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16 Romantic Things to Do in Paris

16 Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Paris is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also a place with endless opportunities for romance. Therefore, there is no wonder an impressive number of people declare their love for the first time, get engaged, get married or spend their honeymoon in Paris, the European capital known also as “the city of love”.

Whether you are interested in long romantic walks, relaxed dinners or you are more active travelers, Paris has something to offer you and your partner in crime. And here is a list of amazing things to do in the city of love, that will certainly satisfy your thirst for romance.

1. Start with a Delicious Coffee in a Charming Café

Cafe in Paris

Cafe in Paris

Paris is filled with intimate coffee shops where your daily dose of caffeine comes with a smile, and you can savor it while admiring the beautiful Parisian views. Of course, not all cafes have a delightful view but there are some you will immediately fall in love with.

For instance, one of many lovebirds’ favorite coffee shop is Café Marly. Located in the heart of Louvre, with a terrace that has an extremely romantic vibe, Café Marly gives you the chance to delight in your favorite drink while admiring the breathtaking views. Can you think of something better than sipping your daily dose of caffeine and indulging in freshly baked goodies while chatting with your loved one and looking at the charming Champs Élysées and the glass pyramids of the Louvre?

Café Marly
Address: 93 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France
Hours: 8AM–2AM
Phone: +33 1 49 26 06 60

2. Enjoy the Most Amazing Cliché: Climb The Eiffel Tower with Your Favorite Person in the World

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

There is not a single person who doesn’t instantly think about the Eiffel Tower when planning the first trip to Paris. This is one of those touristic attractions that became a cliché for many travelers. However, climbing the tower is a must, not only because you should enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the city, but there is also a top-floor Champagne Bar waiting for you with a tasty treat.

So, even if the Eiffel Tower is a cliché, it is also one of the most romantic spots in the world, and if you really want an enchanting experience, climb it after-dark when you can admire the beautifully lit city and when the tower sparkles every hour on the hour with 20,000 gold lights.

The only negative aspect of this activity is that there will probably be a big line at the tower. However, if you don’t want your romantic mood to be destroyed by a long wait, you can book your entrances in advance. Just make sure you purchase “Skip the Line” tickets.

Eiffel Tower
Address: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France
Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 9:30AM–11PM; Friday & Saturday: 9:30AM–12AM
Phone: +33 892 70 12 39

3. Enjoy a Romantic Walk Along the Seine

Stroll along la Seine

Stroll along la Seine

Wandering around the beautiful Parisian boulevards and alleys is a bewildering thing to do even if you don’t usually enjoy walking. And walking along the Seine is a fantastic idea for lovebirds from all over the world not only because it gives you the chance to amaze your eyes with scenic views, but there are also many surprises waiting for you.

For instance, you can find old French poetry books, lovely souvenirs, and other interesting things if you just stop at the bookstalls that border the streets. And if you want to end your long walk with something extremely special, stop at the Pont des Arts, lock a padlock to the railing and throw the key in the river while admiring the captivating sunset.

4. Read Books and Luxuriate in Qualitative Wine at La Belle Hortense

La Belle Hortense

La Belle Hortense

For some people, books and coffee or tea make the perfect combination. However, since you are in Paris you and your sweetheart might want to combine a good book with a tasty glass of French wine. If this is the case, the best place for enjoying this mix is La Belle Hortense, a charming wine bar in Marais.

Grab your lover’s hand and enter this magic place, where good wine and interesting books are waiting for you in a romantic atmosphere created by a tasteful, interesting setting.

La Belle Hortense
Address: 31 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris, France
Hours: 5PM–2AM
Phone: +33 1 48 04 71 60

5. Enjoy a Hand-in-Hand Walk in a Bohemian Quarter

Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur

Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur

Montmartre is one of those enchanting areas that can make even the most skeptical hearts melt. So, make sure you don’t miss getting lost on the charming little, cobbled streets, where important artists lived and found their creativity and motivation.

There is no better way to explore Paris than to follow the steps of fascinating people like Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso or Dali, is it? And if you want to rest for a while, do it after walking up the steps to the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur. This is the highest point in the city and it offers unforgettable views.

Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur
Address: 35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018 Paris, France
Hours: 9:30AM–17:30PM
Phone: +33 1 53 41 89 00

6. Get Closer to the Fascinating French Romantics

Maison de Victor Hugo

Maison de Victor Hugo

What is romance without literature, history, art, and architecture? Nothing, many may say. Do you agree? If your answer is yes, while you are visiting the city of love, you should definitely admire its famous romantics together with your sweetheart.
You can begin with the famous writer, Victor Hugo, who, inspired by the imposing Notre Dame, offered us the fascinating novel “Notre-Dame de Paris”. If you didn’t read it, you can buy it from a Parisian library, but only after exploring his house-museum Maison de Victor Hugo on place des Vosges as well as the imposing Cathedral that had been its stimulation.

If you are a fan of the Romantic French painter Delacroix, you can admire his work at the famous Louvre, as well as at Musée d’Orsay. In addition, for travelers who are interested in deepening their art knowledge, to Delacroix’s studio-home Musée National Eugène Delacroix is a must-visit.

Last, but not least, for a fascinating flashback to Romantic-era Paris, visit the well-known the Musée de la Vie Romantique. The mansion used to be the home of writer George Sand and painter Ary Scheffer. Wander around the charming museum, try to imagine how life used to be back then and let the “romantic breeze” enchant you.

Maison de Victor Hugo
Address: 6 Place des Vosges, 75004 Paris, France
Hours: 10AM–6PM (Except Monday: Closed)
Phone: +33 1 42 72 10 16

Notre-Dame de Paris
Address: 6 Parvis Notre-Dame – Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France
Hours: 7:45AM–6:45PM
Phone: +33 1 42 34 56 10

Musée National Eugène Delacroix
Address: 6 Rue de Furstenberg, 75006 Paris, France
Hours: 9:30AM–5:30PM (Except Tuesday: Closed)
Phone: +33 1 44 41 86 50

Musée de la Vie Romantique
Address: 16 Rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris, France
Hours: 10AM–6PM ( Except Monday: Closed)
Phone: +33 1 55 31 95 67

7. Luxuriate in the Carefree Atmosphere of the Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter Bookstore

Latin Quarter Bookstore

Latin Quarter is one of the favorite areas for many locals and travelers who love wandering around its elegant gardens and savoring coffee at the busy old coffee shops where the atmosphere is hip and relaxed.

If you and your partner are book lovers, you should definitely stop at one of the many antique bookstores in this area. There is one that everybody falls in love with immediately. Shakespeare and Company is a lovely library that first opened in 1919 and it inspired famous writers like James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway.

And if you spend the whole day in this lively neighborhood, you can enjoy a romantic evening in a beautifully lit restaurant and then go to one of the many live jazz bars the Latin Quarter hides.

Shakespeare and Company
Address: 37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris, France
Hours: 10AM–11PM
Phone: +33 1 43 25 40 93

8. Indulge in Romance and Serenity when Sailing down the Seine

Sailing La Seine

Sailing La Seine

Whether you choose a river cruise or you prefer renting a boat with your loved one, sailing down the Seine will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. However, if you want to have the ultimate romantic day, you should go for the second option.

Just make sure you go all the way to the charming Jardin Shakespeare and admire the beautiful trees and flowers described in Shakespeare’s plays. There is definitely nothing more romantic than sailing and chatting about Shakespeare, is it?

9. Adventure Yourselves into Discovering Paris on a Scooter

Discover Paris on a scooter

Discover Paris on a scooter

Some find renting a moto dangerous, while others can’t wait for the next vacation when they can discover a new city on a delightful scooter. In order to have a complete Paris experience and enjoy the city like a local, zipping around the beautifully hidden alleys of the city is necessary.
And to continue with being romantic, just rent a ruby red Vespa. There are plenty of boutiques where you can rent an affordable scooter from, and one of the best is FreeScoot, a boutique located next to the Notre Dame. Don’t hesitate and go find your scooter!

Address: 63 Quai de la Tournelle, 75005 Paris, France
Hours: 9AM–1PM, 2–7PM ( except Sunday: Closed)
Phone: +33 1 44 07 06 72

10. Be Brave and Dance Seductively Under the Sky

If you love dancing and you want to do something different while in Paris, check out the mini amphitheaters along the Seine and join a tango dancing session.
Don’t be shy because you don’t need to be experienced since there will be both advanced dancer and people who have never danced before. So, grab your partner and get lost in this mesmerizing atmosphere created by the tango dancers.

And if timidity kicks in and you really don’t want to sensually move your body in the middle of the streets, you can just sit and admire the more courageous romantics while listening to beautiful music. This is definitely a unique experience you cannot miss!

11. Love, Romantic Walks and a Memorable Chocolate and Pastries Tour in Paris

French people are famous for their fascinating cuisine and for the amazing love they spread through the sweets they create. Who can resist the already famous macarons or the mouthwatering French crepes?

In order to properly experience Paris, you cannot leave the city without joining romantic chocolates and/or pastries tour. Wander around the streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, let the best chocolate shops and patisseries in the city amaze your eyes and the most delicious chocolates and macarons surprise your taste buds. In addition, you will learn all about the history of Parisian pastries and the way chocolate is made from the well-informed local guide.

You can catch a glimpse of the tours available on and choose the one you find suitable for your desires.

12. Cuddle and Watch a Great Movie in a Parisian Cinema

Cinéma Le Louxor

Cinéma Le Louxor

If you and your partner enjoy watching movies together, you shouldn’t miss the chance to go to a classing Parisian cinema and watch an old French movie. Cinephiles from all over the world fall in love with Paris thanks to its fantastic movie theatres so, you should definitely have this experience.

Travelers who plan to visit Paris during the summer months, should check out the open-air screenings at the Parc de la Villette and enjoy cuddling under the stars while watching a good movie together.

Parc de la Villette
Address: 211 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris, France
Hours: 6AM–1AM
Phone: +33 1 40 03 75 75

13. Celebrate Your Love with a Glass of Champagne at Ô Chateau

Ô Chateau is an intimate hidden gem all Parisians love. Even though it is located in a quite expensive area, this intriguing bar has affordable prices.

You can indulge in a delicious Champagne cocktail, or enjoy a Champagne tasting as well as a multitude of delicious gourmet appetizers. This is a perfect place for having a drink before your romantic Parisian dinner.

Ô Chateau
Address: 68 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France
Hours: 4PM–12AM (except Sunday: Closed)
Phone: +33 1 44 73 97 80

14. Have a Mesmerizing Evening in Paris: Dinner and Jazz

Romantic things to Do in Paris: Enjoy a Jazz play

Romantic things to Do in Paris: Enjoy a Jazz play

Since Paris is the capital of romance but also the Mecca for foodies, combining the two will make your evening perfect. Whether you and your loved one prefer eating in a cozy Parisian bistro or you want to offer yourself the ultimate dining experience in a Michelin-starred restaurant, your hearts, together with your stomach will end up being completely content because Paris can easily satisfy all kinds of people.
The impressive number of restaurants might be overwhelming and deciding where to dine can seem impossible. However, using applications like Trip Advisor can be really helpful in order to find what you need. For instance, if you want to have dinner in a moderately priced restaurant, you can choose L’Affineur’ Affine and, before making a reservation, you have the chance to go online, read a few reviews and make sure it is the best choice for you.

After dinner, you can continue having a great time in a lavish jazz bar. A great option is Le Caveau des Oubliettes, the oldest jazz club in Paris that has a charming 12th-century underground wine cellar filled with music lovers from all over the world. Can you think of anything better than delicious food, good music, and an amazing company? However, if you really want to have fun in this famous jazz club, you have to wait until its grand reopening, at the end of 2017.

L’Affineur’ Affine
Address: 51 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009 Paris, France
Hours: Monday: 10:30PM–14:30AM; Wednesday to Saturday: 10:30PM–21:00AM
Sunday: 10:30PM–19:00AM
Phone: +33 9 66 94 22 15

Le Caveau des Oubliettes
Hours: Grand reopening at the end of 2017
Address: 52 Rue Galande, 75005 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 46 34 23 09

15. Explore Paris Under the Moon Light

Not only is it free of charge, but an evening walk on the mysterious streets of Paris is extremely romantic, or, as they say in French, “très romantic”. This is why there are so many romantic comedies in the city of love. One of them is called “Midnight in Paris” and the main character goes for a walk that takes him back in time where he meets famous Parisian artists.

So, take your loved one out for a walk under the moonlight, and maybe both of you end up traveling back in time and meeting your favorite personalities. This cannot happen in real life but, at least you will have a great conversation about this subject.

16. Enjoy a Romantic Night of Music or Theatre

Paris is famous for hosting a multitude of shows and amazing performing arts. Therefore, you cannot visit the city of romance and not see at least one show. Whether you understand French or you are far from being able to decrypt the language of love, Paris has always something interesting to offer you. You just have to search and properly plan everything.
If you want a recommendation, go for a cabaret evening at the famous Moulin Rouge, especially if this is your first time in Paris or your first French show.

Moulin Rouge
Address: 82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 53 09 82 82

These are the 16 Romantic things you can do when visiting the beautiful city of love. However, Paris is big and it offers its locals and visitors many other interesting activities and things to see but in order to do them all, you might need to relocate to France. Until that moment, these are more than enough to enhance your romantic escape in the fascinating French capital.

The best restaurants in Amsterdam

The Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an extremely liberal and diverse city where foodies can definitely find what they are looking for: surprising Dutch dishes that can easily destroy any type of diet, as well as an adventurous, multi-cultural cuisine.

This means that a food-loving traveler’s culinary experience in Amsterdam can be full of traditional dishes, but it can also contain tasty food from across the globe. If you want to have such an amazing experience that can completely make your tasting buds go wild, begin with exploring the restaurants listed below because they have been carefully chosen from an immense list of fantastic eateries located in the Dutch paradise. 

A Perfect Omelet in a Countryside Atmosphere

There are many people who prefer beginning their day with a glass of water and a strong dose of caffeine. But there is also a big number of people who cannot properly wake up unless they have a delicious breakfast, very early in the morning.

If you recognized yourself as being a morning eater, and if you love having eggs for breakfast, you will fall in love with Omelegg, a charming restaurant where creative omelets are served in a countryside atmosphere. 

