more than 10 of them during the past years, but they are basic type of accommodation.

-Where can I get a map of Santorini?

You can have a look at the villages and beaches of Santorini on the map below.Otherwise, you can always consult a google maps view of Santorini.


-Where are Santorini’s best views?

You can enjoy the best views of Santorini from 3 places: From Fira village, from Imerovigli village and Oia village. Of course, as Santorini is a volcano island, you should be on the edge of the caldera to get these fantastic views, which made this little gem island worldwide famous.

– Is it dangerous to drive in Santorini?

Santorini is a volcano island. The roads are really small and with bad lighting in the evening. It has many scooters, many cars, and many other strange vehicles on the road at every time of the day. We cannot say it is dangerous, as the speeds are low, but certainly, it is not a breeze to drive in Santorini. You should always take care.

– Are the Rooms Big enough in the Hotels in Santorini?

No, they are not..The land is expensive on a volcano island, so don’t expect to get US size hotel rooms. The baths are usually small, and the rooms are just ok to fit in a double bed with some extra space. Of course, they make it up for you with the fantastic balconies that offer scenic views to the caldera.

– Anything I should be aware of before booking a hotel in Santorini?

You should know that sometimes, there is a strange smell coming from the volcano, which cannot be avoided. So, you may find yourself in a situation where you have a fantastic view to the caldera and a strange smell coming to you from the air..Unfortunately, you cannot avoid it, and it happens sometimes.

– Is it worth it to give 150E for a hotel in Santorini?

Usually, the level of service that you get from the hotel is much lower than the one you get at a Hilton chain hotel for the same price. But on the other side, it is expensive to keep a hotel in Santorini. The owners have to pay a lot for the land; they have to buy water as there are no natural water supplies in this volcano island, and the food is always imported. Santorini produces wines, tomatoes, and very few vegetables. The experience to stay at a hotel with this amazing views at the caldera is one in a lifetime, so we recommend that you bite the bullet and spend some more money for your stay in Santorini. You will not regret it, and its is guaranteed that you will break the “facebook likes” record, once you start posting your photos on the social media.

– What about Car Parking for my rent-a-car?

You should always take care if there is a parking area for your rented car at the hotel you are staying. Santorini is busy in summer, and you might lose a lot of time to park, so always pay attention to that.

– What additional packages, trips, excursions, do hotels in Santorini offer?

Hotels in Santorini are affiliated with many tour operators and they usually allow you to book different excursions. The most common ones are a trip to the volcano and a trip around Santorini island with a boat. They also offer wine tours to the local wineries and scuba diving trips.

– How far is the airport from Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, Perissa?

Santorini is a small island, and you can transfer yourself from the airport to Fira in 15 minutes with a 15E taxi. Going to Oia will take 35 minutes.

– When Should I book my hotel to Santorini?

If you plan to visit Santorini in July and August, you should pre-book your hotel two months ago, to make sure that you get an excellent price for a nice hotel. Santorini has many hotels, and you will not suffer from finding a place to stay even in the busiest time. However you may end up paying a lot of money if you book it at the last minute.

– When are the Busiest Months for Santorini?

August is the busiest month for Santorini. Then, it is July and September. Santorini has visitors starting from May until late October.

– When do Greeks visit Santorini?

The locals go to Santorini usually in July and August.

– When is it the best time to swim in Santorini?

July, August, and September are the best months for swimming in Santorini. June and October are usually ok, even though the sea gets colder.


What are the Best 4 star and 5-star Hotels to Stay in Santorini in each area?

If you decide to stay in Fira, you should check out the following hotels:

1. Cosmopolitan Suites Santorini


2. Volcano View Hotel


3. Aigialos Niche Residence Suites


If you Decide to Stay in Imerovigli Village, you should try these hotels:


1. Hotel Grace in Imerovigli, Santorini


2. Hotel Vasilicos in Imerovigli, Santorini


3. Santorini Princess SPA hotel in Imerovigli, Santorini



If you Decide to Stay in Oia Village, you should check out these hotels:

1. Katoikies hotel in Oia Village Santorini


2. Perivolas hotel in Oia Village, Santorini


3. Kirini Suites and Spa Hotel in Oia Village, Santorini


4. Ikies Traditional Houses in Oia Village, Santorini


5. Santorini Secret Suites and Spa, Oia Village, Santorini


If you decide to stay in Perissa, check out these hotels:

1. Resort Veggera, Perissa Village, Santorini


The Best Tours to Book Before Your Arrive to Santorini

Here is the information on the best tours to book while you are in Santorini. We advise you to pre-book your tours, especially if you are travelling in the high Season time of July, August, September.

  • The best site to book your tours and get some decent discounts is GetyourGuide.

The best tours are:

#1 Santorini Half-Day Small Group and Private Wine Tour

A four-hour tour that gets you to 3 wineries, in the countryside of Santorini. Wine tasting tips from experts.

#2 Santorini 5 hour Catamaran Cruise

The Catamaran will get you to the Red Beach and the White Beach to swim and snorkel. You see the sunset from the catamaran and enjoy a bbq dinner of grilled pork and Greek salad. Finally, it gets you through the Caldera and lets you swim in the hot spring waters.

#3 Santorini Volcano Tour and Oia Sunset Cruise

This is an 8-hour tour which gets you to the volcano, to the small island called “Thirassia” and then to Oia village to see the sunset.

#4 Santorini Cooking Class and Wine-Tasting Tour

You get to visit some wineries in Santorini and learn how to cook Greek food from a Greek Chef. You get to try nine different Greek wines and you will a full dinner is also included.

#5 Santorini Full Day Private Tour

#6 Santorini 7 Hour Volcano Adventure with Cruise

#7 Helicopter Tour in Santorini

You fly with a helicopter over Santorini, for 20, 40 or 60 minutes.


If you want to get a detailed three days travel guide to Santorini, you can get it here:

Santorini Travel Guide

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    I am tossing up between Volcano View spa hotel in Fira or santorini princess or Astra suites. Can you please tell me the pros and cons of dtaying at each of theses hotels. Oia sounds bit too far, correct?

    • Guidora Team says:

      Oia is indeed too far if you want to stay close to Fira. All three hotels you mention are great. Volcano view is 3kms outside of Fira, on the road to Perissa. The other two are not also in Fira but at Imerovigli, which is 2 Kms outside of Fira, on the road to Oia. Astra suites is the best choice albeit might be more expensive. The good thing about the two hotels in Imerovigli, is that they are in a small village, so you can get some tavernas outside of the hotel. The Volcano view is not in a village, so you will always have to go to Fira for whatever you may need in terms of restaurants, bars etc.

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