Rome Fiumicino Airport Information and Tips

– Rome has two airports. Fiumicino (FCΟ) and Ciampino. FCO is the big one. Here is the information and some tips.

– the FCO is a huge airport. Its two Terminals are T1 and T3. It has five boarding sectors, A, B, C, D, E.

– There is a Star Alliance business lounge in Terminal D. There is an Alitalia business lounge in terminal E, which costs 45euros to enter if you book it at the airport and 35 euros per person if you book it online before your flight.

⁃ Toilets are modern and clean.

⁃ There are many shops that sell pasta, pizza, porchetta and food. Expect to pay 6.5 euros to 11 euros for a pasta. A perrier is 3 euros.

⁃ There is free wifi at the airport and it is pretty fast. 2 to 4 Mpbs depending if you want to download the airport application.

⁃ If you are at terminal E go to the last floor upstairs and you will find some very comfortable chairs to rest.

⁃ As you would expect, there are several expensive shops with famous italian brands.

⁃ The passport control is automated in most of the zones. You will have to scan your passport and then look at a camera, so as to enter other zones.

⁃ Staff in FCO shops, especially the ones serving food, is rather arrogant and snob. Be calm and patient.

⁃ The mobile app of the airport is called “Rome Airports” in the appstore. It has information for both Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport.

⁃ The website of the airport is

– if you love espresso, Illy is found in a lot of places at the airport.

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