And if you prefer beginning your day just with a cup of coffee, skip breakfast and have a tasty brunch instead, Omelegg is also a great choice. This is one of those places where you begin feeling like home instantly, not only because you have free Wi-Fi, but the staff is friendly, the overall vibe is very relaxed, the food is great and the design extremely cozy.

Onelegg- De Pijp

Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 143, 1072 LH Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hours: Monday to Friday: 7AM–4PM; Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM–4PM, Phone: +31 20 370 1134

Indulge in a Hearty Breakfast at Café DS

Café DS can easily become one of your favorite places in Amsterdam, not only because it serves a magnificent breakfast, but also because it makes a perfect spot for a tasty brunch and a glass of Prosecco with your best friend.  

If you love beginning your adventure in Amsterdam with a great sandwich and a cup of strong coffee, just go at Café DS as soon as you wake up. Visitors who love indulging in something sweet at the beginning of the day will also leave Café DS satisfied.

Café DS

Address: Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1, 1056 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hours: Monday: 8:30AM–6PM; Tuesday to Thursday: 8:30AM–10PM, Friday: 8:30AM–11PM; Saturday:  10AM–11PM; Sunday: 10AM–6PM, Phone: +31 20 737 3197

A Cozy Place that Serves Breakfast All Day- The Breakfast Club

Breakfast lovers are so into places where they serve breakfast all day, every day. And the Breakfast Club is definitely one of the best. Whether you prefer having a hearty sandwich, some fluffy pancakes or an extremely rich morning meal, The Breakfast Club is the place for you.

In addition, you can add to your tasty breakfast, freshly squeezed juice and a perfectly made coffee that will wake up instantly. The Breakfast Club has more than one location in Amsterdam, so pick one and indulge in a mouthwatering breakfast!

The Breakfast Club

Lunch Restaurant, Address: Bellamystraat 2, 1053 BL Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hours: Monday to Thursday: 8AM–4PM; Friday: 8AM–4PM, Saturday & Sunday: 8AM–5PM, Phone: +31 20 223 4933

Have a Mouthwatering Sandwich for Lunch at Singel 404

When exploring a new city, you don’t always have time to luxuriate on a long lunch break. But don’t worry about that because there is a place in Amsterdam where you can eat the best sandwiches in Amsterdam and don’t waste much precious time waiting for your food.

Singel 404 is famous among locals so, prepare to fight for your table, especially if you go on a sunny day when everybody wants to sit outside and eat the delicious broodje made from perfectly baked bread, melted brie, avocado, smoked chicken and sun-dried tomatoes. This is the locals’ favorite combination but you have other incredible options to choose from.

Eetcafe Singel 404

Address: Singel 404, 1016 AK Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hours: 10:30AM–7PM, Phone: +31 20 428 0154

Lunch in a National Monument: ’t Blauwe Theehuis

Travelers who want to stop for lunch in an interesting place should choose ’t Blauwe Theehuis. Not only does this charming café offer hungry visitors a beautiful terrace (one of the largest in Europe), serves delicious light snacks and mouthwatering summer BBQs, but it also has an immense historical significance being recognized as a national monument by the Dutch government.

Built during the height of Dutch Modernist architecture in the 1930s, the charming place welcomes locals and travelers serving great food in a friendly atmosphere. So, if you want to relax and eat tasty food in s National Monument, go to ’t Blauwe Theehuis.

’t Blauwe Theehuis

Address: Vondelpark 5, 1071 AA Amsterdam, Netherlands, Open: Monday – Thursday: 9AM–6PM; Friday- Sunday: 9AM–8PM, Phone: +31 20 662 0254

Have Lunch on a Beautiful Sunny Terrace at Hannekes Boom

If you love to relax and enjoy your afternoon in a friendly place while indulging in delicious food, Hannekes Boom is the best place for you. The best part of this place is that using only fresh ingredients, the chef cooks extremely creative dishes. In addition, the menu changes weekly and sometimes even friendly so, you can always have a surprise at this lovely restaurant.

Hannekes Boom

Address: Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hours: 11AM–1AM, Phone: +31 20 419 9820

An Unforgettable Dinner Experience in the Heart of Amsterdam: Lt. Cornelis

When visiting Amsterdam, you must try to experience as many traditional Dutch dishes as possible. A great place to have a memorable encounter with some of the best classic Dutch dishes but created with a modern twist is Lt. Cornelis, a hidden gem, located in the heart of the city.

Not only does this top notch restaurant offer perfectly created dishes, but your dinner is served in a fabulous atmosphere, created by the friendly staff and by the interesting décor. While waiting for your food, you can admire the beautiful paintings signed by Dutch masters that decorate the restaurant’s walls.

Restaurant Lt. Cornelis

Address: Voetboogstraat 13, 1012 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hours: 5–10:30PM, Phone: +31 20 261 4863

Amaze Your Taste Buds with Old-Fashioned Dutch Food at Haesje Claes

While some people are into discovering traditional food created with a modern twist, others are more eager to get in touch with the authentic Dutch taste of food. When going to Haesje Claes, expect to be served traditional dishes consisting of chicken liver, pea soup, meatballs with pepper sauce, as well as other interesting dishes on the menu.

At this moment, Haesje Claes is one of Amsterdam’s specialists in Dutch dining. Therefore, if you want to taste your way around the traditional Amsterdam, you must eat at this lovely restaurant, at least once.

Haesje Claes Restaurant

Address: Spuistraat 275, 1012 VR Amsterdam, Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 624 9998

Have an East African Adventure at Azmarino

Even though you are in Amsterdam, you should forget about Dutch foot for one evening and eat at Azmarino, a place where you will be served hearty East African food, in a cozy and cheerful atmosphere. 

Expect the waiter to bring enormous sharing platters filled with hot, sweet, spicy and sour food. Your tasting buds will go wild from feeling all these flavors at the same time, but this is what you want, isn’t it? Azmarino is definitely a place one cannot easily forget.

Address: Tweede Sweelinckstraat 6, 1073 EH Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 5:30–10PM; Monday: Closed, Phone: +31 20 671 7587

Here is Something for Your Sweet Tooth

When you wander around Amsterdam and you arrive at the Dam square, make sure you stop for a while in order to have a coffee and satisfy your sweet tooth at Café Het Paleis.

If you want a recommendation, don’t even think about leaving without trying appelgebak, the delicious apple tart everybody in Amsterdam loves and Paleis’s, a buttery pastry, with cinnamon-flecked apple and whipped cream you will immediately fall in love with.

Café het Paleis

Address: Paleisstraat 16, 1012 RB Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hours: Monday to Wednesday and Sunday: 9:30AM–1AM, Friday, and Saturday: 9:30AM–3AM, Phone: +31 20 626 0600

These are some of the best places in Amsterdam where every foodie’s soul can be satisfied, at least for a while. However, as mentioned in the beginning the city hides many more amazing places where mouthwatering is served, but these are a great choice to taste your way around Amsterdam for the first time.

Kefalonia things to Do - Antisamos Beach

Kefalonia – Things to Do

Kefalonia – Things to Do

This is a to-the-point guide with the best things to do in Kefalonia, with our own – biased- review on where you should spend your time and money.

Let’s start with the best beaches in Kefalonia:

Best beaches in Kefalonia: Avithos, Ai Helis, Myrtos, Antisamos and Makris Gialos. We did not like the Lourdata beach though (the water is too deep, still it has a great scenery to watch while swimming).

Tips on Makris Gialos Beach:

  • The beach has a bar which is called Costa Costa. For a set of two sunbeds and one umbrella, you will pay 8 euros if you want to be on the front raws of the beach and to enjoy the wooden sunbeds and you will pay 6 euros for the red sunbeds and umbrellas, which are on the back side of the beach. On August if you go after 11 o clock it is very difficult to find an empty set of umbrellas and sunbed and unfortunately, you cannot reserve one set from the previous day- the beach bar reserves sunbeds only for those who are staying for two or more months on the island.
  • The coffee (freddo espresso, which is the Greek version of the cold espresso) costs 3.5 euros and a small bottle of water costs 0.6 euros. The Costa-Costa bar also serves food and fruit salads inside a wooden cantina.
  •  There is a free parking on the top of the hill, just before the beach, which has a capacity for around 150 cars in random spots, so it gets fills very quickly. From there you will have to walk around 80 meters down the hill..there are no steps, so if you have a stroller it is an easy walk for you and your baby.
  • On Makris Gialos, you will also find water sports such as tubes, SUP, kayak etc. We tried the tubes and it was a lot of fun (10 euros per person for a 15min ride with the boat). You can tell the boat driver how rough the ride you would like to be ( i.e. if you would like him to throw you in the water or not).


Tips on Avithos Beach:

Avithos Beach Bar Menu

Avithos Beach Bar Menu

  • A set of an umbrella and two beds costs 7 euros. Freddo from the cantine (costs bar) costs 3 euros.
  • There are two taverns at Avithos beach. The Avithos preview tavern and “Enetiko”. We ate at Enetiko, which serves great rabbit dishes, nice local food and it has normal prices. It also offers a nice shadow protection, which is important, especially if you have small children with you. The tavern offers an easy parking on its backyard. This is especially important during the peak season (July 20 to August 20), as it will be difficult to park at Avithos beach. 
  • The sea at Avithos is not deep and the warmest we found in Kefalonia. There is sand on the beach and you will just find some stones in the first five meters when you enter the sea. The beach has around 60 umbrella sets and usually, you can easily find an empty set. There is a lifeguard watching the beach.

    Avithos beach

    Avithos beach


Tips on Antisamos Beach:

Antisamos Beach

Antisamos Beach

  • You need 50 minutes to get to Antisamos from Argostoli. Antisamos offers an amazing scenery, as you will be watching hills full of green while swimming. Korelli movie was filmed here. It has two bars, water sports and around 120 set of umbrellas. Here, you can easily eat, drink and spend a few relaxing hours. The water is warm but it gets deep quite quickly.
  • Antisamos is the best beach for snorkeling in Kefalonia. Just a few meters from the beach you will see a lot of fish and corrals, so bring a mask for snorkeling.
  • There is an easy and free parking outside of the two bar-taverns at Antisamos beach.
  • The beach has only stones and no sand.
  • On the left bar, which is called “Mojito”, you will have to pay 13 euros for a set of two sunbeds and one umbrella. The espresso freddo( the Greek version of the cold espresso) costs 4 euros and is served with a free small bottle of water. On the second bar, the sunbeds are for free and you pay only what you order from them – they don’t have so nice sunbeds as the Mojito bar but it’s ok if you want to save some money.
  • Important Tip: This beach is full of bees and they may even get inside the straw of your drink or coffee. Be very careful, especially if you have children with you.


Tips on Ai Helis Beach:

Ai Helis beach

Ai Helis beach

Ai Helis Beach - Kids playing on the water

Ai Helis Beach – Kids playing on the water

  • It is close to Avithos beach. The parking is not easy and there are 60 steps to go down to reach the beach.
  • Ai Helis beach has a large, two km long sandy beach and crystal clear water.  The waters here are not as warm as in Avithos.
  • There are at least 140 set of umbrellas but we went at 13:00 during August and could not find an empty one.Go before 11 o clock to make sure you find a set of an umbrella and sunbeds or bring your own umbrella with you.
  • The beach is crowded mainly with young people and some families. Kids love the waves that rise on this beach. There is an area where you can play beach volley or beach tennis. 
  • There is a cantina which serves coffees, beers, ice creams etc. The cold coffee costs 2.5 euros.


Where to eat in Kefalonia

En Kefallinia restaurant at Lakithra village:

En Kefallinia Tavern at Lakithra Village

En Kefallinia Tavern at Lakithra Village

This restaurant is located at Lakithra village, around 8 km outside of Argostoli. It is built in an organic farm, in the yard of a nice house, so the feeling is very nice. No view to the sea. It’s a more gourmet restaurant with some organic ingredients coming from the farm of the owners. It is pricey. E.g you will pay 16 euros for a dish of salmon with spinach and potatoes and the Same price for a veal steak of 400gms. There are some cheaper dishes though at 10 euros. Salads cost around 8 euros. Great food and nice service with a more “upscale” feeling than the traditional taverns of the island. You will not find a lot of Greeks here. There is a free car parking, 500 meters from the restaurant, which is inside a farm- if you arrive at the evening be careful as you will have to walk for 500 meters in the road to reach the restaurant and the road has no lights, so the cars cannot see you easily.

Sunset Cantina at the Port of Pesada Village:

sunset cantine at pessada

sunset cantine at pessada

sunset cantine the food - pita souvlaki

sunset cantine the food – pita souvlaki

sunset cantine the food

sunset cantine the food

sunset cantine the view

sunset cantine the view

This is the most peculiar type of culinary experience we had in Kefalonia. This is not a restaurant and it’s not either a tavern. It’ s a wooden cantina with around 15 tables which serves food on paper, with plastic forks..the salads are also served on plastic, why do we recommend this place? It serves the best souvlaki in the island, the best-fried potatoes, and fresh draft is also on an amazing spot, on the top of a cliff at Pessada village, which offers a fantastic view at the island of Zakynthos and to other picturesque bays of Kefalonia. The prices are ok although it could be cheaper. One stick of souvlaki costs 1.6 euros, the 500ml draft beer costs 3.5 euros, a pita-souvlaki bundle costs 2.2 euros and the main dishes of souvlaki or other meats (chicken, burger, etc) cost around 8 euros. The name of this cantina is ” Sunset” and you will find it at the end of the Pessada village, next to the port from where the boat to Zakynthos leaves. Just follow the signs towards the port of Pessada and you will find it on your right hand before the port.


Kyani Akti restaurant at Argostoli town

Kyani Akti restaurant at Argostoli town 1


Kyani Akti restaurant at Argostoli town 1

Kyani Akti restaurant at Argostoli town 2

Kyani Akti restaurant at Argostoli town 2

Kyani Akti restaurant at Argostoli town 3

Kyani Akti restaurant at Argostoli town 3

This is a tavern restaurant on a wooden deck on the sea of Argostoli. This is mainly a fish restaurant although you will also find mousaka, pastitsio, meat dishes and spaghetti Bolognese. We liked the bacalhau pie and generally the fish. We did not like the smoked heel which was too salty. It also serves mussels and fresh is pricey and they usually don’t give you a receipt ( which means that they avoid the 24% vat tax that they charge you..). Make sure to ask for a receipt or it’s like they are stealing you 10 euros for every 40 euros you are paying.

