Granada for Solo Travellers

Granada for Solo Travelers

Traveling with friends and family is extremely exciting but there are people who also love exploring beautiful places by themselves. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming but there are more and more places that welcome solo travelers and offer them the chance to have unforgettable experiences. Granada is one of them.

The beautiful Spanish city gives solo visitors the chance to have a unique traveling experience without feeling lonely.  There is something magic about enlarging your knowledge at your own pace while getting in touch with the locals, learning about their past, present, and future, eating the way they do and absorbing the city’s fascinating ambiance. And here are some of the things you can do while visiting Granada by yourself.


Alhambra – The Amazing Palace and Fortress Complex

No traveler should leave Granada without visiting the magnificent Alhambra. Built as a city in its own right for defense purposes, Alhambra offers visitors the chance to catch a glimpse at the past of Granada. It stands since the 1200s and it was founded by Nasrids, the ruler of the Emirate of Granada in the final centuries of Muslim control in Andalucia. Solo travelers can explore the military residential citadel, the palace, and the city without even thinking about boredom. Whether you are a history lover or you are just interested in getting closer to the soul of Granada, Alhambra is a great touristic attraction and should definitely be on your must-see list.


Albayzín, Granada’s Arab Quarter

The city of Granada is an explosion of amazing history. Wherever you go you will see a small part of the intriguing part of the city and the whole region. Just grab your comfortable shoes and start walking, heading north up the hill from Plaza Nueva in order to arrive at the very interesting Arab quarter of the city.

Part of Granada’s UNESCO site, Albayzín promises solo travelers an exciting adventure. With a captivating architecture, amazing churches that used to be mosques, and bohemian areas, this is many traveler’s favorite touristic attraction. Begin exploring with checking out the charming square known as Plaza Larga. The square is filled with cafes, tapas bars, tourists, and Spaniards, as well as guitar-wielding Gypsies giving solo travelers the chance to sit, relax and watch the local life unfolding.


Have a Tasty Drink and Indulge in the Famous Tapas

Some people feel uncomfortable when sitting at a bar, eating and drinking by themselves. But a city like Granada makes everything easier. Not only do solo travelers enjoy their lunch while watching the impressive number of people passing by, but locals themselves find this activity very fulfilling.

Just go to a bar in Granada, order a glass of wine or a cold beer and indulge in the free tapas. You can choose anything from olives, cheese and small panini sandwiches to Jamon Serrano, the famous patatas bravas, and even delicious deep-fried calamari. The region of Andalusia is famous for its tapas and even if you can enjoy them all around Spain, there is something special about sitting at a table in one of Granada’s busy square and adventuring yourself in the tapas experience. Food and drinks really bring people together and this is how many solo travelers make new friends among locals or other visitors who came by themselves.


Explore the Moroccan Market

Granada is very close to North Africa and the whole city offers visitors the chance to see the cultural mixture. However, Calle Calderia Nueva, located just off Plaza Nueva is one of the best spots in Granda for solo travelers who want to understand this intriguing cultural combination.

Whether you want to purchase Moroccan-style objects, have some Arabic tea or enjoy a shisha experience, the Moroccan Market is the best place for you. Hearing people speaking Arabic might make you feel you are in the wrong country but this colorful place is a great way to understand Granada’s great Moorish history.


Adventure Yourself into Visiting Sierra Nevada

The famous national park known as the Sierra Nevada is filled with solo travelers who love outdoor experiences. Even if you are traveling by yourself, there is no way you can feel lonely in this area. Located in Granada’s eastern suburbs, Sierra Nevada offers locals and travelers the chance to get in touch with nature, while hiking and admiring the vegetation changes as well as the breathtaking views. If you travel during the cold seasons and you love outdoor sports, the Ski Resort at the Sierra Nevada will be one of your favorite places in Granada.


Take a Hike to Sacromonte

Known as the gypsy quarter, Sacromonte represents the hills above Granada where everybody goes for music and dancing after dark. However, besides the amazing flamenco shows, hiking to Sacromonte makes a great day activity.

And taking this hike is highly recommended for all kinds of travelers. You can choose to do it by yourself or join a group of other solo travelers who want to explore the past of the hills, admire the white houses of the Muslim, understand how bohemians of Granada spend their time and see the best views of the city.


The Science Park- A Great Spot for Geeky Solo Travellers

Getting in touch with history and having culinary experiences are great activities for people who travel without a partner. But, while in Granada, you can also check out a few modern attractions and one of the best is the science park located only 15 minutes far from the center. You will be welcomed by a diversity of exhibits located in the two main buildings: The Macroscopio and the Foucault’s Pendulum Building. Prepares yourself for exploring a “Journey into the Human Body”, a Planetarium where great shows are put on and for learning many interesting things about mechanics, physics, and even chemistry.


These are just some of the amazing activities you can enjoy as a solo traveler in Granada. However, this intriguing city hides many other things you can experience and all you have to do is adventure yourself into traveling alone and exploring this charming destination in your own rhythm. There is definitely something magical about getting to know and understand a culture all by yourself!



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