Where to Stay in Thesssaloniki - Description of Areas

Where to Stay in Thessaloniki – the 2018 Guide

If you are asking yourself what is the best area and hotels to stay in Thessaloniki, you are in the right spot! We have compiled a list with the best value for money hotels to stay in Thessaloniki. Before we get in the information of the best hotels list, here are some details on the big picture of Thessaloniki’s landscape:

How is Thessaloniki Built

Thessaloniki - Where to stay

The seaside and the hills in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is built along the seaside and also on top of the hills that exist in the area. Around 1 million people live in Thessaloniki. It’s very easy to navigate yourself in Thessaloniki, as from one side there is the sea and on your back, you will always have the hills. Moreover, Thessaloniki’s center is pretty squared, with some big streets which are parallel to the sea (Egnatia, Tsimiski) and some big streets that are vertical to the sea.

The overall best area to stay in Thessaloniki is its center. And we would say anywhere close to Aristotle’s square, which is the biggest square of Thessaloniki, right next to the sea and in the middle of the bars, coffee shops, nightlife, and restaurants. The best area for nightlife in Thessaloniki is called “Ladadika”, the best area for shopping in Thessaloniki is around the Tsimiski street and the best area for easy access to restaurants and coffee bars is Aristotle’s Square.

Aristotle's Square in Thessaloniki

Aristotle’s Square in Thessaloniki


The Best Areas to Stay in Thessaloniki

#1 Stay at the center of Thessaloniki

The overall best area to stay in Thessaloniki is its center. And we should say that the closer you stay at Aristotelous square, the easiest will be for you to navigate to everything you need to see. You will not need a car if you stay close to Aristotelous.

#2 Stay at Kalamaria Area

Kalamaria area is also another nice area, next to the beach and less busy than the center, but there are no sights around this area, just coffee bars, restaurants, a nice small port for sailing and easy life. You will need to drive 20 minutes to get to the center of Thessaloniki, should you decide to stay at Kalamaria.

Here is a map that explains the areas:

Where to Stay in Thesssaloniki - Description of Areas

Where to Stay in Thessaloniki – Description of Areas

Enough with the big picture! Let’s have a look at the most luxurious hotels to stay in Thessaloniki:

Best Hotels to Stay in Thessaloniki

#1 Makedonia Palace

Makedonia Palace is one of the emblematic hotels in Thessaloniki. It is right on the seaside of Thessaloniki, with great views of the sea, as long as you choose the right room. The breakfast is huge and delicious and there is a very popular café in the hotel, which is called “Navona”. Makedonia Palace is around 1.5km  away from the center of Thessaloniki, so you will need to walk a little bit. However, if the weather is nice, you will have the pleasure of walking on the pedestrian seaside road in Thessaloniki, which is an excellent place to have a walk. You can check prices here. 

1 Makedonia Palace in Thessaloniki

#2 Electra Palace Hotel

Electra Palace hotel is right in the middle of Aristotle’s Square, which is the most popular and busy square in Thessaloniki. The Square is full of cafes and vivid nightlife and right next to Tsimiski road, which is the main shopping road in Thessaloniki. It is not that new or modern and the rooms are simple, however, this hotel is right in the epicenter of all activities in Thessaloniki and you will not need to get taxis or cars to move around. You will just walk to everywhere. You can check the prices for the Electra Palace Hotel here.

2 Electra Palace Hotel in Aristotle’s Square

#3 – The Met Hotel

The Met hotel is a new and modern hotel. It has an excellent sushi restaurant and very nice spa facilities. The location is not as convenient as the location of Electra Palace. It is built in an area that was impoverished, 1.5 km from Aristotle’s Square. If you want to go to a new, modern hotel then this is a good choice. You will just need to get a 3.5 Euros taxi to the city center or walk 15-20 minutes to get there. You can check the prices of the Met Hotel here.

#4 Metropolitan Hotel

If you are on a small budget, then Metropolitan Hotel would be your best value for money choice. Located in the center of the city, only a short distance from the sights, shops and with easy access to the bus- there is a bus stop just outside the entrance(the bus 78 from the airport stops there too). If you travel by your car, there is private parking space (extra charge). The rooms are basic with the old-style design but comfortable, clean and air-conditioned. The price includes good breakfast with plenty of choices. The staff is very polite, accommodating and helpful. You will enjoy the view of the city from the balcony.

Metropolitan Hotel

Address: Leof. Vasilissis Olgas 65, Thessaloniki 546 42, Price/night: 50 euros/2 beds room + breakfast. You can check the prices here.

Here is a map with all the suggested hotels, and with some of the key landmarks of the city such as the White Tower and Aristotelous Square.

Where to Stay in Thessaloniki

You can get this map in Google Maps format (online) by clicking here.

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