Overall we recommend this place for a romantic afternoon dinner. There is very easy and free parking outside of the restaurant. If you are with a kid and you have a stroller you may find it difficult to find an appropriate table as they are all very close to each other. Go before 7 to find a suitable table easily.

Hersonas Taverna at Troianata village:

Hersonas Tavern the view

Hersonas Tavern the view

Hersonas Tavern

Hersonas Tavern

This tavern serves lambs, which belong to the farm of the owner. So, try the lamb chops, or anything with lambs. A kilogram of lambchops costs just 22 euros here, a portion of “Kontosouvli”, which is pork on the grill, costs 8 euros, a burger costs 8 euros (and it is huge). Moreover, the tomatoes and the feta cheese are produced by the owner, so you may want to try them. The downside is that there are many bees before the sun goes down at around 20:30 to 21:00 which are pretty annoying. Plan to arrive at around 21:00 during August. Make sure you call to make a reservation if it is high season. There is a relatively easy parking next to Hersonas tavern. This tavern is in the middle of the mountains, so there is no view to the sea and don’t expect to find fish here.

Other taverns we tried and we would happily recommend are:

  • Dendrinos tavern at Agia Eufemia village
  • Palia Plaka tavern at Argostoli (try the backalahu pie – we didn’t like the rabbit with vinegar that much)
  • Enetico tavern at  Avithos beach (try the tasty rabbit with garlic)



Nightlife in Barcelona

Nightlife in Barcelona

Explore the Explosive Nightlife in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city of history, of art and architecture, the city of delicious food and tasty drinks, but it is also a city that never sleeps. Not only do the Spanish people eat late, but they also go out very late. This is why, when you experience the amazing nightlife in Barcelona, don’t let the fact that all clubs are empty until 1 am surprise you.

The nightlife in the beautiful Catalonian can be easily described as spectacular and varied, just like the city itself. Therefore, when you visit this delightful place, make sure you don’t miss exploring it at night. Here are a few amazing places in Barcelona, where you can catch a glimpse at the explosive Catalonian nightlife.

Nightlife in Barcelona

Nightlife in Barcelona

Wander Around Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas - Nightlife in Barcelona

Las Ramblas – Nightlife in Barcelona

Las Ramblas is the most famous street in the city and, as you expect it is always full of curious travelers, no matter how early or how late you visit it. Walking on Las Ramblas during the day is interesting, but having the busy boulevard experience during the night is much better, especially in the early stages of the evening, because this is when the street artists and performers begin their spectacular shows.

There is no doubt that wandering around Las Ramblas is the best way to begin your nightlife experience in Barcelona. After you took the pulse of the famous boulevard and you applauded the best street performers, you can sit at one of the many bars and restaurants in the area, relax, and enjoy a glass of your favorite drink.

Have a Latin Adventure Night at Mojito Club

mojito club barcelona

mojito club Barcelona

If you want to have a real nightlife experience while visiting Barcelona, you have to learn how to dance salsa, and there is no better place for a seductive salsa dancing affair than the locals’ favorite bar, Mojito Club.

Travelers who really want to do this, have to forget all about their usual timidity and get on the dance floor, especially if they want to take advantage of the salsa lessons offered by the club at 10 p.m. Even though the salsa bar becomes a real club after midnight, the authentic Latin, and Cuban vibes remain until the end of the party. This means that everybody can stay on the dance floor showing their daring moves until the sun comes up.

Mojito Club

Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 217, 08008 Barcelona, Hours: Monday to Wednesday: Closed; Thursday to Saturday: 11PM–5:30AM; Sunday: 9PM–4:30AM, Phone: 932 37 65 28

Enjoy a Full Barcelona Clubbing Experience at Razzmatazz (

Razzmatazz is one of the most famous clubs in Barcelona, and if you want to have the ultimate nightlife experience, this is the place where you need to be. Not only is the club divided into five unique rooms, but each of them offers a unique atmosphere and, of course, different music.

Whether you are interested in listening to the hottest “Top 20 Hits” or you just want to move your body while hearing to the latest techno music or you prefer going wild on electro, Razzmatazz is the spot for you.


Address: Carrer dels Almogàvers, 122, 08018 Barcelona, Hours: Sunday to Tuesday: Closed; Wednesday: 11:59PM–5AM, Friday&Saturday: 11:59PM–6AM, Phone: 933 20 82 00

Don’t Miss an Upmarket Experience at Port Olympic

Travelers who prefer experiencing the Catalan nightlife in a more upmarket atmosphere can spend their evenings wandering around Port Olympic. This is the best place for summer parties, but there are also many clubs open during all seasons.

People usually enjoy a couple of delicious cocktails on one of the fancy beach terraces before they go inside the clubs and start dancing. Unlike other clubs in Barcelona, most of these places close at 3 a.m. However, there are some, like Opium and Pacha that stay open until 6 am. Therefore, if you want to attend one of the parties around Port Olympic you have a variety of clubs to choose from. The best part is that when you feel overwhelmed by the busy atmosphere inside the clubs, you can always go to the beach and relax for a while.

Opium Barcelona

Address: Passeig Marítim, 34, 08003 Barcelona, Hours: 12PM–6AM, Phone: 932 25 91 00

Pacha Barcelona

Address: Passeig Marítim Barceloneta, 38, 08003 Barcelona, Hours: 12–5AM, 12–11:45PM, Phone: 932 21 56 28

Enjoy a Sophisticated Atmosphere and Indulge in a Delicious Cocktail

Barcelona is filled with places where cocktail lovers can indulge in the most amazing mixes, but Dry Martini is definitely one of the best cocktail bars, especially if you want to experience the classy aspect of the Catalonian nightlife.

Once you enter Dry Martini, you begin to think you traveled back in time, but as soon as you taste one of the amazing cocktails prepared by the traditional barmen who wear interesting tuxes, you realize you are living in the present and you absolutely love it. For people who are not in the mood to dance until the next day, there is definitely no better way to spend a night out in Barcelona. And if you get in the mood to dance, you can always call a taxi and ask the driver to take you to one of the clubs mentioned above.

Dry Martini

Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 162-166, 08036 Barcelona, Hours: Monday to Thursday: 1PM–2:30AM; Friday: 1PM–3AM; Saturday: 6:30PM–3AM, Sunday: 6:30PM–2:30AM,  Phone: 932 17 50 72

Join an Amazing Bar or a Pub Crawl

A great way to experience the amazing Catalan nightlife, especially if you travel by yourself is by joining a bar or a pub crawl. This experience involves a guide and a group of other travelers from everywhere in the world, who want to become familiar with the party scene of Barcelona. Everybody meets and goes from bar to bar, have traditional drinks and learn about the city, as well as about themselves. 

The great part is that the guide knows exactly where are the best bars and pubs, as well as which are the best drinks. The only thing you have to do is to forget about timidity and explore the city with other travelers, who are as eager to discover Barcelona’s nightlife, as you are.

There are many Pub Crawls in Barcelona and all you have to do is check them out and choose the one suitable for you and for your desire. A great option is the Original Pub Crawl Barcelona and if you want to learn more about it, have a look at the reviews available on

These are some of the fun night activities you can do when visiting beautiful Barcelona. However, depending on the length of your vacation, you can add other interesting parties and events to your list of great ways to explore Barcelona’s explosive nightlife.

Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fascinating city visited by an amazing number of people every year. The city offers its visitors a multitude of interesting activities as well as great things to see, but since the Netherlands is so beautiful if given the chance, getting out of the city and exploring the rest of the country is always advisable.

Therefore, depending on how many days you plan to spend in Amsterdam, you should also think about taking one or even more day trips in order to explore the surroundings of the city. Whether you prefer renting a car, or you want to join an organized group, there are many charming places you can visit and here is a list of the best day trips from Amsterdam.

Wander Around the Fairy Tale Dutch City: Haarlem

If you plan to stay just a few days in Amsterdam and you can only enjoy one day trip, you must visit Haarlem. You will get there in 15 minutes by train and you will probably want to stay forever, caught in the Haarlem fairy tale.

Wander around the Grote Markt central square and, if you visit the town on a Saturday, don’t be shy and explore the lively weekly market. Then, continue your visit with walking until you get hungry. Indulge in the delicious fries served at De Friethoes and then check out Jopenkerk, the cool brewery that used to be a church.

Friethoes: Address: Kruisweg 43, 2011 LA Haarlem, Netherlands, Hours: 12PM–8PM, Phone: +31 23 205 2088

Jopenkerk Haarlem: Address: Gedempte Voldersgracht 2, 2011 WD Haarlem, Netherlands, Hours: 10AM–1AM, Phone: +31 23 533 4114

Admire the Tulip Fields of Lisse from Mid-March to May

Best Day Trips from Amsterdam: Tulips in Lisse

Best Day Trips from Amsterdam: Tulips in Lisse

Everybody knows that visiting the tulip fields around Lisse is a must since the flower is one of the symbols of this beautiful country. There are only 32 kilometers from Amsterdam to Lisse, and you can easily travel by car or by train in order to arrive at the destination in less than an hour.

Then, you can rent a bike and explore the beautiful fields of tulips like a typical Dutch. Everybody knows that Dutch people cycle everywhere and they really enjoy this activity. And if you want to do this properly, download a bulb field cycling map and make sure you pre-book your bike because everybody wants one during the tulip season.

Relax on the Unspoilt Shores of Zandvoort, Bloemendaal, and Ijmuiden

Best Day Trips from Amsterdam: Zandvoort

Best Day Trips from Amsterdam: Zandvoort

If you visit Amsterdam during the summer months, you should definitely find time to explore the beaches in the towns of Zandvoort, Bloemendaal, and Ijmuiden. You can easily get there by train, from the Amsterdam Central Station, in less than 40 minutes.

Not only will you get to relax and admire one of the most unspoiled coastlines in Northern Europe, but you can also enjoy a surfing day, have a tasty beer in one of the lively bars and even party in the busy beach clubs or in the bohemian bars filled with happy Dutch people and travelers.

Explore Old Holland

Visiting busy Amsterdam is going to be an unforgettable experience, but, in order to have a complete holiday, you should find some time to explore the old Dutch towns of Volendam and Zaandam, admire the charming churches, old farmhouses, and windmills and completely decompress while stepping back in time for a short period of time.

Zaandam is located only a short train ride from Amsterdam so, in about 15 minutes you step from a futuristic place, back in a Golden Age Painting. Volendam is located 40 minutes far from Amsterdam so, depending on the length of your holiday you can visit one, or both these old beauties.

Check Out the Cheese Market in the Charming Alkmaar

Alkmaar Cheese Market

Alkmaar Cheese Market

Located only 30 minutes ride by train, Alkmaar is a must see if you plan to stay more than a couple of days in Amsterdam. Not only is Alkmaar a beautiful little old town, but it is very famous for its centuries-old traditional cheese market.

You can explore Netherlands’ cheese world and visit the traditional marketplace on Friday mornings, weekly, between April and September.

Alkmaar Cheese Market: Address: Waagplein 2, 1811 JP Alkmaar, Netherlands, Hours: Friday: 7–7:01AM, Phone: +31 72 234 0150

Let the Picturesque City of Leiden Amaze Your Eyes



Whether you are traveling with your loved ones, your friends or by yourself, you must visit the beautiful city of Leiden and admire its imposing 16th century Church of St. Peter, scenic, tree-lined canals, the romantic parks, the charming old windmills, and wooden bridges.

You can romantically explore the canals in a boat, learn about natural history and science in the interesting museums, as well as visit the oldest academic observatory in the world. It would be great if you could spend one night in this delightful city, located only 30 minutes far from Amsterdam, in order to have more time to explore its beauty. However, if you only have a day, it is definitely enough to catch a glimpse of its main attractions.

An Unforgettable Escape in Bruges, Belgium’s Medieval Treasure



Surrounded by canals and old city walls, Bruges is considered by many ones of the most beautiful city in Europe. If you want to have a memorable experience while traveling through Europe, you should spend at least one day in this beautiful well-preserved medieval town.

Located in the northern region of Belgium, Bruges is only 3 hours by train far from Amsterdam. This means that, in order to have a great experience, you must leave as early in the morning as possible.

As soon as you arrive in Bruges you fall in love with its beauty. Wandering around its cobblestone alleys makes you feel like in a fairytale but the best part appears when the night comes because that is the moment when you realize Bruges is one of the most beautifully lit cities you’ve seen. And when you see the chocolatiers, taste the chocolate and eat street side waffles you understand that this medieval town has really touched your soul.


Visit The Hague, the Judicial Capital of the World

Hague at night

Hague at night

The Hague is known as the “judicial capital of the world”, not only because there is an impressive number of international courts and headquarters in the city but also because here is located the seat of the Dutch government.

Therefore, if you expected to find a relaxed, fun atmosphere, just like in any other seaside town, you were wrong. However, if you have enough time, visiting The Hague is mandatory because of its beauty, but also because it has an immense cultural importance for the Netherlands and for Europe.


A Paradise for Cheese Lovers- Gouda



Located only 55 minutes far from Amsterdam, Gouda is a charming town you should visit if traveling to the Netherlands in the spring and summer months. The town got its name from the daily cheese market held in front of the imposing 15th century City Hall. Whether you want to buy pure cheese, you feel the need to relax in a small town, or you have a strong desire explore ancient spots, Gouda is a great destination if you plan to make a day trip from Amsterdam.

These are some of the best day trips you can make when visiting Amsterdam and planning to stay more than a few days in Netherlands’ charming city.  However, the country is so beautiful that every corner of it deserves to be seen and admired so, if you have the chance, make sure you return to the beautiful Netherlands and explore as many of its hidden wonders as possible.





Best day trips from Barcelona

Best Day Trips from Barcelona

Best Day Trips from Barcelona

There is an amalgam of things to do, places to see, parties to attend and food to try in Barcelona. This is why there is no doubt that you could spend weeks wandering around the city without even thinking about boredom.

However, if you visit Barcelona and plan to stay more than a couple of days in this beautiful city, you should definitely have a taste of the Catalan life outside the busy capital. Whether you love mountains, relaxing on the beach or exploring quiet little villages or towns, you can find everything you desire just a short ride from Catalonia’s capital. Here are a few ideas you can use in order to have the best day trips from Barcelona.

