Best Coffee Shops in Seoul

The Best Coffee Shops in Seoul

One can argue that coffee is not the national drink in Seoul, as tea is the most preferred one in all of Asia. Still, you can find some wonderful places that serve great coffee, for all of you coffee aficionados out there. Here are the best coffee shops to try in Seoul.

  • Billy Angel Cake Company

Has a few branches, very light atmosphere, perfect for photos and relax. Famous not only for the coffee but also for its cakes. More information:

  • Dore Dore

French dessert and brunch café that can be found in a busy stylish street of Gangnam. Famous for its 100% house-roasted coffee and rainbow cake. More information and prices range is here:

  • Stylenanda Pink Pool Café

If you like pink, it will be your paradise. This coffee shop is very stylish and colorful, the perfect spot for social media photos. More information about the coffee shop:

  • Suyeonsanbang

A completely different coffee shop from previously mentioned ones. Suyeonsanbang is a traditional hanok tea/coffee house that serves all kinds of traditional Korean tea and various desserts. It is a very famous spot between locals and foreigners. More information:

  • Hello Kitty Café

Very pink and girly café popular between social media users as its design is perfect for photos. You can try various desserts and sweet drinks. Café website:

  • Insadong Chatjip

This teahouse serves homemade Korean traditional tea and is perfect hideaway from always noisy streets of Insadong. Traditional Korean music always plays in the teahouse and makes the atmosphere peaceful and relaxing. If you visit this tea house, make sure to try a Korean traditional shaved ice cream with your tea. Information about the teahouse:


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