Things to Do in Madrid with Kids

Things to do in Madrid with Kids

Traveling with kids can be difficult sometimes, but if you plan to visit Madrid you should stop worrying because the beautiful capital of Spain is an incredibly child-friendly city. Not only are the locals very fond of traveling families, but the city has many hidden spots and activities that can conquer the heart of every child. So, whether your kid loves eating delicious food and sweets, spending time outside, or having fun inside museums and kid-friendly galleries, Madrid is the perfect destination for your family vacation.

Here are some of the things you can do with your children while enjoying the perfect Spanish holiday.

Have Fun with Your Kids at Parque de Atracciones

Parque de Atracciones is a famous amusement park and one of the most popular weekend destinations for both local people and travelers who visit Madrid. There are more than 30 attractions that can bring joy to both kids and adults. Whether you and your kids are adventurous or prefer to relax, you can do both in this lovely park. There is no better way to spend a sunny afternoon if you visit Madrid during summer.


Something Sweet for Your Kid and the Child Inside You: Churros and Chocolate

Every parent wants to keep the kids away from sugary foods. However, while you are on vacation indulging in something sweet is allowed, isn’t it? The streets of Madrid are filled with places where you can take your kid and enjoy some churros with chocolate together but the best spot is definitely the famous Chocolateria San Gines. And if churros are not your cup of tea, how about getting a hot chocolate? Not only is it hot and delicious but it also has a thick texture that makes it easier for your child to dip in the delicious churros.


Explore the Streets in a Segway

If you have never used a Segway to wander around a city, it’s time to do it! Not only is it fast, but it is also fun, especially for kids who love adventures and outdoor activities. A Segway is a battery-powered, electric, two-wheel self-balancing device that allows you to visit the city in a more interesting way. Usually, kids get bored when visiting museums and galleries but there is no way this can happen while exploring Madrid on a Segway.

There is an amazing number of tours available and all you have to do s choose the one that is suitable for your whole family.


Spend an Afternoon at the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium

Most kids love animals and spending an afternoon at the Madrid zoo is a great way to keep them happy. Located in a beautiful green area known as Casa de Campo, The Zoo and Aquarium in one of the biggest in Europe, offering locals and visitors the chance to admire unique species like pandas, anteaters, and koalas. Just imagine how happy the little ones will be when seeing hundreds of different animals!


Explore the Natural Science Museum

If your kid is passionate about science, the Natural Science Museum will make him love Madrid. And the truth is that this is one of those museums that can make a great impact on both children and adults. Here you have the chance to learn about natural history, reproduction of the old Royal Cabinet of Natural History and the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to wandering around and learning amazing new things, kids have the chance to play while getting the useful information. The laboratory where they have the chance experiment, educational workshops.

As well as the digital gymkhana that includes an interactive tour of the museum will keep them busy and most importantly, very happy.


An Afternoon in a Paradise for Families: El Parque del Buen Retiro

Madrid can be the perfect destination for families, especially when you plan a summer trip. One of the most exciting spots in the city is El Parque del Buen Retiro, an immense green area that is perfect for enjoying a sunny afternoon with your kids. Whether you just want to let your kids run freely in nature, enjoy riding the bikes, or explore the large pond in a boat El Retiro will offer you some extremely memorable moments. And in addition to all these kid-friendly activities, the park is filled with street performers and great cafeterias with delicious snacks. Retiro is definitely a place that will make parents and kids happy!


Posing with the Street Performers

Madrid is one of those European cities where you have the chance to admire great street performances, especially in its charming square known as Puerta del Sol. This area is always filled with parents enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the cozy cafes and kids laughing out loud when seeing the street performers’ creativity and interesting costumes. Just keep in mind that your kids will want to pose with the performers and this means you will have to pay a tip. However, nothing is too much if it makes your children happy, is it?


As you can see there are plenty of activities that can make your kids happy while exploring Madrid. The city is extremely kid-friendly making traveling very easy for big families. All you have to do is pack your bags, buy a plane ticket and make a list of the things your kids would enjoy doing.


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