9 Weird Things to See in Tokyo

Japan has the fame of a country where you can see hmm… how to put it.. let’s just say strange, unusual, weird, insane things! Yes, the rumors you hear about Japan and especially Tokyo, are true!

When you visit Tokyo for 3 or more days, you may stick to the top things to do in Tokyo, or try some of the more weird stuff that you can do in Tokyo.

So, We put together a list of 10 Weird Things you can See in Tokyo. Enjoy!

1. Capsule Hotels: One of the most Weird Stuff in Tokyo!

Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

Employees in Tokyo work long hours and commuting in Tokyo takes a lot of time. Moreover, the normal hotels have sky-rocket prices. So, the solution is “Capsule Hotel”, a claustrophobic but budget friendly hotel. You may feel a little bit like an astronaut, for a price of $30 per night. Have a look at http://capsuleinn.com/en/ if you want to get the feeling (or book)!

2. Robot Restaurant and Cabare: How about a Naked Robot Dancing for you?

Robot Restaurant Tokyo

Robot Restaurant Tokyo

Forget what you knew about robots. Forget what you knew about restaurants. In this weird type of restaurant, the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, you will see fembots dancing, taking orders and doing different shows. The price is around 7000 yens per person. Have a look at http://www.shinjuku-robot.com/pc/?lng=en for your first robotic dinner.

You can also consult the video below:

3. Cat, Owl and Rabbit Cafes: Pet an Owl While Drinking a Coffee for only $5.

pet cafe tokyo

pet cafe tokyo

How about going to a cafe and play with a pet while drinking your espresso? Japanese have pioneered the concept of using animals in coffee shops, so you can visit one of them while you are in Tokyo. You pay $5USD to play with a beautiful cat.

4. Maid Cafes: Your (male) dream comes true!

Maid Cafe in Tokyo

Maid Cafe in Tokyo

“Hi, Master. What would you like to drink Master?”.

In Maid cafes, you will find women dressed up in French maid outfits and addressing you as “master” while serving you. Most of them are in Akihabara district, which is full of gadgets and animes.

5. Microbars: Get some Diet Before Visiting them!

Micro Bar in Tokyo

What kind of entrepreneur would invest in opening a bar.. just for 5 people? Yes, you guessed well. It happens in Tokyo. In the area of Nonbei Yokocho in Shibuya, there are many microbars, where you can easily meet another 4 people, as you will be really close to each other. There is even one that has room just for a piano, so you have to be creative on how you will place yourself there. Another street with microbars is called Golden Gai and is situated in Shinjuku. Have a look at Nonbei Yokocho – Shibuya as well. 

6. Become a Ninja for a day: Don’t try this at home!

Ninja School Tokyo

Ninja School Tokyo

You can spend a day learning how to become a Ninja. We are not sure if you get a certification after that or if you can legally claim yourself a ninja (code ninjas out there take care!). There is even a Ninja school. Have a look here.  

7. Dungeon Cafes: Too spooky for us but…

You can order some spaghetti with eyeballs – if you are into spooky, crazy, weird types of dish appearances.. Have a look at http://www.lock-up.jp/

8. Weird Vending Machines: Buy Crazy Stuff from These Weird Tokyo Machines!

Weird Vending Machine in Tokyo – This one serves food

Tokyo is the most famous place on earth when it comes to vending machines. You can buy almost everything from them: Fruits, burgers, toys, t-shirts, hair care products and much more. And there is even an urban legend that you can buy panties and underwear from vending machines (https://www.techinasia.com/japan-used-panty-vending-machines-fact-fiction/), so there is a photo safari to scout one of them!

If you are interested in more strange vending machines in Tokyo, have a look at this article.

9. Weird Inventions That Would Make Einstein Look Stupid!

Weird Japanese Inventions

Japanese are also famous for their inventive spirit. So, spend sometime scouting for crazy japanese inventions in the shops. And get your friends a present such as the one below – we are sure they will appreciate it!

Never eat your noodles hot anymore, thanks to this invention!


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