Best Day Trips from Barcelona

Best Day Trips from Barcelona


Wandering around Old Girona and Exploring Dali’s Beloved Figueres

Best Day Trips from Bacelona: Girona

Best Day Trips from Bacelona: Girona

Barcelona is one of the best destinations for art and architecture lovers, not only because visiting the city is like walking inside Gaudi’s genius mind, but also thanks to the strong relationship Picasso had with the city, as well as to the presence of Miro’s best work.

In addition, not far from the busy city, you will find Figueres, the Catalonian town best known for hosting the Teatre-Museu Dalí. If you are interested in getting closer to surrealism and understand Dali’s talent, visiting the museum is a must. In addition, Figueres offers its travelers an interesting Modernista architecture, as well as a charming castle, Castell de Sant Ferran dating since the 18th century.

If art is not your cup of tea, you might be interested in discovering one of the oldest Jewish quarter in Europe, located between the ancient borders of Girona. History lovers from all over the world are enhanced by the past of the city, falling in love with the narrow streets, tine passageways, charming gardens and intriguing viewpoints Girona has to offer.

There is only 128 km between Barcelona and Girona so, you will only drive for about 1:30hr. From Girona to Figueres there are another 44 km, but it is worth the drive. Most people go to Figueres and, on their way back to Barcelona, stop in Girona and spend the second half of the day exploring its lovely streets.

Relax in Sitges, a Picturesque Town on the Costa Dorada

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Sitges

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Sitges

Known for its impressive number of beaches and for being the number one choice for people who move outside the city but still need to commute daily, Sitges is also a perfect destination for a day trip from Barcelona. Whether you want to unwind on one of its 26 beaches, wander around its tiny, charming streets or rest and have a delicious meal in one of the inviting restaurants, this lovely town is definitely worth a day trip.

If you want to taste your way around the town, make sure you have a delicious Xató, a local salad with a tasty, unique dressing. And if you are going to visit the town in February, get ready to celebrate the Sitges Carnival. This is one of the festivals the city offers its locals and visitors, but there are more interesting ones so you’ll have to check the Sitges event calendar.

The town is located only 35 kilometers South of Barcelona, and you can get there with a car in about 40 minutes, or you can take the train from Passeig de Gracia train station.


Visit Besalú, a Typical Catalan Medieval Village

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Besalu

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Besalu

Many travelers say that Besalú is one of the most beautiful villages not only in Catalonia but also in Spain. Visitors are fascinated by this typical Catalan medieval village that greets them with a charming 12th century stone bridge, known as the Old Bridge. There is no doubt that, together with the river and the beautifully arranged cobbled streets and houses, the Old Bridge creates the view of a postcard.

As you probably imagine, there are not too many things you can see or do here. Besides visiting the church-hospital of Sant Julià and the Collegiate of Santa María you can only explore the streets, admire the views and enjoy the tranquility of the area, while letting yourself taken into another era.

Besalú is located 130km North from Barcelona and you can get there by car in about 2 hours. If you don’t want to rent a car, you can get on a Teisa Bus and enjoy the ride while reading a book or admiring the surroundings.


Unwind and Admire the Views offered by Pals, a Tranquil Medieval Village

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Pals

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Pals

Pals is a small medieval village inland of the beautiful Costa Brava. If you are visiting Barcelona and you want to spend one day far from the busy, touristy areas and get closer to the tranquil Catalonian countryside, Pals should be your destination.

The charming village offers a large number of art & craft shops, many inviting traditional restaurants, as well as beautifully arranged buildings with lovely balconies. However, there is nothing else to do, except wandering around on the intriguing maze of cobbled streets and let the vibe of the village take you on a journey into the past. In addition, since the village is located on top of a hill, you can always grab a cup of coffee and just admire the views.

The village is located 140 kilometers far from Barcelona and you can easily get there by car. It will only take two hours of driving.


Rock-Climbing, Hiking and Visiting the Holiest Site of Catalonia: Montserrat

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Montserrat

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Montserrat

Montserrat can be literally translated as Serrated Mountain and it has the power to amaze all new visitors through its huge Benedictine monk monastery, Santa Maria de Montserrat and through its imposing peaks.

Not only does the famous monastery that holds the well-known Black Madonna statue and offers pilgrims the chance to listen to choir boy performances at 1 pm each day, attract people from all over the world, but the surrounding natural beauty is also a great reason to pay a visit.

In addition, this is a great day trip destination for people who are into rock-climbing and hiking. So, if you want to get an adrenaline rush, pack your hiking shoes, a jacket and some food. If you travel by car you will get to your destination in about an hour since there are only 63 kilometers between Barcelona and Monserrat and the road is great.


Skiing and Shopping in a Tiny Country Called Andorra

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Andora

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Andorra

Not many people heard about Andorra and not many who know it is a small country are aware of its location. Tiny Andorra is situated between Spain and France, in the famous Pyrenees Mountains. This is why if you plan to have an extended vacation in Barcelona during winter, and you love skiing, you need to go on a day trip to Andorra. In addition, this is a great destination for people who love shopping, since it has a unique tax status.

Even though these are the two reasons why many people travel from Barcelona to Andorra, the truth is that the country offers visitors much more than that. For instance, there are many interesting trekking trails as well as an amazing spa, which is the largest in Europe.

You can get from Barcelona to Andorra in less than three hours and enjoy trekking or skiing, a few hours in the spa and a relaxing shopping session, all in one day.


Exploring the Spectacular Beaches of Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Lloret de Mar

Best Day Trips from Barcelona: Lloret de Mar

All visitors who explore Spain fall in love with the towns along the Costa Brava coastline. One of the most beautiful of them all is Lloret de Mar and, if you want to run from the bustling city, this is the perfect destination for your day trip from Barcelona.

Not only does Lloret del Mar offer its visitors charming, relaxing beaches, but it also welcomes architecture and history lovers from all over the world. If you are one of them, besides sipping delicious cocktails on the beach, you can explore the gorgeous Iglesia de Sant Romà church and admire the Catalan Gothic architecture and go back in time for a few moments, while visiting the medieval Castle of Sant Joan. In addition, active travelers can enjoy hiking on one of the many trails and admire the amazing Spanish wilderness.

Lloret de Mar is located only 75 kilometers far from Barcelona and can be reached by car in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

As you can see, even if Barcelona has an amalgam of attractions for travelers, there is an impressive number of interesting things to do outside the city. All you have to do is decide if you want to relax on a beach, get in touch with history and art, or explore the countryside and plan your day trip.




Unusual Things to Do in Amsterdam

14 Unusual Things to Do in Amsterdam

14 Unusual Things to Do in Amsterdam

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam and you want to have a different vacation, filled with unusual activities and things to see, you can because, besides the multitude of regular things to do every traveler knows already, this fabulous city offers its visitors and an exceptional number of unique activities.

Everybody knows that in Amsterdam travelers can have a less usual experience in the already famous red light district, then get in touch with art at the fantastic museum dedicated to Van Gogh, and later on travel back in time and explore Anne Frank’s tumultuous childhood by visiting the house the Frank family used as a hiding place during the Second World War. These are fantastic things to do, unique activities if comparing Amsterdam with other cities. But, fortunately, there are plenty weirder places and ways of entertainment while you visit the famous Dutch city and here is a list that gathers the best of them. 

Unusual Things to Do in Amsterdam

Let’s have a look at the most unusual things to do in Amsterdam.

Coffee in a Café with Furniture from Garbage: Café de Ceuvel

People from all over the world know that Dutchies love 100% sustainable so, this is the main reason why they are so into spending time at the intriguing Café de Ceuvel. The second reason is the delicious coffee and the organic food and drinks.

Located in what used to a garbage dump for house-boats, not only does this intriguing coffee shop grow its own veggies, but it also cleans up the soil. Check out this charming café and let the fact that it really is self-sufficient amaze you while indulging in a delicious dose of caffeine.

Café de Ceuvel

Address: Korte Papaverweg 4, 1032 KB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 11AM–12AM ( except Monday: Closed)

Phone: +31 20 229 6210


Visit a Museum for Adults: The Sex Museum Venustemple

Amsterdam is famous for hosting more than 50 museums so, millions of museum lovers have this location on their must-visit list. It is indeed a great place for travelers interested in history and art, who are eager to explore important works signed by famous artists like Rembrandt or Van Gogh and to see the museums dedicated to them, as well as to dig deep into the dark past of the city during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam.

But there are also travelers very interested in alternative museums like The Sex Museum. Located in one of the busiest area in Amsterdam, the is is the world’s first and oldest sex museum and it has its doors open for all people who are interested in exploring erotic art, in learning about the history of erotica and sexual aids.


The Sex MuseumVenustemple

Address: Damrak 18, 1012 LH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 9:30AM–11:30PM

Phone: +31 20 622 8376


A Different Type of Shop: The Condomerie

After learning about the sensitive area of human sexuality at The Sex Museum, you can check out the Condomerie, one of the funniest shops in Amsterdam.

The business was launched back in the 80s by a group of activists inspired by the AIDS epidemic. They wanted to do something to promote safe sex so they open a shop selling condoms and giving protection, contraception, and STDs advice. This is very funny and interesting especially if you are traveling with a teenager.

Condomerie 1

The Condomerie

Address: Warmoesstraat 141, 1012 JB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 11AM–9PM (except Sunday: 1–6PM)

Phone: +31 20 627 4174


Unusual Things to Do in Amsterdam: Visit a Museum for Cat Lovers

Whether you really love cats or you just like art in general, visiting Katten Kabinet offers you an interesting experience. What to expect from this intriguing place? Well, you will see cats in its every corner and after visiting it you will realize how many artists were inspired by this cute, fluffy animal.

In addition, you will meet a surprise guest represented by the beautiful, friendly cats that wander around the museum. And yes, you are allowed to pet them if you want.

Katten Kabinet

Katten Kabinet

Address: Herengracht 497, 1017 BT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: Monday to Friday: 10AM–5PM; Saturday & Sunday: 12–5PM

Phone: +31 20 626 9040  


Get Even Closer to Art Electric Ladyland

As mentioned above, Amsterdam is filled with amazing museums, giving you the chance to spend hours admiring art created by some of the best artists in the world. Furthermore, this beautiful city bustles with vibrant alternatives to the regular art museums and galleries.

One of the best, unusual art galleries is Electric Ladyland, a fascinating, interactive museum of fluorescent art, located in the city center. Prepare yourself for a psychedelic encounter with art you will remember for a long time. You can’t easily forget such an intriguing collection of fluorescent artworks!

Electric Ladyland

Address: Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5, 1015 TB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 2PM–6PM; Sunday to Tuesday: Closed

Phone: +31 20 420 3776


Have an Unforgettable Adventure in the Highest Swing in Europe

Launched in 2016, A’dam Lookout is one of the most unusual attractions Amsterdam offers its locals and visitors. Unless you are afraid of heights you will love swinging at 100 meters altitude, while enjoying a beautiful view of the city.

Since it is such a popular thins to do, you might have to wait in line for a while, but it is totally worth the wait. 

A’dam Lookout

Address: Overhoeksplein, 5, 1031 KS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 10:30AM–9PM

Phone: +31 20 242 0100


Learn about the History of Cannabis at the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Even if you are a traveler and you have been in many European capitals, you have probably never seen a museum dedicated to cannabis. There aren’t too many places where smoking it is legal, are there?

At the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum you will learn all about this plant and its influences on world culture. It is a very interesting place and you should add it to your must-see list especially if you don’t plan to have a closer experience with marijuana while in Amsterdam. This certainly belongs to the most unusual things to do in Amsterdam.


Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148, 1012 DV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 10AM–10PM

Phone: +31 20 624 8926


Explore Amsterdam’s Morbid Collection at the Museum Vrolik

Museum Vrolik is not a place everybody likes since it displays more than a thousand human anatomical specimens donated by medical professionals. The truth is that there aren’t too many people interested in staring at skeletons and organs, but it can be an interesting experience, especially if you are a doctor or a nurse.

Everything is held in big, transparent jars and can create a scary image so, if you are traveling with children you can definitely skip this weird attraction. Otherwise, be courageous and give it a try. 


Museum Vrolik (

Address: J0-130, Meibergdreef 15, 1105 AZ Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Netherlands

Hours: Monday to Friday: 10AM–5PM; Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Phone: +31 20 566 4927


An Awkward Expedition at a Lake that Used to Be a Kindergarden

Whether you plan to wander around and just catch a glimpse of the beautiful landscape, you want to swim or even dive, Vinkeveense Plassen lakes should definitely be on your must-visit list. The reason why this spot is on the list of unusual things is that certain parts of the Vinkeveense Plassen lakes are actually inundated areas.

This means that travelers who adventure themselves into diving can end up exploring children’s play areas, a bus or other creepy things. Not many dare to explore the darkness of the lakes, but those who do it, leave Amsterdam with greater stories to tell.

Vinkeveense Plassen

Vinkeveense Plassen Lakes

Address: 3645 Vinkeveen, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 297 212 285


Indulge in the Delicious Food at the Garlic Queen

That’s another one on the bucket list with the most unusual things to do in Amsterdam. If you are a garlic lover, you shouldn’t miss eating at the famous Garlic Queen, an intriguing place where everything is with, for and about garlic. 

This actually means that everything from the aperitifs to the weird desert is made with big amounts of garlic. So, are you ready to taste garlic ice cream for the first time? If you are worried about the garlicky smell, don’t worry because you get a pin that apologizes for your garlic breath.

Garlic Queen

Garlic Queen

Address: Reguliersdwarsstraat 27, 1017 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 12:30–2:30PM, 5–11PM; Monday & Tuesday: Closed.

Phone: +31 20 422 6426


Have the Ultimate Dining Experience in the Dark

Even though dining in the dark is not something that exists only in Amsterdam, it is an experience you should not miss while you visit this charming city, especially if you are a foodie and you want to see how food feels when you cannot see it. Yes, using your knife and fork can be scary when you cannot see, but, until now, nobody got injured while having this experience.

There are a few restaurants in Amsterdam that offer you this experience but the CTASTE is the most popular one. This means that if you decide you want to eat without seeing anything, you must book your table.


