What to Eat in Albufeira

What to Eat in Albufeira

The gastronomy in Portugal is incomparable. It is rich and varied, and above all tasty! There a few things you most definitely have to try while you are here! Obviously, you won’t have the time (or the stomach) to try all of this diverse food; in any case, we’ll leave you these suggestions for the next trip to Albufeira or Portugal, or even for you to try to find at your hometown supermarket.


  • Açorda

This is a typical dish from the south of Portugal. A “soup” made of garlic, bread, salt, olive oil, boiling water and some herbs. Delicious!

  •  Xarém

Xarém is made up of potatoes of corn-flour, and it is used to accompany meats.


  • Cataplana

Cataplana is a cooking utensil, that is now mistaken by the actual dish. So, if you see if a restaurant has Cataplana, it’s talking about the recipe. It is seafood and fish altogether. With lots of flavors, served in a Cataplana, to your table. The fragrance will convince you to try it.

  • Sardinhas

The specialty of all of the coastal areas in Portugal, but specially Algarve – grilled sardines!


  • Dom Rodrigo

Dom Rodrigo is the most famous sweet of Algarve. Made of eggs and sugar, and even though it is super sweet, you can never stop at one.


  •  Folar Algarvio

Folar is a traditional sweet bread, eaten for dessert, made with sugar, cinnamon, and anise. It has different recipes throughout the country, some of them being sweet, like the Algarvian one, or salty.


Doces de Maçapão

This is another traditional sweet from Algarve. Usually, in animal or vegetable shapes, Doces de Maçapão are made of sugar, egg whites, and marzipan.


 Algarve’s Oranges

The oranges from Algarve are famous because they are super sweet and juicy! Either eating or making juice with them, you’ll be in for a treat!

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