Granada in 3 Days, Travel Guide 2017

If you are wondering What to Do in 3 Days in Granada and What are the Best Things to See, look no further!
We have built an excellent 72 hours plan for Granada, with information on what to do every hour of the day.
All the information provided is by local experts and travel bloggers. Since they live in Granada or travel there often, they know the best that the city has to offer to you.

Granada Travel Guide

By getting this travel guide to Granada, you will get:
– Exact information on what is the best hotel to stay in Granada, so that you will be in the best area of Granada for all activities, without breaking the bank.
– Exact information on what to do every hour of the day.
Where to Eat: What are the best restaurants that locals go to.
What dishes to try. A simple culinary guide with the top 10 dishes and drinks.
Where to go out in the evening. Only the top suggestion for each day for one bar or a club.
– How to move from the airport to the hotel with the most budget friendly way.
– What museums and sights to see. What tourist traps to avoid.
– Where to Book Everything Online, to save time and money.
Best things to do in each one of the three days.

By getting this guide, you will feel like having your best friend in Granada, showing you around.
It will save you time and money in a stress-free way. It will help you to enjoy the best days of your life in the magnificent town of Granada!

Guidora’s Granada in 3 Days Travel Guide, is your entry ticket to the most accurate advice on what are the best things to do in Granada in 72 hours. It includes a detailed 72-hour plan from the first moment you will arrive at the airport of Granada, until the moment you leave this amazing town.

Inside Guidora’s Granada in 3 Days Travel Guide:

-A 72 hours plan to start every day at 08:00 until late in the evening, with details on what to do every hour

-Full-color maps and images throughout

-All the Maps are available on Google Maps, to help you navigate Granada easy, through your smartphone.

-Best-kept secrets on shopping, dining, going out in the evening

-Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots

-Essential info at your fingertips – hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, prices

-Information in this Granada travel guide is up-to-date as of 2017.

Get this Guide Now and enjoy your trip to Granada!

Authors: Written and researched by Guidora’s team of travel bloggers and local experts in Granada

About Guidora: Guidora is a startup that solves the problem of “What exactly to do in a destination in +72 hours”. Guidora provides well-researched travel itineraries, written by local experts and local guides. Guidora operates an online travel itinerary marketplace at and holds a popular blog on travel related subjects.

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