Address: Amsteldijk 55, 1074 HX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: Wednesday to Saturday: 4:30–11:30PM; Sunday: 11AM–11:30PM; Monday and Tuesday: Closed

Phone: +31 20 675 2831


Experience the Unique Panorama Rail Restaurant

Foodies who want to have a unique culinary experience while in Amsterdam but don’t like garlic and are afraid of the dark can opt for a fine-dining experience in the Panorama Rail Restaurant.

Firstly, you must make a reservation because it is a very popular attraction for travelers, as well as locals. Then, you have to go to the Amsterdam’s Centraal Station where you will find the train. You will be served a delicious dinner in the dining carts that date back to the 1960s while being taken on a tour of the Netherlands’ rail network system.

1252 met RailPromo Panorama Rail Restaurant te Amsterdam, 17 oktober 2015

Panorama Rail Restaurant

Hours: Saturday:6:00PM – 9:00PM

Address: Amsterdam Centraal, Stationsplein, 1012 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31 85 401 7173


Have a Cocktail in the Ice Bar

Whether you plan to visit Amsterdam in winter or during the summer months, having a cocktail at the Ice Bar is always a great idea. You don’t even need a jacket since the venue provides everything you need. All you have to do is make a reservation and have a tasty cocktail in a place where it’s always -10°c and everything is very…icy.

Ice Bar in Amsterdam

XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam

Address: Amstel 194-196, 1017 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: Sunday to Friday: 12:30PM–1AM; Saturday: 12:30PM–2:30AM

Phone: +31 20 320 5700


Join a Wild Pub Crawl

If you like parties but you travel by yourself, you don’t have to worry because you can explore the nightlife of this fascinating city without feeling lonely. All you have to do is find a pub crawl, join it and have fun with other travelers as interested in partying as you are.

A pub crawl includes a guide that will take you to some of the best venues in town, some free entrances, shots or maybe special prices at cocktails, but these depend on the pub crawl you choose. Check out the pub crawls on and see if there is something suitable for you listed there. If you find the ultimate tour for you, book your place and get ready to have some fun.

These are the most unusual things you can do when traveling to Amsterdam. However, depending on how many days you plan to stay, you can add more intriguing activities, not only in the city but also outside beautiful Amsterdam.


what to eat in paris

What to Eat in Paris

What to Eat in Paris – Best Foods to Try

Everybody knows that France is the ultimate destination for foodies from all over the world. The French are incredibly famous for their fancy cuisine and Paris is undoubtedly heaven for people who love to taste their way around the world.

Even though fine dining is something that defines France, the truth is that French food isn’t all about fancy eating, and sometimes you can have some of the best dishes in Paris, at the corner boulangerie or the neighborhood restaurant. But, whether you choose to explore the more expensive restaurants in Paris, or you just want to indulge in the regular Parisian lifestyle, you have to add the delicious foods listed below to your must-eat in Paris list.

A Fresh Croissant and a tasty Coffee- The Perfect Way to Begin a Day in Paris

If you are used to indulging in a rich breakfast that contains a diversity of foods like eggs, bacon, sausages, jams or pancakes, you must forget about that during your trip in Paris, especially if you want to live like a local for a few days.

The truth is that French people don’t believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, saving the best for lunch. So, in the morning, they prefer to have a big coffee and a bit of pastry, usually a freshly baked croissant.

Not grabbing a croissant in the morning when you are in Paris is practically impossible since the fantastic smell of fresh pastries from all bakeries forces you to go in and get something. 

And, of course, you cannot completely enjoy the croissant if you don’t pair it with a good coffee.

Even though it might come as a surprise, French people don’t begin their days drinking wine, and they really love coffee. You will see all the cafés filled with people indulging in rich, dark coffee while they enthusiastically chat with their companions. While you are in Paris have a cup of coffee at Coutume Café. You will immediately fall in love with this tastefully arranged place and with its mouthwatering products.  

Coutume Café: Address: 47 Rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris, France, Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30AM–5:30PM; Saturday and Sunday: 9AM–6PM, Phone: +33 1 45 51 50 47


Indulge in the Famous French Cheese: The Delightful “Fromage”

What to Eat in Paris - La Fromage

What to Eat in Paris – La Fromage

You probably already know that French people have an extremely special relationship with cheese, as well as with other dairy products. They love this product so much that they have an incredible number of official cheeses so, don’t feel bad if you don’t even know half of them. Not too many foreigners do.

If you have never tried French cheese, except the few popular types everybody knows about, you should begin your “cheesy adventure” with a selection of five or, if you feel adventurous, maybe six kinds of cheese, in a variety of milk types, styles, and strengths. You must feel ready to try blue, mountain, fresh, ash-coated as well as wash-rind cheeses from cows, sheeps, and goats.

There are many restaurants where you can ask the waiter for advice when it comes to putting together a complete platter, as well as to pairing the cheese with a local wine. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the traditional cheese tasting. Or, if you are already a French cheese connoisseur, you can go to a neighborhood cheese store, like Fromagerie Lepic, get a few types of cheese, stop at a bakery and get a fresh baguette, then buy a bottle of good wine and find a good spot for a picnic, where you can organize an improvised cheese tasting.

Fromagerie Lepic

Address: 20 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris, France, Hours: 8AM–8:30PM (Except Monday: Closed), Phone: +33 1 46 06 90 97


What to Eat in Paris: Taste a Real Artisanal “Baguette de Paris”

Handmade Baguette

Handmade Baguette

Paris is probably the best place for people who love bread, not only because French people are so into their baguette, but also because of the amazing freshness and quality of this product. Even if you don’t usually eat bread when in Paris you will probably begin to enjoy it.

Just keep in mind that, in order to eat bread like a Parisian, it has to be made by hand. Therefore, when you buy a baguette, make sure its ends are pointy because if they are rounded, the bread was machine made and that means it has a lower quality.

A fantastic place where you can find mouthwatering baguettes is Aux Délices du Palais. Just visit this place, grab a baguette and something to eat it with, sit on a bench, indulge in the goodies and see “la vie en rose”.

Aux Délices du Palais

Address: 60 Boulevard Brune, 75014 Paris, France, Hours: 6:30AM–8PM ( Except Wednesdays: Closed), Phone: +33 1 45 39 48 68


Add Some Smooth Bordier Butter or Some Fancy Foie Gras to Your Hand Made Baguette

Foie gras and french toast

Foie gras and french toast

You might be surprised that butter is on this list, but as soon as you taste Le Beurre Bordier, you understand that it is not the usual, standard butter. Not only is Bordier butter extremely smooth but it also has an impossible to forget rich flavor. Hopefully, you have enough bread to eat as much as you want. You can buy this butter from many cheese shops, like Laurent Dubois Cheese Shop.

In addition to the delicious butter, you can also indulge in the famous foie gras. It is similar to the butter, but it is made from duck liver and it is a delicacy everywhere in the world. The foie gras is rich, smooth and delicious, and has the power to easily make people addicted to it.

The majority of French people spread it on toast, but it is mouthwatering when eaten with baguette, as well.

Fromagerie Laurent Dubois (

Address: 47 Ter Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris, France, Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 8AM–8PM; Saturday: 7:30AM–8PM; Sunday: 8AM–1: PM; Monday: Closed, Phone: +33 1 43 54 50 93


Be Brave and Taste Boudin Noir

If you are thinking about what to eat in Paris, how about some boudin noir? You probably bought a lot of bread and you can’t waste something that amazing, so you will have to eat it with something. And boudin noir sounds extremely sexy. However, it is not, unless you think that black pudding or blood sausage can be on the same plate with strawberries and chocolate.

However, even though your first thought is not to eat boudin noir, you might really fall for its rich, flavorful taste. You can taste it in many restaurants and bistros or you can find it at any charcuterie if you want to add it to your special Parisian picnic.

Spoil Yourself with Dreamy Dishes: Escargots and Mussels

Escargots in Paris

Escargots in Paris

If you have never eaten snails, hen you visit Paris is the perfect moment for trying new culinary delicacies. Escargots is one of those amazing French dishes you have to try. Yes, they are still snails, but they are bathed in delicious garlic butter and their taste is absolutely divine.

However, if you don’t feel adventurous enough to eat the snails, you can begin your French culinary exploration with luxuriating with delicious mussels bathed in bacon and cream dish. You will feel like in heaven while eating the mussels served at Au Pied de Cochon, a charming restaurant with an interesting menu and a great historical importance. The pork-flavored mussels will create an explosion of pleasure for your tasting buds and will probably give you the courage you need to order the tasty escargots, as well.

Au Pied de Cochon

Chef Martin Picard’s hearty Québécois fare, starring foie gras & pork, served in a lively space. 

Address: 536 Avenue Duluth E, Montréal, QC H2L 1A9, Canada, Hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 5 PM to 12 AM; Monday & Tuesday: Closed, Phone: +1 514-281-1114


What to Eat in Paris: Amaze Your Tasting Buds with the Best Duck Confit

You probably know what confit duck is but if you have never tasted the French one, it’s time to do it. The duck thighs are cooked in their own fat in order to make the meat extremely tender and to preserve it fresh until consumed in the future.

The majority of bistros serve products from the best producers which are in the Southwest of France. The duck is usually served with an amazing side dish made from potatoes and garlic, sautéed in duck fat. Absolutely mouthwatering! Going to Paris and not spoiling yourself with such a divine dish is absolutely unacceptable!


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Some Heavenly Macarons and the Famous Street-Stand Crêpes

France is also famous for the exquisite sweets its people indulge in. Therefore, when visiting Paris, you must try some of the delicacies they have. A great choice is represented by the delicate pastry known as macarons.

The two almond meringue shells put together with the help of some tasty buttercream just melt in your mouth making your tasting buds go wild and never want to feel anything else. No wonder this desert conquered the world!

They come in different colors and flavors and sometimes are just factory-made sweets. So, at least while you are in Paris, try to eat them from the best pastry shops, where they actually make them by hand!

In addition to macarons, your sweet tooth also needs the famous crêpes. The best way to have this popular French dessert is to eat it from a street stand, because this is, after all, street food. Just make sure that the place does not reheat the crêpes instead of cooking them to order!

Also, they must be thin and if you want to have the authentic crêpes experience, ask for the beurre-sucre ones. I know you might be tempted to add chocolate and all kinds of toppings, but do it the real French way and save those for the next time!

You can find amazing street side crêpes: 7 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018.Give them a try!


A Meal Without Wine is Called Breakfast: Welcome to France!

Besides tasty food and mouthwatering sweets, wine is a real “thing” In Paris, and all over France. People have it with most of their meals and it is one if the basic daily consumer products Parisians truly love. Of course, if you tasted French wine you can understand why they love it so much.

If you never had a glass of good French wine, it is time to change that. Whether you buy it in a specialty shop or you prefer having your first glass in a restaurant, make sure you choose a good one. The best way to do that is to ask. French people might not speak too much English but they will definitely point to the bets bottle when you ask them. They really know their wine!

Now, don’t imagine that people in Paris drink a whole bottle when they are having lunch because this is far from being the case. They indulge in a small glass or two instead of having pints of beer or fizzy drinks. And they always have water on the table.


Eat French Food at Astier

Address: 44 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris, France, Hours: 12:15–2:15PM, 7–10:30PM (except Saturday: 12:15–2:15PM, 7–11PM & Sunday: 2:30–2:15PM, 7–10:30PM), Phone: +33 1 43 57 16 35

Final Tip:

If you want to have at least one meal as regular French people do, you have to keep in mind that this consists of a starter, which can be some paté, salad or soup. Then, you should expect to get the main course, which can be a choice of fish, meat with a side and this is followed by a selection of local cheeses and a dessert. And as you probably expected bread, wine and water are always on the table. This is how a regular French meal looks like and you can enjoy it in a restaurant while in Paris, or you can learn how to cook French dishes and surprise your friends and family with a special dinner when you go back from your trip.





Best Free Things to Do in London

Best Free Things to Do in London

Best Free Things to Do in London

London is one of those amazing cities that offers its visitors a multitude of expensive activities, but, at the same times it gives away an amalgam of amazing free things to see and do. The truth is that there aren’t many cities in the world that have so many free museums, art galleries and fascinating shows like London.

Here is a long list of the best free things to do in London, such as art galleries, parks, museums, street graffiti and other interesting endeavors.

Wander Around and Relax in One of London’s Charming Parks

London is famous for the beauty of its parks. Everybody who visits this city has to explore the Royal Parks of London. One of the most beautiful is the popular Hyde Park, which not only an oasis of green and peace but also an important historical spot of the city, the former hunting grounds of King Henry VIII. As important as Hyde Park is the charming Greenwich Park, a splendid green area that offers its visitors breathtaking views of the city. It is a delight to sit on top of the hill and admire the skyscrapers of Canary Warf.

royal parks london

But London has many other interesting spots that are less known by travelers. For instance, if you want to do something more authentic, you can visit the Parliament Hill, a lovely green area that offers spectacular views of London, as well. From the top of the hill, you can see not only the famous Canary Wharf, but also the imposing St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard and, if you are lucky enough to be there on a sunny day you can even catch a glimpse of the Houses of Parliament.

Another beautiful outdoor area is the “Little Venice” of London. You can step into the charming Venetian world by walking along the riverside to nearby Camden or Regent’s Park. If you feel tired, you can also jump on one of the lovely canal boats. This area is not only beautiful but also filled with cafes and pubs. It is a perfect spot for a relaxing walk, especially during the summer months.

Another secret place many travelers don’t know anything about is the delightful Hampstead Pergola and Hill gardens. Though the pergola doesn’t look new and glamorous, it offers an authentic vibe that makes it a top attraction when visiting London. In addition, the story behind this place is very interesting. A rich philanthropist builds a pergola for his lavish Edwardian parties in the garden. Unfortunately, when he died everybody forgot about his pergola and his parties and it was just left to decay. Lucky Londoners and travelers who now have another interesting spot in the city!

Hampstead Pergola in London

Explore Some of the Best Museums in the World

As mentioned above, among the many amazing free things London offers, you can find an impressive number of museums. The most famous, such as The National History Museum and The British Museum have a free entrance. This is something fascinating that you cannot find in any other city.

In addition to all the well-known museums, there are other interesting ones you can also visit without paying an entrance fee. If you go to Greenwich, you cannot miss seeing National Maritime Museum, a place where passionate travelers can admire over two million valuable artifacts related to the maritime history. This is a very cool museum not only for adults but also for kids. The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich is part of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site. The complex also includes the Royal Observatory and the Queen’s House.

