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Mykonos has 39 5-Star Luxury Hotels, out of the 830 hotels it has in total. Out of these 39 5-star hotels, 10 of them are inside the main village/town of Mykonos, which is called the “Mykonos Chora”. The other 29 5-star hotels are located in different villages outside of Mykonos.

Mykonos Town 5- Star Luxury Hotels

Staying in Mykonos town has many advantages, such as that you have easy access to the nightlife in Mykonos Chora, all the great restaurants, and bars that are located in the town and you are in the epicenter of all activities. On the downside, there is no beach inside the Mykonos town, so you will have to travel by car to a beach outside of Mykonos town. The closest beach is Agios Stefanos beach, which is 3 km outside of Mykonos and there are other beaches which are 5 to 12 km outside of Mykonos. It seems like a small distance, however you should bear in mind that during July and August the island is packed with people and there is a lot of traffic on the small roads that lead to the beaches. So, it could easily take you 30 minutes driving time to reach a beach that seems quite close on the map.

We have ordered below all the 5-Star Luxury Hotels in Mykonos Town by order of value for money that you get.

1. Myconian Kyma Design Hotel:

Part of the 4 K’s as the Mykonians used to call the 4 adjacent hotels all starting with K (Kyma/Korali/K..). Great hotel, located on the hill above Mykonos Town, with a nice view of the bay of Mykonos. You will need 10 minutes on foot to reach the main town of Mykonos, where everyone is strolling around in the evening.

2. Myconian Naia [tel +30 2289 022108]:

This is next to the Kyma hotel and it is equally beautiful. Great service, it has been completely rebuilt on 2017, nice views to the bay of Mykonos and many rooms with their own small private pool.

3. Kouros Hotel and Suites [tel +30 2289 025381]:

10 minutes on foot from Mykonos town. It is quiet and relaxing. Great staff, nice swimming pool. Great breakfast. Staff can arrange private yacht cruises for you. This is next to Cavo Tagoo, which is much more expensive though.

4. Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge:

Great views of the Mykonian bay. The food is amazing and it’s an experience to have dinner here. Great for a honeymoon or if you want to propose to your better half. The chef here is A. Kostakos and he does an amazing job. The views are decorated beautifully and the staff is very friendly.

5. Boheme [tel +30 2289 023300]

Great breakfast. Very friendly staff. Easy to hire an ATV to see the island. Appropriate for romance.

6. Semeli:

It has the best location from all 5-star hotels in Mykonos town, as it is the closest one to the Mykonos town. The staff is great, rooms are beautiful and the food is also amazing. Although it is that close to the center of Mykonos, you will not hear a noise.

7. Absolut Mykonos Suites and More [tel +30 2289 023883]

Brand new hotel, which opened in May 2017. This is 200 meters away from Mykonos town. The staff is very friendly and the service is excellent.

8. Cavo Tagoo Mykonos:

This is a Posh hotel in Mykonos, with amazing sunset views. It has one of the best Japanese restaurants in Greece. A lot of celebrities stay here, so this tends to be quite expensive.

9. Tharroe of Mykonos Boutique Hotel [tel +30 2289 027370]:  15 minutes on foot from Mykonos town. The staff is very friendly and they can easily arrange excursions for you to Delos or Rhenia islands. Calm and relaxing place.

10. Myconian Korali Relais and Chateaux: Great rooms, extremely friendly staff. There is a car rental close to it. Nice swimming pool and excellent cocktails. Rooms with private pools are available.

Below you can see a map with all the 5-Star Luxury Hotels in Mykonos town, which you can also access at Google Maps, by clicking here. You will notice that the closest hotel to the main town of Mykonos is the “Semeli Hotel”. Cavo Tagoo and Kouros are 1.5kms outside of Mykonos town, towards the Agios Stefanos village. All the rest hotels are on the hills above Mykonos town. You can walk from them to Mykonos town as it is an easy walk down that takes 10 to 15 minutes but it’s much harder to walk up again. A taxi from them to the Mykonos town will cost you 4 euros, so this is the easiest way to reach the Mykonos Chora in the evening, rather than getting your own car and having to park in the busy parking and streets of Mykonos town.

Agios Ioannis Mykonos 5-Star Luxury Hotels

Agios Ioannis is a nice beach, 3 km (2.1miles) outside of the Mykonos Town. Here is where Agios Ioannis is located in regards to Mykonos town:

Below you can find the best 5-star Luxury Hotels in Agios Ioannis, ordered by our view on their value for money.

1. Mykonos Grand Hotel and Resort

2. Anax Resort and Spa

3. Bill and Coo Coast Suites

4. Saint John Hotel Villas and Spa

You can access the map below with all the 5-star luxury hotels in Agios Ioannis, in Google Maps format, by clicking here.

Elia Beach, 5-Star Luxury Hotels

Elia is a great, clean beach that is around 6 km away from Mykonos town towards the southeast part of the island. You can see where is Elia in regards to Mykonos town in the map below.

1. Myconian Avaton Resort

2. Myconian Villa Collection

3. Greco Philia Hotel Boutique Mykonos

4. Myconian Utopia Resort

5. Arte and Mare Luxury Suites and Spa

You can access the map below on Google maps by clicking here.

Platys Gialos Mykonos 5-Star Luxury Hotels

Platys Gialos is a beach and a small village which is around 4KM outside of Mykonos Town. You can have a look at the map below to get an idea of the location of Platys Gialos in Mykonos:

1. Nissaki Boutique Hotel

2. Myconian Ambassador Relais & Chateaux

3. Thalassa Boutique Hotel and Suites

4. Palladium Hotel

5. Branco Mykonos

6. Mykonos Dove Beachfront Hotel

You can access the map with all the 5-star luxury hotels in Platys Gialos, in Google Maps format by clicking here.

Ornos Beach 5-Star Luxury Hotels

1. Kirini-My Mykonos Retreat

2. Kensho Boutique Hotel and Suites

3. Mykonos Blanc

4. Santa Marina – A luxury collection resort

5. Mykonos Ammos Hotel

6. Kivotos Mykonos

You can access the map with all the 5-Star Luxury Hotels in Ornos, in Google Maps format by clicking here.

Agios Stefanos Village 5- Star Luxury Hotel

Mykonos Princess Hotel

Kalo Livadi Village/Beach 5-Star Luxury Hotel

Hotel Archipelagos

Psarrou Beach 5-Star Luxury Hotel

Mykonos Blue Grecotel Exclusive Resort

Kalafati Beach 5-Star Luxury Hotel

La Residence Mykonos

You can access the map with all the 5-Star Luxury hotels in Agios Stefanos, Kalo Livadi, Psarrou and Kalafati beach, in Google Maps format by clicking here.

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