3 day travel guide to venice

Only have three days in Venice and want to see what the best one of Italy’s most amazing cities has to offer? Read on to find out the top 10 things to add to your travel itinerary when visiting one of the best cities on earth:

  1. Get Lost

This might sound strange, but Venice is a very small, but confusing city, and you haven’t experienced it to its fullest until you’ve gotten lost. So go ahead and do it on purpose and you never know what little neighborhood eatery you might find!


A Venetian Dead End

Image: Flickr cc,Peter Dutton

  1. Mark’s Basilica

There are many churches in Italy and quite a few in Venice, but nothing compares to St. Mark’s Basilica. It has a beautiful exterior façade and is located right in the middle of the city. You’ll see amazing art and more when visiting this religious landmark.




St Mark's Basilica, Venice

Photo: Flickr cc, Dimitry B.

  1. Mark’s Square

Right outside of St. Mark’s Basilica is St. Mark’s Square and is the hub of Venice. When it’s filled with tourists, it’s quite busy, so it’s best to see it at its best when it’s empty, so try to go at night.


Photo: Flickr cc, Zoltan Voros

  1. Grand Canal Tour

You can’t visit Venice and not take a gondola ride around the city and its canals, especially its famed Grand Canal.

Grand canal, Venice

Photo: Flickr, Kosala Bandara

  1. Murano Island

Venice is beautiful and Murano Island is home to intriguing glass-blowing artists who can create anything from blowing glass. It’s very touristy, but a must see if you’re a first-time visitor to Venice.

Glass blowing in the Murano island

Phot0: Blowing Glass in Murano, by Miguel Mendez, Flickr cc

  1. Doge’s Palace

Right next to St. Mark’s Basilica is the Dodge’s Palace and is the second biggest tourist attraction in Venice. Opt for the Doge’s Palace Tour to see it all.

Doge's Palace 1

Photo: Tony Hisgett, Flickr cc


  1. Burano Island

Once you’ve visited Murano, go further into the lagoon and visit Burano Island. You’ll see brightly colored buildings and is the perfect place for a stroll.


Photo: Kim, Flickr cc

  1. Teatro La Fenice

Visit one of Italy’s oldest opera houses, and if you’re lucky, catch a performance there!

Teatro La Fenice (Venice)

Photo: Miguel Mendez, Flickr cc

  1. Jewish Ghetto

Jews in Venice were forced to locate to a small section of the city in 1516 and the neighborhood is a great place to visit, shop and eat. You’ll also learn about Jewish culture in Vencie.

Jewish Ghetto Window

Photo: Richard Jones, Flickr cc

  1. Correr Civic Museum

Also know as the Museo Correr, the Correr Civic Museum displays artifacts and art from Venezia’s history and is a great way to immerse yourself in Venetian culture.

Per sempre Venezia

Photo: Eco Dalla Luna

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Top things to do in Venice

Top things to do in Venice

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