How Many Airports are There in Athens Greece

Athens has only one airport, the Athens International Airport (AIA), which is called “Eleftherios Venizelos Airport” in Greece. However, when you are looking for flights from your home country to Athens, you should search for the official airport code, which is AIA.

The Athens International Airport is 35kms outside from Athens, close to a small town which is called “Spata”. It has been built by the same German Company which built the airport in Frankfurt, so they look a lot the same in their interior design. It’s a modern airport, with 25 check-in points and many duty-free shops and it is very easy to get to it. The cost of a taxi from the AIA to any area in Athens is fixed and it is around 37 Euros. You can also get an Uber taxi, which will cost you some euros less.

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