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Is Uber available in Athens Greece?

A common question we get about Athens is whether uber is available in Athens, Greece. The short answer is yes. Uber is available in Athens and you can download the application from your mobile phone store and just use it in Athens. Is Uber the most common taxi-call service in Athens? Actually no, the most popular app for calling a taxi in Greece is “Beat, which is a Greek app developed under the name “Taxibeat”, which got acquired by a German company and was renamed to “Beat”. 

In comparison, Beat has around 1200 taxis using its service, while Uber should have around 800 taxis using the service.

Can you get an Uber from the airport of Athens to the city center? Yes, you can call an Uber to pick you up from the airport of Athens. However, you have to know that uber is not that welcomed by the taxi syndicates in Greece and there are sometimes issues with Uber drivers trying to get passengers from the airport of Athens. As of March 2018, it is not illegal, although a new law in Greece tries to create stricter borders, supporting the taxi syndicates vs Uber and Beat in Greece. 

On March 2018, angry taxi drivers were attacking Uber drivers and cars in the center of Athens, as part of a protest that the taxi syndicates had (http://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2018/03/06/uber-taxi-attacks-strike/). We have used Uber and Beat many times in Greece and never had an issue, however, you should keep that in mind.

From our calculations, Uber (and Beat) are usually 25% to 30% cheaper to get than the regular taxis. As an example, a “regular” taxi from the North Suburbs of Athens to the Airport, will cost you around 35 euros and an Uber will cost you around 22 euros.

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