Peru Tour – 13 Nights Travel Itinerary

Peru is one of the must-visit countries. Lakes, mountains, nature, monuments.. In this guide, we have compiled the best of Peru in 13 Nights. You will get the full itinerary for 2-weeks, with exact inside information on where to stay, how to travel, what to experience, with all maps and prices included.

The places covered in Peru are: Lima, Arequipa, Lake Titikaka, Cusco, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Tambopata National Reserve (Amazon Lodge).

You will get information on:

– In which hotel to stay in order to have access to the best of Peru without breaking the bank.

– A complete 24-hour itinerary for each day, with places to eat, things to enjoy and what to do.

–  How to move from place to place, how much it costs and all maps included.

– Complete information on prices, places, maps etc.

Save time, save money and experience Peru like having your best friend there guiding you around. This guide is for independent travelers who travel as a couple, without kids. It has been developed by experienced travelers who have been there and done EXACTLY that!

Sounds Good? Save time and money and get it now!

Thanos Draganidis

Thanos is an experienced traveler who has traveled in almost all continents with his friends and his lovely wife. He loves hiking, exploring secret and off-the beaten path places, tasting the local cuisine and having fun while traveling. When not traveling, he is a developer, writing millions lines of code per hour..

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