Here is a step by step guide with fotos on how to withdraw USD, Euros or other Cash notes from an ATM in Chile, if you don’t speak Spanish.

1. The ATMs are called “Cajeros Automaticos” in Spanish. Look for a Bank in Chile (e.g Santader, Bank de Chile, etc) which has a sign of “Cajeros Automaticos”

2. Sometimes, to enter the area of ATM you will have to open the door by scanning your finger, thus leaving your fingertip. It doesn’t matter which finger you are going to scan.

3. On the keyboard you will find text only in tge Spanish language. “Corregir” means to correct, so it is the delete button. “Cancelar” means to cancel. “Confirmar” means to confirm.

4. When you enter you card to withdraw cash, you will get the following message. “Enter your Personal Number for …Mastercard”. This is where you just write your cash card or credit card PIN. Then press “Confirmar” to confirm.

Then you get a message that is only in Spanish: Por favor seleccione el producti con que desea operar. Here, the trick is to select the “foreign client” option. If you fall in the trap to select “tarjeta de credito” which means credit card, or any other option, you will proceed with requesting a certain amount if money but it will never work.

5. Then things become easier. Just select tge English language.

6. Select the account for your withdrawal

7. Then select the amount of money you want to withdraw. If you select “other” you can input your own amount.

8. Then you get a message that you will be charged 650 pesos for the withdrawal. Yes, you will need to pay 10 euros to withdraw 100 euros in Chilean Pesos, from an ATM in Chile. That is a 10% fee! Obviously it is very high, so try to calculate as correctly as possible how much cash you are going to need. You don’t want to have to withdraw three times money from an ATM in Chile. The default amounts are 10.000, 20.000, 30.000,40.000,100.000,150.000,200.000 pesos. The 650 pesos will be charged in addition to the amount you will select.

Who asks for cash in Chile and doesn’t accept a credit card:

– Taxi Drivers

– Uber drivers (not always, but often they will send you a message that they don’t accept credit cards). You might get a message from tge Uber driver “Modo de Pago” which means “mode of payment?” and if you answer “credit card” they will ask you to cancel.

– Artisanal Shops. Shops that sell handmade wool accessories.

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