Top Tips for Traveling to Montenegro

If you are heading to the beautiful Montenegro, here are some things you should know, to make your travel as enjoyable as possible:

#1 If you are planning to travel to Montenegro by airplane, you should know that there are 2 airports: Tivat Airport, which is located right next to the coastal city of Tivat, and Podgorica Airport, situated 11 km from the capital of Montenegro-Podgorica. (

#2 Be careful when you are taking a taxi from the airport: make sure that the driver turns on a taximeter on time or, if you are more convenient, set up a fixed price with a driver. If you are taking a taxi from the Tivat Airport, a price for a drive to Tivat should not be more than 10 euros. If you are taking a taxi from the Podgorica Airport, a taxi drive to the center of the city should be around 5 euros. Also, make sure that the taxi has a company logo on it. If there are no taxis available near the airport, here are some taxi services numbers you can call: If you are in Tivat: 19729, 19777, 19565, 19503. If you are in Podgorica: 19709, 19711, 19700, 19704, 19705.

#3 Rent-a-car services are not so expensive in Montenegro and you can book your car online. An average price for a one whole day rent a car in Montenegro is around 20 euros, but it depends on a car you choose. You can choose your pickup location, the exact time of arrival and the type of a car you want. Here are some rent-a car-agencies you can check out: ,,,

#4 Best time to visit Montenegro: this country has a Mediterranean climate on the coast, with alpine conditions in the mountains. The average summer coastal temperature is 27°C (81°F), and this is during the peak touristic season (from July to August). In the North, the average summer temperature is 2°C (54°F). During the winter, the weather remains mild in the South, with the average daytime winter temperature being 7°C (44°F). Inland, however, there is substantial snowfall in the mountains, with the average daytime winter temperature in Kolašin hovering around 0°C (32°F). 

#5 Skip visiting the capital of Montenegro in the middle of the Summer: Podgorica has a very warm climate, known for its extremely hot summers: temperatures over 40 °C (104 °F) are common in July and August.

#6 The currency used in Montenegro is called Euro with an exchange rate of 1 USD = 0.94 Euro. You can exchange your money in any bank.

#7 If you want to arrange a hiking trip or if you would like to go sailing in the Bay of Kotor-there are many tourist agencies in each of those cities in Montenegro and you can find some incredible offers. They are very affordable.

#8 Although most of the people in Montenegro speak English, try to learn some of the Montenegrin words: the Montenegrins will appreciate it.

#9 Try the traditional Montenegrin food. You will notice how many differences there are between the food in different regions of Montenegro: The coastal area is traditionally a representative of Mediterranean cuisine, based on seafood, fresh tomatoes, and delicious olives, while the northern represents more the Oriental, spicy, meat based food with the incredible cheese selection.

#10 Try the wine but also the beer: There are many beautiful vineyards located in the southern and coastal regions of the country. Montenegrin wines are made from a wide range of grape varieties including Krstač, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Vranac. The most famous and most consumed beer in Montenegro is the beer from Trebjesa brewery called Nikšićko beer.

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