How to save money in Las Vegas

How to Save money in Las Vegas

Here is our quick guide on how to save money in Las Vegas. You will certainly need this extra cash for buying chips at the Aria Casino.

1. Parking in Las Vegas can be expensive. There is free parking at the mall, so go and park there and then just walk to the strip. Otherwise, parking in an all-day valet parking of a hotel is usually 18 USD per day. 

2. Be careful of the ATMs in the hotels or on the road. They charge you a hefty fee of $7.99 USD to withdraw even $100 USD.¬†Losing 8% of your money in a single transaction is not fun. The best solution if you need cash, is to go to the shop of the M&M world on the strip. Go to the 4th floor and use the Bank of America’s ATM. It has a much smaller fee of 3 USD.

3. Skip the expensive restaurants and go to the Aria Hotel. It has a fantastic buffet restaurant which costs 31 USD per person, including unlimited sodas. It offers a great selection of Asian, and international cuisine (sushi, crab legs, pizza, meat etc).

4. Go for breakfast at the buffet of Planet Hollywood. It is in the minus one level of the hotel. The breakfast buffet there is just 10 USD per person. It’s not the best breakfast buffet you ever had but still, it is the best value for your money in Las Vegas.

5. Go to the casino of a Hotel (e.g. at Planet Hollywood’s Casino). Subscribe for a Total Rewards card at Planet Hollywood and get two free drinks or 10 USD to play. Similar rewards programs exist in other casinos in Hotels, so make sure you ask.

6. Don’t get a normal taxi from the airport of Las Vegas to your Hotel, as they are pretty expensive. Instead, get an uber from the airport to the hotel. Be careful though. Uber taxis are not allowed to stop on the strip. There are specific stops for Uber taxis in the hotels. So, ask your hotel where you should wait for the uber taxi.

7. Instead of getting the regular Uber, get the uber pool, which is even cheaper than the normal uber. And there are many chances you are all alone in the car. For 40minutes taxi drive time, you may end paying just 10 USD. The cost of a normal taxi for 1.5 km is around 10 USD. You can get taxis in front of the hotels.

8. Don’t buy clothes or other staff from the strip of Las Vegas. Instead, go to the North Premium Outlets. Las Vegas has two outlets, the North and the South outlets. Try the North one, as it has a better selection and more shadow for the extremely hot days of the summer in Las Vegas. If you get an Uber carpool from the strip to the North Premium outlets it will only cost you 6 USD. Bear in mind that the North Premium Outlets in Las Vegas is outdoors, so bring a lot of water with you. If you go there in your car, there is a free parking area. If you buy a 10USD booklet at the visitors center you will have 25 percent off for a single purchase in most stores. If you need to stop for lunch there, you can visit the Cheesecake Factory.

9. Most shops have free guest WiFi even if you don’t enter to buy something.

10. To save money from shows go to, go to the booth and get up to 50 percent cheaper tickets. Be there at 10 am in the morning to get the best deals. There are 10 locations selling them. Planet Hollywood has one. Emg we found David Copperfield show for 78USD per person instead of 117 use that was available at ticket It also offers discount buffet or restaurant meals but it doesn’t include the well-known places.

Las Vegas How to Save Money

Las Vegas How to Save Money – Use the discounted stores for purchasing tickets for the shows

11. Use Groupon for getting discounts at some nice restaurants in Las Vegas. E.g, Groupon usually offers a 40 percent discount coupon for eating at Nobu.

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