One of the best free things to do in London is to visit another museum which both kids and adults love is the Science Museum. Not only does it offer an amalgam of info useful for people all ages and from all over the world, but there are many fun things to do inside this museum, as well. So, if you travel with kids, don’t hesitate and bring them to the Science Museum.

Science Museum London

Science Museum London

And if you want to explore one of the weirdest museums in London, go to the Hunterian Museum. It hosts John Hunter’s collection of over 3500 anatomical and pathological preparations, together with fossils, drawing, and paintings. Quite awkward, right?

Hunterian Museum in London

Hunterian Museum in London


Best Free Things in London: Have Fun in the Colorful Lively English Markets

When visiting London, you have to plan your days thoroughly in order to have enough time to spend in the fascinating markets.

The city is filled with amazing, energetic markets that feel like heaven for travelers from all over the world, but especially for foodies.

One of the most famous markets in London is Borough Market, a charming, lively market located under a maze of Victorian railway arches. Besides the delicious food and the liveliness, a great thing about this market is that it is open Monday to Saturday, so, no matter when you visit London, you can grab a delicious breakfast or just spend some time exploring Borough Market.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Though less known by tourists, another amazing place is Portobello Road Market, a busy market, located in the beautiful Notting Hill. Locals and visitors go to this market not only because it has a special, positive vibe, but also because they can find everything they need here, from delicious street food to antiques and vintage clothes.

Portobello Road - Best Free Things to Do in London

Portobello Road

And if you want to have some fun while eating amazing food and drinking tasty cocktails, go to Urban Food Fest, a place filled with street food trucks, live music, and happy people. This market is located in colorful Shoreditch and it is open only on Saturdays from spring until the cold winter season comes.


Best Free Things to Do in London: Get in Touch with Art at the Amazing British Galleries

Just like there are many museums you can visit for free in London, there is also a great number of art galleries where you don’t have to pay a penny, even if you get the chance to see works of art signed by famous artists. Visiting these art galleries is for sure included in the best free things to do in London.

The most famous gallery in London is The National Art Gallery. This is heaven for art enthusiasts from all over the world who come and admire the masterpiece of talented artists like Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Vermeer and many others. Tate Britain and Tate Modern are also two amazing art galleries where you don’t have to pay an entrance.

But there are also smaller and less known galleries where you should go while visiting London. And Wallace Collection is one of them. Even though it is not very popular among travelers, this is one of the best small galleries in the city. If you are interested in catching a glimpse at the 18th-century aristocratic life, you have to visit this gallery. Not only does it offer 17th and 18th-century art, but it is hosted in a luxurious house, which is a piece of art itself.

Furthermore, if you are an art lover interested in seeing contemporary art signed by less known international artists, you should add Saatchi Gallery to your list of free must-see things in London. If you loved wandering around the fascinating Tate Modern (, you will also enjoy your time in this gallery.

Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery

Follow the Steps of the Famous Street Artist, Banksy

You don’t have to be obsessed with art to know who Banksy is, since the street artist is already famous everywhere in the world. While you are in London, you can wander around the beautifully arranged streets of the city and search for some of the pieces of art created by the political activist.

Banksy Art in London

Banksy Art in London

Even though many of his artworks have been removed by the authorities or by people who knew their real value, there are still some very interesting ones on London’s walls. But you should hurry up if you want to see them before they are removed just like the rest of Banksy’s stencils! 


Let the Street Performers Entertain You

If you want to have fun without paying a penny, just wander around the center of London and let the charming street performer entertain you. Whether you prefer exploring Covent Garden Market, Trafalgar Square or Leicester Square, everywhere you have the chance to see really good acts.

Street performers in London

Street performers in London

Don’t be surprised by the huge amount of people these street performers can draw. Some of them have been doing this for many years and in many countries so, not only do they know what they are doing but they also really know their audience. In addition, they are all licensed and they have passed an audition to perform, so you are going to be entertained by the best street performers!


Enjoy a Walking Tour and Admire the City’s Impressive Architecture

As you can see there are many things you can do in London without having to pay entrances and fees. And one of the best activities for travelers who want to get to know the city is just walking around, exploring its boulevards, small alley, the central, as well as the hidden neighborhoods. Not only is this free of charge, but it is also an extremely surprising activity.

For instance, walking or, if you prefer cycling the Thames Path can be a fascinating experience. You will discover the beautiful public beaches, great pubs, restaurants, amazing views and even the charming village of Rotherhithe.

In addition, even if you might know where the popular St. Paul’s Cathedral is, by walking you can discover other imposing monuments, like the oldest church in London, known as St Bartholomew the Great and used since 1143. It was the location of the fourth wedding in the well-known movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and it is absolutely enchanting. It definitely deserves a visit!

Wander around the city until you get to see the remains of the largest Roman Amphitheatre in London, which lies below Guildhall Hall. Admiring this place is a precious thing to do for people interested in history and it is also completely free of charge.

And don’t just stick to central London. Be brave and curious and adventure yourself in less central neighborhoods where you can discover the hidden gems of the city, known only by Londoners. Explore all the amazing places like vibrant Brixton or relaxed Richmond in order to really understand the enchanting city of London.

With this, we conclude the list of the best free things to do in London. Feel free to contribute in the comments with your own ideas.





Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Dubrovnik Travel Guide

This is a three days’ guide to Dubrovnik, with a perfect 72 hours’ plan that will guide you on the best way to enjoy this amazing city. All tips, maps, costs, information is included so that you feel like you have your best friend with you showing you around Dubrovnik.

This guide has been developed by local experts and travel bloggers who live or frequently visit Dubrovnik so that you get only the best option on where to stay, where to eat, what monuments to see, how to move around Dubrovnik and how to enjoy this vibrant city at its best.

The maps provided can be accessible in their online format, at Google maps, which will enable you to navigate easily towards them while you are in Dubrovnik.

This guide is best enjoyed by solo travelers and couples or groups of friends traveling together to Dubrovnik. Families traveling with kids to Dubrovnik may also find a lot of useful details for planning their trip.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Our recommended hotel to stay in Dubrovnik is the “Adriatic Luxury Hotels, Villa Glavić.“

Hotel Name: “Adriatic Luxury Hotels, Villa Glavić.“ Address: Frana Supila 14, Ploce, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Tel:  00-800-97-33-42-26

Website: Click To Read Reviews on Booking and Book the Hotel Online

Price / night: 80E/person [604 KN] for double room, TripAdvisor: Click To Read Reviews on Booking and Book the Hotel Online

Recommended: Yes.  Beautiful, spotless rooms with a wonderful view of the old city walls.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik - Villa Glavic

Day 1 in Dubrovnik: Arrival, Walk & Monuments

11:00 Arrival at the Dubrovnik Airport  which is 15 km southeast of the city center.

Dubrrovnik Airport

This airport opened in 1962 and handles around 2 million passengers per year after the new section added in 2010. The airport code id DBV (Dubrovnik Airport). It is around 15 km away from the city center of Dubrovnik.

The airport is tiny, and there will be no chance of someone getting lost – hopefully. This is a small but very efficient airport. It offers 15 minutes of free wi-fi if you need to use it once you arrive. The telephone of the airport is +385 20 773 100.

Tips: During the high season of Dubrovnik (summer), the airport gets very crowded and almost chaotic. There are long lines and a lot of waiting time wasted on the lines. You will not find great restaurant food in this airport too.

11:10 Take the luggage and pass through the passport control.

It usually does not take more than 10 minutes to exit the passport control.

11:15 Get from the airport to the Hotel

Take a bus to the Main bus station in the city. From there, take a city bus Libertas number 8 (Gruž – Viktoria) or a taxi to the hotel. The bus station is right in front Villa Glavić.

View ZoomTip 1.1 and ZoomTip 1.2

Cost: Bus Ticket One way ticket: 35 kn. You can purchase the tickets on the bus.

Dubrovnik - Bus from Airport to the City Center

1 The Bus Libertas Number 8

If you prefer a private transfer with a pre-booked taxi (Mercedes-Benz), the cost is around 50 Euros for a group of up to 3 people, and you can book it here. More expensive, but for sure a classy way to get to your hotels from the airport and back.

12:00 Accommodate in the hotel and then visit the top monuments on foot.

Dubrovnik Hotel

Help yourself in the hotel and then start your day visiting the famous monuments of the city, all by walking. Dominican monastery,  enter through Ploce Gate, Church of Saint Blaise, Rector’s Palace and Dubrovnik cathedral, are all very near and easy to reach on foot. Have on the mind, the city of Dubrovnik is a living monument.

View ZoomTip 1.3

Cost: You can watch all the monuments from outside without paying the entry fees.

Dominican monastery: 20 kn, Rector’s Palace: 20 kn

16:00 Lunch at: “Konoba Jezuit Restaurant

Dubrovnik - Konoba Jezuite Restaurant

Address: Poljana Ruđera Boškovića 5, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Website:

Tip: Taste as much as possible of the local dishes. Perfect place for tasting fish specialties. It has excellent service and English-speaking waiters. (Tripadvisor link)

Cost: Around 20 to 25€ per person. Dubrovnik is not a cheap place to visit in general, and this is reflected in the restaurant prices as well. However, the value for money is excellent.

17:30 Stroll Around the City of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik - Walking Guide

Above you can find a google map with some landmark places, you can visit on foot in Dubrovnik. You can click on the photo to get this on Google Maps for an easier navigation.

From the restaurant, proceed to the Fort Saint John, Aquarium and the City Walls, which are all very near and easy to reach on foot. Visit the ramparts and tele-transport to several hundred years ago, when Dubrovnik soldiers were watching over this area for hostile ships. Keep the ticket you have bought – you will need it for tomorrow.

Extra Tip: Enjoy a beautiful sunset from the city walls and get some great photo shoots here.

While you are at Dubrovnik, you will have a fantastic view towards the sea and the surrounding islands from many different places. Your foot will get you almost anywhere in the Old City.

Costs: Aquarium: 40 kn per person for only one purchase.  20 kn/person in a group ticket purchase, City wall ramparts: 70 kn/person

20:00 Dinner or a drink at one of the local places around the City Walls.

See tips & advice.

Konoba Ribar Restaurant in the City Walls

2 Konoba Ribar Restaurant in the City Walls

We suggest visiting Konoba Ribar, located just by the Aquarium (Tripadvisor link).

Cost: 20€ per person for a light dinner. Cash only, no credit cards accepted.

Tips: It has great seafood, try the stuffed calamari (squid), some Dalmatian cheese and ham as entrees. Each dish is around 90 KN.

22:00 Return to the hotel and rest.

Enjoy the beautiful view of the Adriatic sea and Dubrovnik city. We recommend a Porto wine [e.g. a „Croft“ Porto] and a cigar – if you are a fan of smoking of course.

Day 1 in Dubrovnik: Map

Below you can see the Map with the suggested activities for your first day in Dubrovnik. This map is accessible online in a Google Maps format, which will help you to navigate easily on foot, by bus, tram, and car, when you are in the city.

You can get it at

Dubrovnik - Day 1 Map

ZoomTip 1.1: Transportation and ATM

There are various ways to get to the hotel and the city center from the airport of Dubrovnik.

The options to get from Dubrovnik Airport to the city are:

  • “Atlas” travel agency buses upon arrival of every regular flight. The price is 35 kn (5 euros) per person, and it takes approximately 30 minutes to arrive at the Dubrovnik City Bus station from the Airport. The bus station is located in Gruz port area where there are taxi ranks and local bus service operators.
  • Public bus transportation company LIBERTAS” offers a public transport service to and from the airport to Dubrovnik old town, Cavtat and towards other areas in the local region.

  Schedule and Costs:

 City bus timings, City bus map, City map. The price of a one-way ticket is 13-16 kn (2 euros) per person.

  • Taxi service. Taxis are available outside the terminal although we recommend pre-booking your taxi with Dubrovnik transfertaxi company. By taxi, it takes approximately 10   minutes to get to either Dubrovnik old town or Lapad Bay area from Gruz. Transfer with taxi from the airport to the city will cost you around 200-250 kn.

  Where can I find Currency Exchanges and Cash Machines (ATMs)?

In the Arrivals hall outside the secure Customs area. Exchange office and the bank are also available in the area. We suggest that you exchange a small amount of money at the airport since the only accepted currency in most of the places is the CROATIAN KUNA – HRK – KN.

ZoomTip 1.2: How to Get to the Hotel from the Airport

As soon as you exit the airport, you will see the bus terminal; you cannot miss it since the airport, and its infrastructure is quite small. The price of the one-way ticket is 35 kn, and it takes only about 30-40 minutes to take you from the Airport to the Main bus station; Atlas Agency provides the regular Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle Bus service in Dubrovnik. Upon arrival, buses meet all scheduled flights at the Dubrovnik Airport for a transfer to Dubrovnik Main Bus Station.

Timeables example:

Monday, 12.05.2014

04:55 | 05:40 | 09:00 | 09:40 | 10:30 | 11:05 | 11:50 | 12:55 | 14:50

Tuesday, 13.05.2014

04:55 | 05:55 | 06:55 | 08:55 | 09:50 | 10:45 | 11:10 | 12:55 | 13:55 | 14:50 | 16:45 | 19:00 | 19:40

Departures from Dubrovnik to the airport start from the Main Bus Station in Gruž Port, usually 90 minutes before regular domestic flights, and 2 hours before regular international flights. Please note that charter flights usually have their own airport transfer arranged.

Beware of pickpockets. Take any valuables out of your pockets and put them under your clothes (a neck pouch is best). Having a seat is also a good way to reduce the danger from pickpockets who are most active on the crowded trams. Croatia is a very safe country, but precaution is always desirable.

Please see the complete Dubrovnik Airport Guide: Click Here

ZoomTip 1.3: Information on the Monuments

The Dominican Monastery

Entrance Fee: 20 kn

The Dominican Monastery acquired its present-day form in the 14th century perfectly fitting into the city walls as a part of the defense complex. St Dominic’s Church is one of the most representative Gothic buildings on the East Adriatic. This extraordinary architectural and artistic complex – the whole beauty of which can be seen from the city walls – also includes a rich library of more than 220 highly valued incunabula and finely ornamented manuscripts and documents.

