Where to Go for Shopping in Sarajevo

Where to Go For Shopping in Sarajevo

Where to Go for Shopping in Sarajevo

Where to Go for Shopping in Sarajevo:  link of the map

From the ancient times, Sarajevo has been an important trading center, with numerous shops, offering products from all around the world. Even today, it is a great place for all the shopping lovers, especially because of the diversity of products that can be found in many shops in the city.

Other than the international brands that you can find in many shopping centers, Sarajevo offers many unique products made by local producers. Walk along the main shopping zone, from Baščaršija, and along Ferhadija and Titova Streets, all the way to Marijin Dvor and find the perfect gift for yourself or your dear ones.

The many open markets in town offer organic products, fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers. Be sure to pay a visit to the Markale Market in the Old Town. Some twenty meters from Markale is the City Market (Tržnica), where you can buy or sample domestic meat and dairy products. In Dobrinja, there is the Bosnian Market.

If you’re looking for interesting souvenirs, go to Baščaršija, which has always been the city’s center for trading and hand-made goods. You can find a large selection of fine hand-made crafts, jewelry, copper items, oriental slippers and carpets, and you can watch first-hand while the items are being made using techniques that have been passed down through the generations.

Kazandžiluk Street is full of practical and decorative engraved copper items and on Gazi Husrev Bey’s Street, better known as Goldsmith’s Street, you can find jewelry that has specific designs, such as belezuks (bracelets), as well as jewelry for any occasion made with gold, silver or precious stones. Ćurčiluk Street has hand-made carpets and traditional clothing with unique Bosnian motifs.

Don’t miss the famous Gazi-Husrev Beg’s Bezistan, a 15th Century covered market built in Arabic style, the oldest in the city, with numerous shops offering different products, most of which are unique and hand made. It is located in the heart of Baščaršija.

Shopping malls:

Sarajevo City Center : has 160 stores + 5 star hotel

BBI Center: has  125 stores

Alta Shopping Center: has 70 stores

Bosmal City Center: has 50 stores

Importanne Center: has 35 stores

Mercator Sarajevo: has 34 stores

Grand Centar Ilidža: has 33 stores


Other interesting shops:

BH Crafts: It is the project of production of handmade clothing and decorative items, which involves women from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Artefakt: Artefact sells jewelry that comes in unique designs and colors and is perfect for every occasion.

Aydinoglu R.A.:  offers a wide selection of traditional Turkish sweets, including candied chestnuts, different flavors of Turkish delight and tahan halva.

Magaza: Sarajevo’s favorite music shop offers a unique mix of music, musicthemed gifts and fashion, with London brands Cocorose and Azuni, and official merchandise of Balkan music star Dino Merlin.

Svjetlostkomerc: In this famous bookstore you’ll find a wide assortment of books, souvenirs, plus school and office supplies.

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