Which Greek Islands Have Airports

Greece has 15 International Airports and 27 local airports only for domestic flights. Here is the list of all the Greek Islands that have International or Domestic Only Airports, even though the Domestic/National airports accept chartered flights during the summer:

Greek Islands with International Airports

  1. Crete: Crete island has 3 airports. One in Chania (CHQ), one in Irakleio (HER) and one in Sitia (JSH). The Chania and the Irakleio airports are international but the Sitia airport is domestic only.
  2. Corfu Island (Kerkyra in Greece): Corfu Island has one international airport, which is the CFU.
  3. Kefalonia Island: Kefalonia has one international airport, which is the EFL.
  4. Kos Island: Kos has one international airport, the KGS.
  5. Lemnos Island: Lemnos has one international airport, the LXS.
  6. Mytilene (Lesbos) Island: Mytilene has one international airport, the MJT.
  7. Rhodes Island: Rhodes International Airport is the RHO.
  8. Samos Island: Samos has one international airport, the SMI.
  9. Zakynthos Island: Zakynthos has one international airport, the ZTH.

Greek Islands with National (Domestic) Airports:

  1. Astypalaia Island: Astypalaia has one national airport, the JTY.
  2. Chios Island: The airport in Chios is the JKH.
  3. Ikaria Island: The airport in Ikaria is the JIK
  4. Kalymnos Island: The airport in Kalymnos is the JKL.
  5. Karpathos Island: The airport in Karpathos is the AOK.
  6. Kithira Island: The airport in Kithira is the KIT.
  7. Milos Island: The airport in Milos is the MLO.
  8. Mykonos Island: The airport in Mykonos is the JMK.
  9. Naxos Island: The airport in Naxos is the JNX
  10. Paros Island: The airport in Paros is the PAS.
  11. Lefkada Island: The airport in Lefkada is the PVK. It is not on the island but close to it, in an area called Aktio. You can go to Lefkada island with a car, as it is very close to the land.
  12. Santorini Island: The airport in Santorini is the JTR.
  13. Skiathos Island: The airport in Skiathos is the JSI.
  14. Skyros Island: The airport in Skyros is the SKU
  15. Syros Island: The airport in Syros is the JSY

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