The Church of Saint Blaise


Entrance Fee: Free of charge

One of the most beautiful sacral buildings in Dubrovnik, the present-day Church of St Blaise was constructed in 1715 in the colorful Venetian Baroque style. It was built by the Venetian master Marino Gropelli in 1706, on the commission of the Dubrovnik Senate which requested a new church on the site of the old 14th-century Romanesque church. Celebrated on 3 February, St Blaise’s Day is also the City of Dubrovnik Day.

Dubrovnik Cathedral

Entrance Fee: Free of charge

When mentioning the Dubrovnik Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – alternatively, just the Cathedral, as the people of Dubrovnik call it – two associations offer themselves to the connoisseurs. One is connected to the legend of the vow of the English king Richard the Lionheart, and the other with the richness of the Cathedral Treasury testifying to the outstanding reputation of the Dubrovnik goldsmith trade from the 11th – 18th centuries. Find out more from the locals on the spot

Dubrovnik City Walls Ramparts

Entrance Fee: 100 kn

The city ramparts are one of the most grandiose fortification monuments in Europe, and they are an example of how Fort architecture developed. The first fortifications were built already in the 8th century, but the most strong construction took place from the mid-15th to the end of the 16th century. 

Day 2 in Dubrovnik: Stradun, Fort Lovrjenac, Restaurant

09:00 Shopping and City Discovery.

3 Stradun Street by the night

Have your breakfast at the hotel.

Now it is time to relax. Go for shopping and discover the other areas of the city. After you have left the hotel, go straight to the core of the city – Stradun. You will enter through the main, „Pile“ gates, a little bit further than the Ploce. From there you will get to the main street called Stradun. This is the best place to do your shopping.

Stradun (pronounced [strǎduːn]) or Placa (Stradone or Corso) is the main street of Dubrovnik, Croatia. The limestone-paved pedestrian street runs some 300 meters through the Old Town, the historic part of the city surrounded by the Walls of Dubrovnik.

The site of the present-day street used to be a marshy channel which separated Ragusa from the forest settlement of Dubrava before it was reclaimed in the 13th century. Stradun stretches through the walled town in the east-west direction, connecting the western entrance called the “Pile Gate” (Vrata od Pila) to the “Ploče Gate” (Vrata od Ploča) on the eastern end. Both ends are also marked with 15th-century fountains (the so-called Large Onofrio’s Fountain in the western section and the Small Onofrio’s Fountain on the east end) and bell towers (the Dubrovnik Bell Tower to the east end and the bell tower attached to the Franciscan monastery to the west).[4]

Stradun became the city’s main thoroughfare in the 13th century, and its current appearance was, for the most part, created following the devastating 1667 earthquake in which most of the buildings in Ragusa (as Dubrovnik was then called) were destroyed. Before the quake, the houses which line the street were not so uniformly designed as they appear today, with many of them featuring arcades and elaborate decorations. Following the 1667 earthquake and a massive fire which broke out immediately afterward, the Republic of Ragusa passed a law which specified the layout of all future residential buildings constructed in the city.

Because of this all of the 17th-century houses lining the Stradun share the same pattern – the ground level always housed a shop with a street entrance featuring a door and a window in a single frame under a semicircular arch (during the day the door would be kept closed, and goods would be handed to customers over the sill, thereby serving as a counter),and a storage room in the back with a separate alley entrance. The first floor was reserved for the living area and the second floor had various rooms, while the kitchen was invariably located in the loft on the second floor, to prevent the spread of potential fires.

In recent times, the Stradun and some of the surrounding houses were damaged in mortar shelling during the Siege of Dubrovnik in 1991–92, but most of the damage has since been repaired.

Many of the historic buildings and monuments in Dubrovnik are situated along the Stradun, because of which it serves as an attractive esplanade for tourists. A procession for the Feast of Saint Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, passes through Stradun every year on 3 February. Occasional concerts are also held at Stradun, and it is regularly used as the site of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

On 8 July 2010 Stradun was also the site of a fund-raising exhibition tennis match played by Goran Ivanišević and John McEnroe in front of an audience of 600 and televised live in 10 countries. (Reference: Wikipedia). You can watch a related youtube video at

We have left 3 hours for this activity as you will see that you need much time for shopping and walking around this fascinating area.

12:00 Visit the Famous Fort Lovrjenac (used in Game of Thrones TV Show)

4 The famous Lovrjenac Fort

Now, visit the Lovrjenac Fort which is situated to the west of the Old City on a 37 meter-high rock, the symbol of Dubrovnik’s survival and freedom. A pleasant surprise is that you do not need to pay any admission fee since the ticket from your visit to the Ramparts is still valid and can cover you for the Fort Lovrjenac visit.

Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress, often called “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar,” is a fortress and theater outside the western wall of the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, 37 meters (121 ft) above sea level.[1] Famous for its plays and importance in resisting Venetian rule, it overshadows the two entrances to the city, from the sea, and by land. Early in the 11th century, the Venetians attempted to build a fort on the same spot where Fort Lovrijenac currently stands. If they had succeeded, they would have kept Dubrovnik under their power, but the people of the city beat them to it. The “Chronicles of Ragusa” reveal how the fort was built within just three months time and from then on continuously reconstructed. When the Venetian ships arrived, full of materials for the construction of the fort, they were told to return to Venice. The Croatian leg of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series takes place in Lovrijenac.

Lovrijenac has a triangular shape with three terraces. The thickness of the walls facing the outside reach 12 meters (39 ft) whereas the section of the walls facing the inside, the actual city, are only 60 centimeters (24 in) thick.[2] Two drawbridges lead to the fort, and above the gate, there is an inscription Non-Bene Pro Toto Libertas Venditur Auro (Freedom is not to be sold for all the treasures in the world).[2] Lovrijenac’s use as a stage was a recent addition to the history of the fort, and the performance of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” has become the symbol of Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Tip: The castle offers amazing views but is pretty bare inside – nothing spectacular to see. So, you should either get a tour guide or read some info before going there, so as to enjoy its history.

15:00 Lunch at the Restaurant Nautika

Address: Brsalje Ulica 3, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, Website: www.nautikarestaurant.comTel: 020 442 526

Enjoy the amazing Croatian food and meet the friendly locals. The food is great, the prices are high, and you will not get „a lot“ of food, as the quantity of the plates is not significant. So, don’t go there on an entirely empty stomach. In winter it is open from 6 pm to 12 AM, so have that in mind if you are not visiting in the high season.

16:30 Visit the Fort Minceta and Take the Cable Car

After the lunch, visit the Fort Minceta, which is on the way to heaven. It is time to get high! Use the cable car and be amazed by the breathtaking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, and the numerous islands.

City walls of Dubrovnik form an irregular quadrilateral ending at each corner with strong forts. Tower Minčeta is the giant fort located in the North wall ending, facing toward the land. The name derives from the name of the Menčetić family, who owned the ground the tower was built upon. Minčeta, the highest point in the Dubrovnik defense system, is a large round fort with a massive base in the form of a huge covered outer wall. The fort is topped with a magnificent Gothic crown that spreads over the side of the fort instilling the sense of power. The medieval crown is of negligible strategic importance and is more decorative in nature.

The fort was originally built in 1319 as a high reaching quadrilateral fort according to the designs of local architect Ničifor Ranjina. For over 100 years this design proudly served its purpose.

However, after the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire (Turks) in 1453, there was much debate on reinforcing this important fort. To help with the remake of the City walls the Dubrovnik Republic called for assistance the famous architect Michelozzo di Bartolomeo of Florence.

Around the earlier quadrilateral fort, Michelozzo built a new round tower adapted to the new technique of warfare and joined it to the new system of low scarp walls. The walls of the new tower were full 6 meters thick and had a series of protected gun ports. The building started in 1461.

After the fall of Bosnia to the Turks in 1463, the works on the City walls hastened. The abrupt ending in the cooperation between Dubrovnik government and Michelozzo happened in 1464 when Michelozzo left Dubrovnik offended as his plans for the reconstruction of the Rector’s palace were not approved.

Following Michelozzo’s departure, the work on the City walls continued under Juraj of Dalmatia (Juraj Dalmatinac) from Zadar, who also constructed the Cathedral in Sibenik. On Tower Minčeta, Dalmatinac built the bottom of the fortress and gave it the recognizable overhead part, the crown. During his time in Dubrovnik, Juraj mostly worked on fortifications. He would have most probably left a more noticeable impact on the look of Dubrovnik if he had not run from the City in front of the plague.

In its active service, Minčeta was armed with 9 guns among which was also one powerful bronze cannon, a masterpiece of Ivan Rabljanin who also made the Bell for the City Bell Tower.

Today, as it was true in the past, Minčeta stands high above rest of Dubrovnik as a symbol of the unconquerable City Dubrovnik and tells the Dubrovnik story of love for the most precious sweet liberty. The fort provides a magnificent view of Dubrovnik, and it is rightfully said that one has not been in Dubrovnik unless he/she witnessed the view from atop of Minčeta.

The cost of Cable Car: Adult round trip – 100 kn. Adult one way – 60 kn. The Minceta Tower is open from 10 am until 7 PM.

20:00 Dinner at Buffet Kamenice


5 Some Dishes You Can Try at Kamenice

Have a dinner at cozy Buffet Kamenica and try Dubrovnik’s variant of creme brulee, the great ROZATA.

Address: Gundulićeva poljana 8, Dubrovnik, Phone: +385 (0) 20 421 499

Tip: There are usually long lines to get in, during the high season. Be prepared to wait 20 minutes in the queue if you select this restaurant. The prices are fair, and the portions are big for Dubrovnik’s standards.

22:30 Return to the Hotel

Take a comfortable walk from the restaurant to the hotel, while enjoying the fresh sea breeze and the starry sky.

Day 2 in Dubrovnik: Map

Below you can see the Map with the suggested activities for your second day in Dubrovnik. This map is accessible online in a Google Maps format, which will help you to navigate easily on foot, by bus, tram, and car, when you are in the city. You can get it at:

ZoomTip 2.1 Eat the Famous „Rozata.”

Try the „Creme Brulee“ of Dubrovnik: Rozata

Do not miss the chance to try the amazing Dubrovnik’s version of creme brulee. The best place to taste always fresh and delicious food, especially the amazing Dubrovnik’s ROZATA, is the cozy Buffet Kamenica, located next to the marketplace.

„Buffet Kamenica“, Address: Gundulićeva poljana 8, Dubrovnik, Phone: +385 (0) 20 421 499

Day 3 in Dubrovnik: Visit the Lokrum Island

10:00 Visit the island Lokrum

After breakfast, depart to an amazing island of Lokrum. Take the ferry from the Old Harbor. The ride will only take around 10 minutes with a small ferry boat.

The first mention of Lokrum in writing came in 1023, in connection with founding the Benedictine Abbey and monastery. According to legend Richard, the Lion-Heart has cast ashore here after being shipwrecked in 1192 while returning from the Crusades. The vow he made to build a church on the spot where he came ashore should he be saved was kept at least in part. Although he came on shore in Lokrum, at the request of Dubrovnik citizens, he contributed to the building of the Cathedral in the City. 

Lokrum (pronounced [lɔ̌krum], Italian: Lacroma) is an island in the Adriatic Sea 600 metres (1,969 feet) from the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It stretches from northwest to southeast and receives regular ferry service from the city.

Austrian archduke (and short-lived Emperor of Mexico) Maximilian once had a holiday home on the island. A monastery and a botanical garden survive from his era. On the island’s highest point at 96 meters (315 feet) above sea level stands Fort Royal Castle, which was built by the French, though it was later named “Maximilian’s Tower” by the Austrians.

History of the Island Lokrum

The first written mention of Lokrum was in 1023 when the Benedictine abbey and monastery were founded. The name Lokrum comes from the Latin, ‘acrumen,’ meaning sour fruit. This derives from the tradition of cultivating exotic plants on the island, a tradition started at the time of the Benedictines. The last Benedictines left the island in 1808. Local legend says that on their final night, the monks put a curse on the island and anyone who tried to seek it on their own in the future.

According to legend, Richard the Lionheart was shipwrecked in 1192 after returning home from the crusades and was cast safely ashore on Lokrum. He pledged to build a church on the island but, at the plea of Dubrovnik citizens, the church was built on the nearby mainland instead.

Archduke Maximilian Ferdinand of Habsburg had a mansion built on the island in 1859 with a magnificent garden laid out, crisscrossed with pathways, full of unusual plants and botanical wonders. The island was originally purchased by Maximilian’s wife Archduchess Charlotte of Austria, with part of her marriage dowry, and she retained ownership of the island even after she and her husband became Emperor and Empress of Mexico. After the Emperor Maximilian’s execution, the island was surrendered to the Habsburg Family in a deal struck between Franz Joseph I of Austria and Leopold II of Belgium. Charlotte had become insane, and Leopold had renounced in the name of his sister all claims to her and her husband’s property in Austria. Leopold was more concerned with acquiring his sister’s great fortune than with her rights to property in Austria. The island was given to Archduchess Elisabeth Marie of Austria as part of her marriage dowry; Yugoslavia claimed it under the Treaty of Saint-Germain. Princess Elizabeth stated that she was no longer a Habsburg, having renounced her rights on the occasion of her marriage; therefore Yugoslavia had no right to sequester the property. The case was settled by a payment of $575,000 to the Princess.

In 1959 a Botanical Garden was founded on Lokrum which contains native and imported, tropical and subtropical plants, and other vegetation originating from Australia and South America. The island is also inhabited by families of peacocks brought over by Maximilian from the Canary Islands.

The island is now a popular destination for visitors to Dubrovnik. A restaurant is located in the former monastery, and walking routes around the island are marked out. There is also a nudist beach at the south-eastern end of the isle.

Botanical Garden of Lokrum Island

On the eastern side of the island, protected from the open sea, there is a small natural harbor. The island covers an area of 0.8 square kilometers (0.31 sq mi) and is covered in abundant Mediterranean flora and woods: laurel, oak, pines, cypress, and black pines. There are also olives, agaves, cacti, magnolia, and palms. On the southern part of the island, there is a small Salt Lake, 10 m deep, known as “the Dead Sea” (Mrtvo More). Nearby there is a deserted Benedictine monastery, founded in 1023. The triple-naved basilica and a 14th-century part of the monastery were severely damaged in the 1667 earthquake. The monastery was deserted in 1798. Today Lokrum is a Nature Reserve and a Special Forest Vegetation Reserve.

