Colombo, Sri Lanka, 3 Days Travel Itinerary

Colombo, with its massive 7 million population is an exciting place to visit in Sri Lanka and it has been known to the ancient traders since 2000 years ago, due to its great harbor and strategic position. It is full of parks, temples and places to visit and see.

In this itinerary, we have put together the best of Colombo¬†in 3 days. It will guide you on which hotel to stay, so as to have easy access to all the suggestions of the itinerary, it will give you information on the restaurants you should eat, on the prices, on how to move around Colombo and on the places¬†you should visit in the night. This itinerary has only one and perfect suggestion for each hour of the day, so that you don’t get lost into looking for information. You just follow the travel itinerary plan and you will enjoy the best 3 days of your life in Colombo. It will help you save time, save money and eliminate the stress from organizing your trip to Colombo. It’s exactly like having your best friend there, guiding you around.

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