Best tips for traveling to mykonos

#1 Book your flights and hotels well in advance to find a nice room for a reasonable price and a cheap flight. The busy period starts in April and lasts until the end of October.

#2 Prepare yourself for a bumpy flight. During summer months (July, August) the local wind “Meltemi” blowing from the northeast could be a problem in case you have sea-sickness. In that case, avoid going on small boat tours.

#3 Wear your sunglasses and sunscreen. Especially in July and August, the sun gets very strong and you may not realize it due to the chill winds.

#4 Mykonos Town is perfect for exploring on foot. Women in high heels should be careful while walking on the town’s cobblestones. It would be safer to wear flat shoes.

#5 Ask your hotel for a wine-tasting excursion or other similar activities (see also later in this guide for recommended activities in Mykonos). Visit some of the museums too. Even if they are not well known, they are still fascinating.

#6 It may be hard to navigate in the town, some streets do not have a name. Do not be afraid to ask to find your direction!

#7 You will not face a problem with communication. Most people speak English fluently. Try to learn some Greek words, local residents will appreciate it!

#8 Drive very carefully at low speed. The roads are narrow. There are many accidents taking place every summer on the island.

#9 Bring a light jacket. It may be cold during the night while the sea breeze is blowing.

#10 A good idea would be to check the wind direction each morning to choose an appropriate beach for this day.

#11 Mykonos has two ports. You are likely to arrive in the new port, but the boat to Delos, for example, departs from the old one. There is a bus connecting the new port with the town. You can check the ports’ position on our map here.

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