Note: make sure you take your swimming suit and a snack.

Cost:  40 kn for a return ticket. The price includes the island admission ticket fee.

10:30 Swim in the Dead Sea and explore the island

Explore the beautiful nature of the island and take a chance to swim in the Dead Sea, or a miniature version of it at least. Lokrum is home to an idyllic little salt-filled lake linked to the open sea. Like its namesake, the island’s Dead Sea (Mrtvo more) is popular for how easy it is to swim in. The lake is 10 meters deep and is located in the southern part of the island.

The roads and walking paths of Lokrum will take you through the botanical garden with an attractive collection of eucalyptuses, cactuses and succulent plants to the remains of the 12th/13th century basilica, the 15th/16th century monastery with an atrium garden, and the summer residence of Maximilian von Habsburg from the 19th century with gardens and a park. You will be enchanted by the woods of holm-oak, flowering ash, Aleppo pine, the old olive grove from the time when the Benedictines ran the island, gardens, and parks. On the highest peak, there is a fortress called Fort Royal built in the shape of a star by French Army in 1806 it gives fabulous view to Dubrovnik, Cavtat, and the islands. 

16:00 Return to the coast, lunch at Lokadna Peskarija

Lokanda Peskarija, Na ponti bb, Dubrovnik, Croatia,, Tel: 020 324 750

Prices: Beer is 40KN, Glass of Wine is 24 KN.

Tips: Try the octopus salad, cuttlefish risotto, seafood risotto, squid fries and rose wine. Be active in getting the attention of the waiters as they are kind of busy and won’t pay full attention to you. Here are some photos of the dishes:


17:30 Refresh and get some rest at your hotel

Return to the hotel to refresh and put your best clothes on, since we have got some partying to do.

19:00 Visit the Culture Club Brevelin, Svetog Dominika 3, 20000 Dubrovnik

Culture Club Revelin is situated in the fort of Revelin in the very city center and is a unique place where the past and the present meet. The lower part of the fort was built in 1463, in shape of the City model held by St. Blaise on the triptych painted by Nikola Božidarević around 1500. The fort protected both the eastern part of the City from the mainland and the entrance to the City Harbor.

Inside the fort, there is a permanent collection of the Archeological Museum, as well as a virtual museum. In the evening hours, the fort turns into the nightlife scene of the city of Dubrovnik.
In addition to its impressive interior space that has the ability of separation, Revelin has a beautiful terrace with a spectacular view of Dubrovnik, where many events are held during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and many other events.

Hang out with the locals and make life-long friendships with friendly Croatians.

Tips: Smoking is allowed inside the club, which is not pleasant for non-smokers.

01:00 Return to the hotel

Enjoy a good night sleep and let the memories settle, you will never forget the experience- until you return.

Day 3 in Dubrovnik: Map

Below you can see the Map with the suggested activities for your third day in Dubrovnik. This map is accessible online in a Google Maps format, which will help you to navigate easily on foot, by bus, tram, and car, when you are in the city. You can get it at:

ZoomTip 3.1: Taxi Fares in Dubrovnik

Taxi Fares in Dubrovnik

Taxi rates in Dubrovnik differ, depending on the particular taxi company.  However, the average price of a start would cost you around 25 kn, plus 9 kn for every next kilometer.

For instance, a transfer from the airport to the hotel in the city will cost you around 250-270 kn.

Note: When you enter the taxi, the driver will activate the meter. Moreover, there is no day and night rate. If you would like to know how much will it cost to get from point A to point B with a taxi: CLICK HERE. Since the city is quite small, it is suggested to use public transportation, which is significantly less costly. For informational purposes, taxi companies in Dubrovnik are:

Croatia Taxi, Taxi Zeljko

Also, many companies in Dubrovnik provide car/scooter rental service. Such are: Ragusa Auto, Gulliver, Kompas rent, Intercon

Tips on Dubrovnik

– When the cruise ships arrive at Dubrovnik, the old town becomes quite busy. Walking down the streets with the tour groups of the cruise ships is not that pleasant.

– Dubrovnik does not have any real beaches. You just go on the rocks and jump into the beautiful and crystal clear water.

– There are some great places close to Dubrovnik that you may also want to explore. Mostar is one of them, and it has a beautiful Ottoman old town and a fascinating bridge. Montenegro is also gorgeous. If you want to go there, please expect to spend an hour on the borders while waiting for your passport to get checked.

– Other day trips suggestions are going to the Mljet National Park or a boat trip to the Elaphite islands.

– If you have kids, take them to the Copacabana beach, as it is the most family friendly spot.

– Some authentic local dishes to try in Dubrovnik are also Brudet, a Dalmatian fish stew, and Crni rižut which is Black Rice.

– Nightlife in Dubrovnik does not exist. It is quiet in the evening. If you are looking for nightlife action, go to Split or Zrce.

If you want to rent a sailing boat, yacht or another sea vehicle, visit Another local operator you may want to check out is

– A Facebook group to help you with traveling to Croatia is


Best Day Tours from Dubrovnik

1.Montenegro Day Tour from Dubrovnik

The duration of the tour is usually 12 hours, and it starts at 07:00 or 08:00 in the morning.

What You’ll Do

  • Experience the real beauty of Montenegro’s vast natural landscapes
  • Drive around Kotor Bay and spot its numerous small, medieval settlements
  • Wander around the ancient town of Budva, now a lively tourist resort
  • Overview
  • Discover one of the world’s last untouched secrets and visit Montenegro. Spend a day experiencing spectacular landscapes and soaking up the Mediterranean lifestyle. Enjoy the vast natural landscapes and authentic beauty during your trip to Montenegro.

 What to Expect

  • Exotic landscapes are not always distant and unapproachable. Located less than an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik, Montenegro offers a truly unforgettable experience. With a winning combination of exceptional natural beauty and rich history and culture, and it’s a wonder how Montenegro is still one of the Mediterranean’s best-kept
  • Enjoy a drive around Kotor Bay and spot its numerous small settlements. Explore medieval Kotor, then stroll around the ancient town of Budva, which today is a lively tourist resort.
  • Soak up the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle and try to make sense of the surrounding mountains, which appear to descend into the sea, during your trip to beautiful Montenegro.

What’s Included: Transportation, Guide, Entrance fees,

What’s Not Included: Lunch

Know Before You Go: Important: Passport is required

Price: 55 Euros per person

Booking: You can book it here.

2. Medjugorje Full-Day Tour from Dubrovnik

What You’ll Do

  • Explore the shrine of Medjugorje
  • Visit the place where it has been reported that the Virgin Mary has appeared
  • Attend Mass in the local church in Medjugorje
  • Experience the unique phenomenon of the modern world


Discover the town of Medjugorje, a place of pilgrimage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on this full-day tour from Dubrovnik. Attend mass in the local church and visit the hill of the Virgin Mary, where her appearance has been reported.

What to Expect

Medjugorje is a unique phenomenon in the modern world, a sacred place which gathers a multitude of pilgrims from all over the world coming to face a God with great faith and to find peace in their souls and hearts. Today it is one of the biggest prayer centers in the world. Legend of the Medjugorje is one of the most amazing supernatural events of our time. Since 1981, in a small village named Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing and giving messages to the world. Innumerable witnesses say that they have found faith and peace at this place.

The Shrine of Medjugorje has 3 spiritual zones: the Church, the hill of Virgin Mary, and the hill Krizevac. These sacred places are accessible to the millions of faithful willing to satisfy their spiritual and religious needs. On this tour, you have the opportunity to visit these 3 religious zones and attend Mass in the local church.

What’s Included:

  • Vehicle determined by the number of people in your group
  • Fuel per itinerary
  • Passenger insurance
  • Professional English-speaking driver

 What’s Not Included: Meals and drinks

Price: 250 Euros for a group of up to 3 people

Booking: You can book it here.

3. Pelješac Peninsula Oysters and Wine Tour from Dubrovnik

What You’ll Do

  • Sample the high-quality wines of South Dalmatia
  • Meet the wines producers of the Pelješac Peninsula
  • Sail over to the oyster farms from Little Ston
  • Enjoy a seafood lunch on the seafront in Little Ston Bay
  • Explore the historic town and saltworks of Ston


Sample the foods and wines of South Dalmatia and the Pelješac Peninsula on a 9-hour gourmet lovers tour from Dubrovnik. Meet friendly wine producers at local wineries and cruise to the oyster farms of the picturesque Little Ston Bay.

What to Expect

Learn about the South Dalmatian wines of the Pelješac Peninsula, one of the most famous of Croatia’s wine lands, on this full-day tour from Dubrovnik, and meet wine producers to visit their vineyards and cellars.

Upon arrival, you will have some free time to explore the ancient town of Ston, famous for its stone walls and saltworks. Continue to the Vukas winery for an introduction to its wines, brandies, and liqueurs. After tasting a selection of the produce, the winery owner will take you to the vineyards and explain the story of wine production in the Pelješac region.

The next stop will be the winery of Mr. Miloš, a famous vintner who has been awarded several times as one of the best producers of Croatian reds for his use of mali plavac grapes (similar to Zinfandel) and production of a spectrum of wines.

Continue to the Matushco winery in the Dingach region to discover the largest and most famous winery on the Pelješac Peninsula. The Matusko family has been producing wines for centuries, building a new cellar in 1998 that was modeled on the chateaux of France. Taste premium wines made from Mali plavac grapes, and learn about the family’s ventures into Dalmatian champagne and extra virgin olive oil.

Then, drive to the oyster farms of picturesque Little Ston Bay. Cruise to the oyster farms by boat, tasting fresh oysters and mussels, as well as more local wines, or prosciutto ham and cheese, en route. Disembark the boat back in Little Ston to enjoy lunch at one of the seafront restaurants, and sample the seafood specialties of the region.

What’s Included

  • Transportation by private vehicle (determined by the number of people in your group)
  • Passenger insurance
  • English speaking driver

What’s Not Included

  • Entrance fees for wineries
  • Boat tour to Oyster farms

Know Before You Go

  • For the best experience the tour can include a visit to 3 wineries (depending on season and weather conditions) with a wine tasting at each one; a boat excursion to the oyster farms, with fresh oysters, mussels, and wine tasting on board; and lunch at a seafood restaurant (to be paid in the restaurant according to individual selection of food and drinks)
  • Additional options and supplements: service of a professional guide during the program (including tour of Ston and the saltworks)
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and bring your camera and sunglasses and hat or cap (in summer)

Price: 260 Euros for a group of up to 3 persons

Booking: You can Book This Tour Here.

4. Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Day-Trip from Dubrovnik

What You’ll Do

  • Discover the historic structures at Pocitelj
  • Visit Medjugorje, a popular pilgrim destination
  • Make a Mostar sightseeing tour


Visit the charming and picturesque small towns outside of Dubrovnik on this trip to Pocitelj, Medjugorje, and Mostar. On this full-day tour, visit a variety of cultural, historical, and religious sites including the magnificent Mosque of Mostar.

What to Expect

After departure from Dubrovnik, you will take a short break on the Dubrovnik bridge for some scenic photography of the town. Continue along the Adriatic coast while learning about the various sites that you encounter along your route. When the tour reaches the city of Neum, you can take a break for shopping and morning coffee. The tour then proceeds through a picturesque delta of the River Neretva to the small city of Pocitelj.

In Pocitelj you will have an opportunity for sightseeing and free time. Pocitelj is a beautiful cultural and historical site featuring structures from the 15th century.

Continuing to Medjugorje, you will have more time for sightseeing and discovery. Medjugorje is a spiritual and religious site and is one of the most famous pilgrim destinations in the Catholic world. Since the apparition of Our Lady of Peace in 1981, this place has been visited by pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.

The tour will then proceed to Mostar. Through the centuries Mostar became the meeting point of various cultures and religions. During your sightseeing, you will witness the imprint left by this varied history. Besides the Old Bridge, the symbol of the town, you have the chance to visit the Mosque of Mostar, a Turkish house, and many other monuments in the city.

In the afternoon, following sightseeing and free time, you will return to Dubrovnik.

What’s Included

  • Transportation
  • Tour leader
  • Local guide
  • Entrance fees

What’s Not Included: Lunch

Know Before You Go: Passport is required

Price: 55 Euros per person

Booking: You can book this tour here.

5. Elafiti Islands Sailing Tours from Dubrovnik

What You’ll Do

  • Cruise to the scenic Elafiti Islands of the Dubrovnik archipelago
  • Climb aboard a private boat and try your hand at sailing the seas
  • Swim to beautiful beaches and bays
  • Stop for lunch on picturesque Sipan or Kolocep
  • Enjoy panoramic views of the walled city of Dubrovnik


Climb aboard a private boat and sail to the most beautiful islands in the Dubrovnik archipelago on a 4-hour or 7-hour tour of the Elafiti Islands. Enjoy panoramic views of the walled city, swim from sandy beaches, enjoy lunch at a local bar, and more.

What to Expect

Explore the scenic beauty of the Elafiti Islands on a full-day or half-day sailing tour of Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan. Swim in beautiful bays and from sandy beaches, and discover historic monuments and little votive churches from the comfort of your own private sailing boat.

Ideal for those that want to escape from the rat race, the relaxing tour comes with your own personal skipper, and plenty of time on land to enjoy the recreational activities on the islands.

The full-day tour can explore all 3 of the Elafiti Islands, hopping from Kolocep to Lopud and Sipan. Sail with the wind, stopping to swim from sandy beaches, and enjoy lunch on land. The half-day tour can visit 1 or 2 of the islands of your choice, as well as Lokrum Island and some of the picturesque bays.

Sit back and relax as the attentive crew caters to your every need. Or, if you are feeling more hands-on, they will be happy to show you the ropes and let you try your hand at steering the boat! An onboard sound system provides the day’s entertainment, while the boat’s refrigeration will keep your food and drink supplies fresh and cold.

What’s Included

Boat, Skipper, gasoline, docking/mooring, snorkeling equipment

What’s Not Included

Lunch, Alcoholic drinks

Price:330 Euros for a group of up to 4 persons

Booking: You can book this sailing tour here.