Where is Attica Greece

Where is Attica, Greece

If you are asking yourself “Where the hell is Attica, Greece”, then let us explain what is Attica. Attica is not a town, not a village, not an island, nothing closer to that. It is the name of the whole prefecture¬†that hosts Athens and many towns around Athens, Greece, covering an area of around 60kms. The whole Attica region hosts around 5.5million Greeks. Most of them live in Athens and in the northern and southern suburbs of it. All the rest live in small towns (e.g. Markopoulo, Spata, Loutsa, Rafina) which are 30-40kms away from the center of Athens.

You can see the map below that the whole area inside the purple line is Attica. And Athens is just a town in the prefecture of Attica.

Where is Attica Greece

Where is Attica Greece

Hope this clears a little bit the waters on this popular question about “Where is Attica, Greece”¬†

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